Winning Is An Attitude

Coach Rhule gives good news on Jabo Lee and makes other comments after 11th practice.


One of the many reasons why I love John Chaney because he refused to back down.

He’d take Temple on the road against the best teams and he’d win a lot of those battles. He instilled the mantra “Winning is an Attitude.”

I’ve got to like what I’m hearing out of the E-O so far this season. Khalif Herbin’s tweet was my favorite: “Temple University will not lose a football game.”

Matt Rhule also said he expects to go to a bowl “this season.”

I expect all 85 players on scholarship and a few more not on scholarship would consider this season a failure if the team does not make a bowl game.

Our fans should take the same attitude.

Anything less is a losing attitude and not reaching that minimum goal of a bowl game should deem this season a failure to every fan living in reality. The “reality” is that this league is more New Conference USA than Old Big East and that Temple’s last seven recruiting classes would have been ranked in the top half of CUSA and one, the 2012 class, would have been the top class in CUSA. Temple should be able to beat teams like Tulane, Tulsa, Memphis and East Carolina right now. The Owls already have proven they can beat teams like Navy and Uconn in the not-too-distant past. That’s the reality.

Winning is an attitude and so is losing. Maybe John Chaney can come down and say a few words before Vanderbilt.

Coach Rhule At AAC Media Day

A few things to take from this interview, one that means nothing, the others that mean everything.
First, the nothing part. Nothing ages a man like being either a President of the United States or a Temple head football coach.
I did not notice a single gray hair on the head of Mr. Obama or Mr. Rhule before they took either job. Now there are plenty of both. Al Golden addressed that problem with Grecian Formula.

Now onto the meaningful observations:
Coach Rhule is a very good guy and I would like nothing more than to see him succeed on the job, despite my documented and numerous reservations in the past. He’s a good representative of Temple University.
Rhule seems to have a handle on the team’s problems, the pass rush coming immediately to mind. Moving faster linebackers to ends, where they can use that speed to seek out and destroy enemy quarterbacks, is the key to the defense.
Kiser Terry is now a 285-pound tackle. He used to be a 240-pound end.
The offense will try to spread the ball all over the field and get the ball in numerous guy’s hands. That’s a good thing, if Khalif Herbin is used both as a halfback and a slot back.
Of all the “outside” interviewers, this guy Mark Rogers came into this short interview well-prepared. If only the Temple football beat writer for the Inquirer, John Mitchell, knew as much about Temple football as this guy.
Wonder what coach was looking at in the beginning of the interview? Must have been something distracting him.

Good Job, Temple

The best part of this great video is the reaction of the players.

“This jaun is crazy.
They put a lot of effort
into this so I’m really
appreciative of it. I love it.”
_ Zaire Williams

It’s apparent that these are a good group of young men representing Temple University this year and that they are sincere in their appreciation for what they have.

Nothing would please me more than to see these guys transform 2-10 into 10-2.

Hopefully, that happens.

Either way, great job by Temple football in getting this done and to all those who made it happen.

Who blocked Todd McNair?

Todd McNair, coaching the Cleveland Browns, has Temple running through his blood.

Todd McNair, coaching the Cleveland Browns, has Temple running through his blood.

When he was at Temple, Todd McNair was know as the quintessential back, a guy who could run, had moves and who wasn’t afraid to block for others.

Well, now it appears that someone at Temple blocked Todd McNair.

From being hired.

Kudos to Matt Rhule for reaching out and trying to hire McNair as a member of the Temple staff. Boos to whomever blocked Todd McNair from being hired.

This raises another, more important, question: Can the football program be ultimately successful if decisions made by the CEO are being vetoed? And, if the powers-that-be are making decisions that should only be made by the head coach, why hasn’t Phil Snow been fired?

Here is the statement by Todd McNair:

“I would like to thank coach Matt Rhule for reaching out, and attempting to hire me. I would have loved to come back and help get our beloved Owls back on the winning track. But I guess:

• Playing, and being named captain
in the NFL.

• Coaching in the NFL, on the only
Cleveland Browns staff to make the
Playoffs since they’ve been back

• Coaching 6 years under National
Championship, and Super Bowl
Winning coach Pete Carroll, on a
Team that won 5 straight BSC
Bowl games and was ranked

• Coaching in 2 NATIONAL
personally coaching a HEISMAN

• Being the primary recruiter on an
absolute Recruiting Juggernaut,
and ranked the 3rd best recruiter

• Growing up 9.8 miles from campus,
from Temple’s recruiting back yard

• Having coached and mentored 2
kids from the inner city (Camden)
that are BOTH current members of
the Temple football staff

• And being a former TEMPLE

Somehow doesn’t qualify me, lol.

And any situation that may give cause to pause, has been addressed and clarified by the attorney’s involved.

Thanks again to coach Rhule. And good luck to him and the boys this season, and going forward. Go Owls!”

_ Todd McNair