Black Shoe Diaries: The best site on the internet

I can tell you somewhat fewer than this number are in the stadium now.

UNIVERSITY PARK _ My relationship with Black Shoe Diaries doesn’t go back as far as my relationship with Penn State fans, but both are solid and based on mutual respect.

I’ve been coming up here for 30 plus years and have gotten nothing but first-class treatment from Penn State fans. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my Temple sweatshirt or jersey on and been invited to Penn State-run tailgates. I’ve made a lot of great Penn State friends over the years that way.
Once inside the stadium, it’s been the same thing. Penn State fans are tremendous fans.
Black Shoe Diaries found me about five years ago and we’ve had this question and answer session once a year every year since.
My thanks to Mike of BSD for the great questions and for keeping the comments on topic.
I do not tolerate personal attacks on my website and it’s good to have people out there like Mike and Shawn Pastor ( and John DiCarlo ( who won’t tolerate personal attacks on theirs.
Today is all about the game. That’s all real Temple fans should be thinking about.
Is it the biggest game in Temple history?
No and yes.
No, because losing it wouldn’t be as big a blow to the solar plexes as losing to UConn would have been (Big East explusion, Big East refs, etc.).
Yes, because Temple would have the most to gain from this win over any other in its history. Win this one and the regional respect soars through the roof. Win this one and it clears the table for 12-0.
The benefits of 12-0 are enormous.
Can you say Rose Bowl?
Can you say Heisman Trophy?
I thought you could.
Go Owls.
(No prediction other than 24-21, either way.)


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