Tuesday: Time to ‘CherryOut’ the Linc

This is the what I’ll be wearing on Tuesday night

Props to Al Golden and the football team for supporting the basketball Owls last night at the Liacouras Center.
If you were there, you would have seen a packed house approaching the 10K capacity of the arena and it included Al and his family and the family of Temple football players.
Impressive stuff, considering that the football Owls are nearing  the end of an intensive nine days of practice for the “most important game Temple has played in 30 years” according to Al.
Al Golden is right about this one.
It is the most important game that Temple has played in the last 30 years.
Al and the players supported the university on Friday night. It’s time for the university to support Al and the players on Tuesday night.
Heck, it is the most important college game in Philadelphia in the last 30 years as well.
Temple has to win the next two games for a chance to win the MAC championship game in Detroit, which is what this program’s stated goal as been from the start.
Never has a college game been played in Philadelphia at the Division IA or FBS level with a conference championship on the line in November.

That alone makes this the most important college game in the city in the last 30 years or maybe ever.
You might say Army and Navy, but when were they playing for a conference championship? Pride between two prideful schools is one thing.
A conference championship is a whole other thing.

When you add in the fact that it’s the only college football game on national TV (ESPN2) that night, nothing would put Temple University in a more positive light than a big, roaring crowd in the background.
If there ever was a time to “Cherryout” the Linc, it is now.
If Temple can draw 20K “Temple” people to D.C. in 11-degree wind chill, then at least 25-30K (and hopefully more) “Temple” people should be able to make the short trip to Lincoln Financial Field and wear their cherry proudly, whatever the weather is outside.
This is the hottest sports team in Philadelphia right now.
They deserve a rousing sendoff to postseason glory which only we and 29,999 or more of our closest friends can give them.

My picks today (I was 2 for 3 last week):
Iowa 30, Northwestern 17 (Iowa is a 10-point favorite on the road); Tulsa 33, Houston 30 (Tulsa is a 2 1/2-point underdog on the road); Fresno State 21, Nevada 19 (Nevada is an eight-point favorite at home) and Florida Atlantic 20, Louisiana-Lafayette 17 (LL is a 10-point dog on the road).


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