Orlando Sentinel: Sun Bowl vs. Miami

It’s not going to be this dark in El Paso on Dec. 31 at 2 p.m.

 Gotta love the MAC.
It’s the only conference where you can look reasonably horrible before a small crowd in Ohio in the last regular-season game and get what amounts to a reward.
Win the conference or division and go to Detroit,  Boise or Mobile.
Finish somewhat farther back in the conference and go to El Paso or Las Vegas.
Or D.C.
It was that way last year for the Temple Owls, when they spit the bit at Ohio and lost, 35-17, in the defacto MAC East championship game and got the marquee opponent of the MAC postseason in UCLA before 20,000 Temple fans in D.C.
It appears to be that way again this season, the marquee opponent part, not the D.C. part.
I must admit that I thought the season was, for all intents and purposes, over with a 23-3 loss at Miami.
The Owls would not have been a hot team coming into the postseason.
Their one marquee player has been an injury question mark and they would not bring 20,000 fans on the road with them like they did last year.
Reading the reports, though, I’m thinking that the Owls will find their way to a bowl game, more likely than not in a sunny and warm (err, warmer) climate.
If I had to handicap it today, I would go with these numbers:

  • 30 percent chance of Sun Bowl vs. Miami of Florida;
  • 20 percent chance of Vegas Bowl vs. Utah;
  • 15 percent chance of Humanitarian Bowl vs. Nevada or Fresno State;
  • 5 percent chance of “some other bowl”;
  • 30 percent chance of no bowl;

That’s from a selective reading of the situation. So it looks more like bowl than no bowl for Temple.
Orlando Sentinel says the Owls will go to the Sun Bowl to face Miami (Fla.) and I will take that.
The first thing you have to do when you read a bowl projection is skip over the ones that have “bleacher report” written next to the writer’s byline.
It’s a bunch of Joe Schmoes, like you and me, reports worth money Bleacher Report paid for them _ which is nothing.

The MAAC Vegas Bowl in, well, you know.

 The people you have to pay attention to are the ones who are paid and answer to the person paying them.
That’s why I’m giving credence to sites like CBSSportsline.com and people like Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated.
Those sites have the Owls going to either the Sun Bowl to play the U (the real Miami) or the Vegas Bowl to play Utah.
I’ll take either one.
I will pass on playing Boise or Nevada in Idaho, which is where many of the Joe Schmoes on Bleacher Report have us going. Pass, because it’s too much of a hardship for our fans.
The only reason I want to play a bowl is to get this bad taste out of my mouth that I’ve had the last couple of weeks and I want to be there when it happens. Since I haven’t been eating garlic, it must be the losing that’s eating at me.
I like what Michael Vick said after the game last night.
“I hate losing. It makes me sick. It makes me ill.”
I hear ya, Michael. Losing makes me sick, too, and the only remedy is to win again.
I don’t want to wait until next year for the cure.
It’s only a reward, though, if you go there (wherever) and win.  I want to see these Owls and especially the seniors go out with a swagger. I want to avenge the loss to UCLA and close the season the way it started _ bringing home a trophy. The season started with a Mayor’s Cup Trophy.
I want it to end with a Sun Bowl or a Vegas Bowl Trophy.
You can only get that by playing the game.
Beating Utah or the real Miami is the best mouthwash I can think of right now.


9 thoughts on “Orlando Sentinel: Sun Bowl vs. Miami

  1. Mike,I think 30% chance of no bowl is too high. The more and more that I've read it seems like we're in an okay spot to get a spot. I believe there are 70 teams that are officially bowl eligible with just a few others with a chance to get to 6 wins. Several of them are playing against teams that will dominate them.Only team from the MAC I think that gets left out is WMU.I say we're in at this point. The question is just where.

  2. I've been waiting for this post from you for a week now. I've been following the CBSsportline projections since before the season imploded. My hope is for El Paso and the Sun Bowl but I'd settle for Vegas. It does seem that the MAC tie in bowls aren't half as good as getting in at large bid to other bowl games.

  3. Dave and Earl,thanks for the comments.Dave,I only put in the 30 pecent because this is Temple and I'm used to being disappointed in the last few weeks.Earl,Good word "imploded." I think that best describes it.I came into this season thinking there was an outside chance at 12-0 or 11-1 and a legitimate certainty of 10-2, so I consider the other two losses an implosion.I like the opponent in El Paso (Miami) and the site (Vegas) for our fans.No to Boise.At least not this year.

  4. Mike, Do you have any insight into the Al Golden to Minnesota rumors?

  5. All I can say about Minnesota is that Owlscoop.com, which has direct access to Al Golden, has said that Al Golden has no interest, had no interest and will have no interest in the Minnesota job.Al Golden has done enough RIGHT NOW at Temple to move into the No. 1 or No. 2 spot to replace JoePa at PSU, which is his dream job.Could you imagine what would happen if, before 50,000 screaming TEMPLE fans (and maybe 20K) PSU fans at the Linc next year, he, Mike Gerardi/Chris Coyer, Bernard Pierce/Ryan Brumfield, Rod Streater, Mo Wilkerson and Adrian Robinson, et. al. BEAT Penn State?He immediately moves into the No. 1 spot at PSU and give Temple the greatest parting gifts of all.Going anywhere right now jeopardizes dreams he has for two of the three major educational institutions in Pennsylvania.Minny?Ha. Ha.

  6. Looks like you were right Mike. This hurts.

  7. I wish I was wrong. Fact is, we are 10x better as a team with a healthy Bernard Pierce and all indications are that he would have been 100 percent healthy for the bowl.Bowls don't care about stuff like that, though.

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