Minny AD’s dirty tricks (and latest bowl news)

The latest bit of controversy coming from Minnesota extends to a record-setting former Gopher player sending emails to eight Temple officials, including athletic director Bill Bradshaw, about the Minny AD’s underhanded methods of recruiting a head coach.

Joel Maturi, bad guy AD

The way these coaching searches are supposed to go is that the AD of a school looking for a coach is supposed to contact the AD of a school with a coach in order to get permission to speak to said coach.
This Minnesota AD, Joel Maturi, supposedly routinely skips over that protocol and that has riled some grads.
I say good for the grads, boo to the AD.
Turns out Temple never had to be worried.
Al Golden is not interested in Minnesota.
He still has bowl games, and championships, to win at Temple.
In bowl-related news, it appears the Owls will have to wait until tonight to learn of their bowl destination.
Saturday night was a good night, not a great one, for Temple.
The Owls needed three of the four teams vying for bowl eligibility to lose and one to win.
The good news is that Middle Tennessee State won.
That means no way, no how, are the Owls going to Detroit to play another MAC team and that’s very good.
The bad news is that Washington also won.
Louisiana Tech and Oregon State lost, which was very good.
The latest possibilities are vs. Fresno State in Boise, an unknown foe in New Orleans or Nevada in San Francisco.
Nevada ain’t happening, so my gut tells me Boise.
My heart tells me New Orleans.
Go heart.


2 thoughts on “Minny AD’s dirty tricks (and latest bowl news)

  1. It should have been a 10-2 year without having to go through this. A better option at quarterback would have easily picked up two more wins, including Penn State. Playing Tuesday nights three times this year was also an issue because Temple never had a bye week. I can't help but think fatigue played into those last two losses. Having said that, IMNSHO, AG has yet to prove that he can out coach his better peers. And, next year, Paterno has a strong chance of passing Eddie Robinson to become the second winningest coach in college football. He will never be number one that guy, Gagliardi in Div. III is well ahead of him and is still coaching. This may be the last hurdle for Paterno before retiring and, of course, AG will be the front runner for the job.However, the questions for AG are: Can he recruit a quality quarterback and/or turn an average QB into a quality one?Can he regularly beat teams with winning records?Can he win a bowl game?Can he win the MAC?Can he beat Penn State?

  2. I am sorry to say but I am a manager with the team and we have not received a bowl bid this year. I appreciate everything you do though here keep it up!

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