Addaziogate: Saying nothing says a lot

Now that Temple University, though a football spokeswoman, says it is not going to comment on a published report in the Hartford Courant that Steve Addazio’s “representative” contacted UConn regarding its football opening, that leaves a lot of room for speculation.

Too much room.
My feeling, as stated earlier, was that Addazio had to come out and say the published report was a lie or he was tacitly saying it was the truth.
There’s no wiggle room.
Making a public statement that the Hartford Courant was full of hogwash would have ended the matter once and for all.
Now it lingers and will linger and saying nothing is the worst thing Addazio, Bill Bradshaw and Temple University could have ever done.
Before Temple came out and said it was saying nothing, something had to be said privately between AD Bill Bradshaw and Addazio.
Since they aren’t saying what, we can only guess as to what went down:

BB: Now, Steve, I called you into this meeting today for a reason.
SA: Anything for you Bill. I told you the day I signed here was that we are joined at the hip.
BB: Yeah, about that.. ..
SA: I couldn’t be with a better man, Bill.
BB: Just wanted to ask you about that report in the Hartford Courant that your representative contacted UConn ….
SA: Yeah, I was meaning to tell you about that. Kind of slipped my mind.
BB: There’s no truth to it, right?
SA: Bill, you are a good man so I’m going to come clean with you. Yeah, I did. I didn’t know UConn was going to open up and, yeah, I thought I could maybe slip in the backdoor. It’s my home state and all. Plus, the walk to 11th and Diamond every day looks pretty dangerous.
BB: But what about all that “Destination Temple” stuff you said two weeks ago?
SA: Yeah, pretty good speech, huh? Think I could use it when I get the job up there. I could just change “Destination Temple” to “Destination UConn.”
BB: I heard Mark Whipple was going to get the job, though.
SA: Really? Damn, I must have been too late. I guess I’m stuck, I mean, committed, here.
BB: We should really say something, make a statement that you are committed to Temple and that you never applied for the UConn job.
SA: Now, Bill, why would I do that? You heard me talk about integrity a couple of weeks ago, didn’t you? You wouldn’t ask me to lie, would you?
BB: Yeah, I forgot about the integrity part.
SA: Bill, I got an idea. What if we just said nothing?
BB: You mean, bury our heads in the sand?
SA: Yeah, right, say nothing, bury our heads in the sand and hope this all blows over.
BB: I guess you are right, Steve.
SA: See, Bill, I told you we think alike. We’re joined at the hip, buddy.
BB: I’ll tell the press we’re saying nothing then.
SA: That’a boy, Bill. Anything else?
BB: I guess not.


17 thoughts on “Addaziogate: Saying nothing says a lot

  1. were you right from the start?

  2. If this demonstrates his level of commitment to Temple, I was right from the start. His silence now is speaking volumes and I don't buy the "why respond to rumors?" argument. I'll guarantee you one thing: Bruce Arians would not have done this to Temple.

  3. A Tale of Two Stevens This Addazio stuff kind of reminds of the Dolphins owner, Steven Ross, handling of Miami's Head Coaching situation. Not too long ago, dumb ass Ross flew to California to meet with Standford Coach, Jim Harbaugh, in the hopes of signing him as the Dolphins new coach. There was only one problem, he already had a head coach in Tony Soprano. Ross either had to disclose to Soprano he was looking into hiring a coach or make absolutely sure that his pursuit of Harbaugh was top secret. He did neither and when Harbaugh turned him down and everyone found out, he no only looked like a fool and injured his own integrity as an owner / football person, but he may have permanently affected Soprano's ability to coach and command in his own locker room. Now let's look at Addazio. He supposedly goes behind Temple's back to look into the UCONN possibility. Apparently, he was interested enough that this made news with the Hardford Courant. Because Addazio didn't either keep this top secret or disclose to Bradshaw (and now us) that he pursued the UCONN coaching vacancy after he was hired by Temple,he has not only injured his own integrity (and is a giant hyporcrite to boot), but this situation could very well call into question his committment and resolve and his ability to lead this Temple program going forward. To be honest, I was a little concerned about this hire from the get go. I was suspicious of a guy who, in all liklihood, leaked to the media that he was offered / hired the OL coach job at Texas, "coincidently" the day before Bill Bradshaw halted his HC search and quickly hired Adazzio. I was suspicious of a guy who came off as a complete meathead in his introduction speech. You guys loved his tone; I heard little substance. Macaroni man wowed us with his passion and fight and his "make Temple a destination" line. Some of you were impressed with that line. To me, it sounded like an attempt at mediocre branding. It's a general phrase that could apply to just about any aspect of Temple. "Destination Temple: Get an MBA at a world class business school for an affordable cost" "Destination Temple: Study English, get a great education, and explore a great American city, Philadelphia." Not only that, it doesn't speak to a strength; if anything, it speaks to and addresses a weakness. The inferiority complex about getting people to come to North Philadelphia to play football. Al Golden was dead on with "Temple TUFF". It sounded like a football phrase, it's alliterative and catchy and 100 times better than "Destination Temple". Of course, some of you future cruise directors might disagree with me.

  4. And before the yahoos, who love to bash Golden, try to make a comparison, just remember this: Al Golden said he would build a house of brick – and he did!!! And guess what, Al Golden has a book he put together on how to build a football program and winner. The man was / is incredibly organized and well thought out. He put his coaching and support staff together immediately. Where is Addazio's coaching and support staff? Has this man authored such a book? I thought it was his dream to be a Division 1 Head Coach? He's had plenty of time to figure things out – how he would do things. My guess is that Addazio is not well thought out – he's old school. He's xs and os. Al Golden was new school. The man had a plan, and it not only had to do with xs and os. It was how to run a quality program and develop the total package. He, also, understood the incredible challenges that exist for Temple football and he attacked those head on. What has Addazio attacked head on so far besides looking into the UCONN job? I'm telling you, I listened for substance from Addazio and all I heard was tone and bluster. I didn't believe for a second that he understood Temple (with his destination Temple BS) anymore than what Bradshaw told him in the interview. If it was me, I'd have stayed with Matt Rhule and given him a chance to continue the success he was a part of. Continuity is good and the Penn State way has been successful. Why mess with it? I don't think Temple needed to get a big name hire like Addazio, or Davie, or Arians. But that's just my opinion. And I've been told, like a craving for macaroni, everyone has one.

  5. Paul Palmer's Boutique:Long, but incredibly well-stated.(Heck, I didn't know Boo-Boo had a boutique.)Anyway, in absence of a strong retraction from Addazio on this UConn stuff (and apparently we will never get one), this is the kind of criticism that he should expect from people who love Temple in the future.Only the Addazio Stepfords will trust him going forward (to use an AG phrase).He better beat Villanova 55-3.

  6. Thanks TFF – "Paul's Boutique" is a Beastie Boys reference. It was their second album and was the first record ever to include sampling. Speaking of which, it's about time that Addazio started sampling some of Golden's mojo.

  7. Well…this does not look good. Addazio' silence is deafening. Regardless of how true the rumors are, more than ever the man has to demonstrate he is (as the Auburn fans all around me here in Birmingham say) "All In". Hire well. Recruit well. Win.Not willing to call this a train-wreck hire…yet.

  8. Tom,My fake BB/SA exchange notwithstanding, I wonder what dimit at Temple came up with the Sargent Schultz strategy?This is going to, if not kill, seriously hamper recruiting maybe over the next two years.Of course, if Daz brings me Ryan Brumfield (OJR) and the wideout from Manatee, I MIGHT start to change my mind.It might not be a train wreck, but that's an awfully sharp curve ahead ….

  9. I'm just reading that Addazio has hired Chuck Heater as his DC. And a few other guys. Obviously, when confirmed, that would be a very good get. Still a lot of good recruits out there and gettable. Jevard Gaines. Amos just decommited from UCONN. I guess we'll see.

  10. Agreed. Heater is a HUGE get, perhaps the best DC in non-BCS ranks today. However, if Addazio says to get him he's going to be his own offensive coordinator we're screwed.From what I read about Addazio's OC days, Matt Rhule looks like Sid Gillman. … but don't bring me back Rhule in that spot.I'll take the OC from Columbia over him.

  11. Orlando Sentinel and Daily News both reporting on the Chuck Heater hire. In SEC world Heater is admired and respected so I'm (very pleasantly) surprised he's on board.And MIke you are correct that Dazz's reputation took a hit after Tebow left and the Florida offense sputtered. SA was revered by players and probably the Gators best recruiter. But his play calling was, how can I put this, mystifying.

  12. Tom,Love the Chuck Heater hire.It gives Temple instant big-time credibility (two national championship coordinators, Addazio and Heater).That said, the OC hire is the most important.I want an "older type" guy Addazio looks up to and admires (and leaves alone) rather than a "young type" guy Addazio would want to mold.Keep SA away from my offense and we should be good to go.

  13. Is his staff in place yet? For someone in the game for years – he should have a few people on a short list, right?

  14. Obviously he had Heater on the short list. I hate to be a cynic, but the timing of the UConn thing and Heater accepting the Temple job was really oddly telling. That and the fact that Addazio is never (apparently) going to make a denial on the Hartford Courant story is really disconcerning.As TempleMike (not me, another Temple Mike) said on Owlified's board, this whole thing casts a pall on any Daz excitement going forward.I hope he gives me reason to get excited on signing day and I want big-time BCS-level recruits (plus Ryan Brumfield).

  15. TFT,For better or worse, Daz is our coach. Time to rally around what we do have.

  16. Hopefully, not like the Continentals rallied around Benedict Arnold at West Point. (I know noted military historians like Curt Schilling would get the reference. ..)

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