The OC: Temple’s next biggest show

Generally speaking, the most popular guy, to fans, on a football team is the backup quarterback.
The most unpopular guy, to fans, is the offensive coordinator.
The offensive coordinator is like an umpire. If he’s good, you don’t know he’s out there.
Still, even with that, I don’t get all the vitriol directed at Steve Addazio when he had that job for half of his six years at Florida.

Give me an older guy type, like Ralph Friegden, as our next OC

 In all my years of following football, I have never heard of an offensive coordinator more disliked by fans that Steve Addazio.
I still don’t get it.
Didn’t Urban Meyer hire Addazio?
Didn’t Urban Meyer take part in the offensive game plan?
Didn’t Urban Meyer show full support for the way Addazio was doing things?
Yes, yes and yes.
Did Urban Meyer turn his back and look into the stands when Florida was on offense?
Yet Urban Meyer must have built up so much street cred that it was Addazio’s fault, not his.
As a Temple fan, I can see where Florida fans were coming from, though.
We all blamed Matt Rhule’s for Temple’s underachieving offense this year, despite top-notch personnel.
Then someone said something insightful.
Isn’t this really Al Golden’s fault?
Doesn’t Al Golden sign off on the offensive game plan?
So, by season’s end, most Temple fans came to that way of thinking.
Golden was the program’s CEO and, ultimately, he was responsible for an offense that failed to utilize more sophisticated weapons (Bernard Pierce, Matty Brown, Michael Campbell, Evan Rodriguez, Rod Streater, Delano Green, Joey Jones, etc.) than the Pentagon had in its arsenal.
That’s why this next big hire, is the most important one.
Give me an older guy, a Ralph Friegden or a George DeLeone type who Addazio respects, over a younger guy that Addazio will want to mold. Now I don’t know that Addazio can sweet talk either one into coming to Philadelphia. I’ve heard rumblings that DeLeone is bound for UConnn and Friegden could be bound for Virginia Tech. However, Philadelphia is a lot closer to Friegden’s Maryland home than Blacksburg is so that could be a consideration for a 63-year-old man.
If not either, I’ll take someone with a simliar long and proven record of turning scoreboards into adding machines.
That way, Addazio can hand over the keys to the tanks and artillery to someone who knows how to use them and he can concentrate on being a good CEO.
I want no parts of Matt Rhule in his old job, though.
DeLeone was so good when he was OC at Temple (also under Golden) I didn’t know he was out there. I can’t say the same for Matt Rhule, even though I blamed Golden for his shortcomings.
DeLeone or Friegden would not be the most popular Owls, but they would do their jobs with the kind of quiet efficiency that would make you think they were not even there.
That’s the OC show I like the most.


9 thoughts on “The OC: Temple’s next biggest show

  1. TFF,Start another subject. My informed sources inform Daz will give in to the AD and keep Rhule as OC. Loyalty over capability will can always be debated ………, but players have got to overcome.

  2. Okay, a few things. First of all, we don't need anymore old school relics like Ralph Friedgen or DeLeone. Jeez, lucky Art Stram and George Allen aren't available anymore. It's new school that got us to this point where Temple football is relevant. I don't mind at all keeping Matt Rhule as OC. Any kind of continuity from the Al Golden years is good for us. Secondly, I understand your desire for a big running back to back up Bernard Pierce. And maybe you have a point. But that's not to say that Matt Brown isn't a fantastic little back himself. In fact, I think he has just as good a chance to make it to the NFL as Bernard Pierce. I totally see him as a legit third down back in the NFL. At 5'5, he's quick, speedy, and tough. Catches the ball out of the backfield. Extremely reliable. I see him as another Darren Sproles or Garret Wolfe type. Will he carry a team on his back – no. But is a real talent – a resounding yes!

  3. Wow. Matt Rhule as OC. Hmm. From a fan standpoint, rightly or wrongly (and I suspect wrongly, but I have no proof) the Owls' offense will be run most disliked OC north of the Mason-Dixon line (Rhule) with the most disliked OC south of the Mason-Dixon line (Addazio) heavily involved and a graduate assistant coaching the OL.God help our defense.As far as relics, that relic pictured put up 51 points in his last game.Rhule?Three.I'll take the relic.

  4. On ESPN this morning, Todd McShay called Mo Wilkerson (or the Prophet of Pain as I call him) a top-5 D-lineman and a first round pick. Im pumped to see how he does in the Shriner's Games. Speaking of, are we gonna see any other TU products in any of the all-star games? (J. Jarrett has first day potential too)

  5. Who cares. That relic probably gained 51 pounds in his post game meal, too. Bringing in guys from different places isn't always best for chemistry. Look at dumb ass Daniel Snyder in Washington – this idiot attempted to sign every big name that came along and he thought that would take him to the promise land. What he didn't take into account is that 1) these guys were old and past their prime, and 2) putting a team together and getting all the pieces to fit is an art as much as anything else. Al Golden understood this and surrounded himself with guys who were complimentary and fit what he was doing. You can't just cherry pick this guy from here and that guy from here and presto, you're gonna have a great coaching staff. Ralph Friedgen is just not a good fit. First he should loose about 100 pounds before he calls himself a caoch. Jeez, this is a physcial example for young athletic men??? Friedgen, Andy Reid, and Mark Mangino should either reprise some FatBoys rap ditties or appear together as a team on the Biggest Loser and lose some freekin weight. It's a kind of unspoken disgrace if you ask me.

  6. I care. There's too much age discrimmation in this country. I saw it when I was 29 years old and a 50-year-old guy tried out for a copy desk job we just couldn't fill.I told my editor, "My God, this guy is really good. He's the best one we had so far (and we had five people in). Fast, accurate, laid out great pages."He said, "But Mike, do you realize how old he is?""No, should it matter?""He's 50.""If he's 50 and can do the job, I'd rather have him than someone who's 30 and can't."That's pretty much how I feel about Matt Rhule and Ralph F. today.He may be fat, but Rhule is a fathead.Give me the fat guy over the fathead any day.

  7. I agree with your sentiment regarding age discrimination or any other discrimination for that matter. But the fat thing is serious. If you can't hold your weight to a reasonable figure, in a sport where discipline and fitness is vital, why would any young man get behind you. And I mean that figuratively as well as literally. At least a "fathead" of Matt Rhule wouldn't take up two walls. And as far as I know, Matt Rhule has done nothing offensively offensive in his time as OC. He's also a very upbeat guy and part of a very succesful former regime.

  8. PPB,there is a fundamental problem with Rhule – he does not have a "feel" for the game, he can't figure how to get the ball to the right guy at the right time in the game! When BP was healthy he was on the bench over 25% of the offensive plays. How can that be? Our offense should be one of the top scoring O's in the MAC. Think about it, solid O-line, and playmakers at the skill positions. Why can't we score? The Golden Rhule! Too bad for us our AD does not understand how much the Golden Rhule has prevented us from being a top team.

  9. Not sure I agree with that. Two of the four games we lost, Bernard Pierce didn't even play. And even though Stewart was terrible, we still managed to win some games with him and we even had a chance in the Penn State game. Just think if Mike Girardi was starting that game. And I bet you liked those first two touchdown drives and runs (by Bernard Pierce) in the Penn State game. Sometimes you guys just really get absorbed with minutia. I mean, now you're complaining about the new O-Line coach? Are you serious? By the way, we had "playmakers" at skilled positions?? According to who? Bernard Pierce and Matt Brown are playmakers. You could make a case for James Nixon. But our receivers, including the speedy Streater, were servicable and not what I would call "playmakers." As far as I saw, Matt Rhule did a good job with what he had to work with. I, also, thought he brought out the best in Mike Girardi. As I recall, he was very accurate for being thown into action so all of a sudden as a starter. Also, remember what Golden said all along – that the offense would be the last to come around because the talent still needed to grow up and mature. Finally, you must take into consideration that Temple couldn't sneak up on anyone this past year because of the great season they had the year prior.

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