Happy Birthday, Steve Addazio

Upgrades at DC with Chuck Heater and OC with Scot Loeffler
mean Addazio could be in a better position to succeed than AG was.

Tomorrow is Steve Addazio’s 52d birthday.
June 1, 1959 was the day he came into this world.

You might think the first gift he received was last week’s commitment of promising Washington, D.C. quarterback Benjamin Onett.
I don’t think so.
To me, the gift came a few days earlier and was this terrific statistical analysis of Al Golden’s work at Temple.

Make no mistake, Golden set the bar high for Addazio.
To me, with this kind of talent Golden has left here, Addazio will have to go at least 10-2.
That would represent both an improvement of each of the last two seasons and a MAC championship.
But it would not mean wins over Penn State and Maryland (although those would be nice). He can do it by running the MAC table.
The statistical analysis seems to indicate that the bar is not all that high for Addazio, although the Owls can’t afford to stub their toe like they did in losses at the end of the season to Ohio and Miami.
What it doesn’t address is the lack of imagination in Golden’s offensive schemes and his failure to stop the read option of Frank Solich’s Ohio teams in each of the last two seasons.
Does Scot Loeffler inject that imagination in the offense?
Does Chuck Heater, who comes with a far more impressive resume as a DC than Mark D’Onofrio ever had, have a handle on the read option?
Is Addazio a better overall motivator and CEO than Golden was?

We’ll have a good idea about five minutes after the Villanova game.
If it is a gut-wrencher, like the last two were, it’s going to be a long season.
My money is on the Owls to cover that night and a short and brilliant season to follow.
Happy birthday, Steve.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Steve Addazio

  1. TFF,like the last two seasons, our fate resides in our ability to score. Two key components, a healthy BP and above average play from the QB position. The spread is a different animal and my bet is Chester Stewart will open the season as the starting QB.

  2. Northern Va,Hate to say it, but you lost the bet.Stewart is (supposedly) suspended for the opener.It's Gerardi or Coyer with Stewart a DISTANT third for the second game. I don't see Juice coming in late and making that big of an impact.

  3. we are in serious trouble……,Gerardi is not a spread QB, and Coyer is a big unanswered question. opposing defenses will play eight in the box until we find a spread QB.

  4. we are in serious trouble……,Gerardi is not a spread QB, and Coyer is a big unanswered question. opposing defenses will play eight in the box until we find a spread QB.

  5. The analysis of Golden's performance is a little disheartening. I like talking about schedule strength in a non-scientific way, I have problems with quantifying it. I didn't look at it super-closely, but I guess it would be useful to look at the games not just as "Mac Wins" or "BCS" wins, but the score differential. I think the last two years against Penn State is a really good indicator of Temple success. The last time we've been that close was the mid-80s. Still, with Wilkerson and Jarret both in the NFL, I feel a lot better about the team not just having lucked into BP. He's great when healthy (we should have a symbol or something for that 'when healthy' qualifer for BP), but it says we are a much deeper team, and the recruiting/development has been much better. I am so anxious for this season to get started. I want to see if we can make it without those big defensive weapons, if BP remains healthy, I want to see what the first recruiting class looks like, if these new kids are any good, and if this coaching staff is everything it's supposed to be (I'm not the most knowledgeable on the entire college football scene, but everyone I've talked to was much more impressed with Chuck Heater at Temple than Daz.)

  6. we are in serious trouble IMHO if Chester Stewart plays anything but a minimal backup role at QB this year. If the Penn State game or the NIU game didn't tell you that, then the atrocious first quarter against the worst Bowling Green team in recent memory should have …

  7. http://blog.pennlive.com/westernpafootball/2011/06/archbishop_wood_rb_brandon_peo.htmlThis kid averaged 170yds per game when he cousin (Rutgers bound) goes out with a leg injury… in playoff games! I'm happy that he will continue to fly under the radar with an equally talented RB playing ahead of him. If he was the premier back he could have easily rushed for 1,500+ yards. I would like to see that 4.55 speed into the 4.4s, but regardless I like him as a future owl.

  8. Chester Stewart seems like a nice guy (and students I know that know him confirm.) He is awful to watch play at QB though. I thought Gerardi did pretty good, not great, but better than CS and Vaughn Charlton for sure.

  9. Bring back ADM as the QB coach!

  10. I'd love to have ADM back as a QB coach, but what I'd really love more is to find someone among the current group of guys with ADM's moxie and clutch play-making ability. I think Loeffler will do just fine in the dual role of OC/QB coach.

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