Temple and the Big East

Waltter Washington was the last
Big East offensive player of year
from Temple. If the Owls are in
the Big East next year,
Bernard Pierce could be.

If  Temple football players are thinking the same thing Temple football fans have been thinking the last few days, you’ve got to like Buffalo’s chances of upsetting the Owls on Saturday.
Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way.
Or at least it is not supposed to work that way.
Over a three-day period, I received 14 emails from fans asking me what I thought about Temple going to the Big East and none (zero) about what I’m thinking about Saturday’s Homecoming Day with  Buffalo.
That’s a three-day record for Temple Football Forever emails.
My response to each one is that I’m not counting the chickens before they are hatched.

I know Villanova is doing its darndest to keep the Owls out. Since Pitt and Syracuse left largely BECAUSE Villanova was being considered as a football member, I can’t see that the Big East would be dumb enough to listen to anything that comes out of Radnor

Yeah, it is an exciting prospect, no doubt.
I’m more focused on the MAC.
Long before Temple was ever in the MAC, I was a MAC football fan. Long after Temple football leaves the MAC, I will remain a MAC football fan. I love the teams and the schools and the fans.
Heck, in the middle of the newsroom while watching MAC football about 10 years ago on a Thursday night on ESPN, I exclaimed:
“MAC football, I love it,” I said.
“I hear you, bro,” one of my fellow sportswriters said.
MAC football on Thursday nights on ESPN was a staple to me.
You couldn’t put on anything better than that, watching Big Ben play with Miami or some of those Northern Illinois teams (one that beat Alabama).
What I’m not a fan of is the way the conference is run.
I can’t respect a conference that “rewards” its three best teams trips to Detroit, Boise and Mobile.
I can’t respect a conference that is so impotent that it can’t lobby behind the scenes to get an 8-4 team into some kind of at-large bowl.
The Big East, for all its perceived faults, has terrific bowl tie-ins and enough clout to get any 8-4 team into most bowls.
Since it hasn’t “officially” happened (heck, it might have happened in the last five minutes for all I know), I’m not going to get excited about it. According to reports in two out-of-town newspapers, Villanova has been bad-mouthing Temple for three days of Big East conference calls, demanding that the Owls not get in for all sports. I know Villanova is doing its darndest to keep the Owls out. Since Pitt and Syracuse left largely BECAUSE Villanova was being considered as a football member, I can’t see that the Big East would be dumb enough to listen to anything that comes out of Radnor.

Villanova’s contribution to the conference call.

But Dumb with a Capital D has been the Big East’s middle name for about a decade so I would not be surprised.
My guess is that Temple is already in because the Owls have upgraded their football program significantly and would bring both the highest profile basketball program and largest available market into the mix with documented TV ratings success in their portfolio.
Wake me up when the ink is dry, though.
What I’m going to do is get excited about the Homecoming Day game with Buffalo this Saturday, hopeful for a big crowd (that could not hurt the Big East prospects if the ink isn’t dry by then) and focus on Temple beating Buffalo and winning the MAC.
We all know what happened the last time this team got full of themselves and unfocused. They got their heads handed to them by Toledo.
I don’t want that happening again.
I have a feeling that’s the message Steve Addazio is trying to drive home at The Edberg-Olson Football Complex.
Whether the team hears it or not, we should know by 4 p.m. on Saturday.
We’ll know about the Big East soon enough.
I’m just glad I never ripped that Big East logo off the Temple football game jersey I’ll be wearing on Saturday.


13 thoughts on “Temple and the Big East

  1. Oh crap, your (mostly) right. Thanks for putting us in our place and giving us some valuable advice and perspective, Mike. We (the Temple obsessed) have gotten way ahead of ourselves and taken our eyes off the ball. Hail Hooter

  2. We need to take care of our business and let the Big East either fix their house or torch it. Villanova is standing outside with the lit torches and would not give a rat's behind if the football wing burns down.

  3. Good news the home game on Nov 9th moved from ESPN2 to ESPN. bad news is it will put a damper on attendance! And, we have lost three of our last four home games…, no doubt about it this current group plays better on the road than it does at home. coaches must step up and do a better job on focusing and eliminating distractions….all above are the facts supporting the reality: Temple Football continues to be on the rise!

  4. I don't know any cable or satellite system that has ESPN but doesn't have ESPN2, so I don't think the switch from one ESPN to another (ESPNU would be different) is going to affect attendance at all. It's like coach Hardin said years ago. There's enough Temple people out there (270K alumni, 33K full-time students) to support Temple. Now that we've given them a reason to support Temple (a great team), it's on them.I've been screaming for Temple people to drop the remotes for years. Heck, the Atlantic City press did a story on a guy who played football at Temple who owned a bar and he put on his Temple blazer and WATCHED THE GAME ON TV!(There was one customer at the bar.)Yikes.I wanted to give up at that point.If that's not a metaphor on our fan base, I don't know what is.We need to wake up early and put away the remotes on game day and drive the hour or so it takes to get to LFF.

  5. … and the game the bar owner watched:The Eagle Bank Bowl, the first appearance for the Owls in a bowl in 30 years.

  6. Mike,Pitt and Syracuse wanted to get into the ACC the last time the Big East was molested by that conference.Nova's potential inclusion this time around had nothing to do with them, or anyone else, wanting to leave.That being said the big east would be foolish not to invite Temple, all in, tomorrow.of the options out there Temple is the one that most preserves the BE's Hoops reputation and is the least attached to another conference (no 7 million dollar exit fees).As an added Bonus I can stop caring when you run down the MAC's Bowl Games!

  7. I reserve the right to rundown any bowl scenario that includes possible back-to-back trips to Detroit. Heck, there are Temple fans (not me) who think Washington D.C. was too cold for a bowl game. (Yeah, I know it's indoors but I'd like an excuse to follow the Owls to New Orleans, St. Pete, Vegas or San Antonio and that ain't showing up on the short MAC list.

  8. oh… pitt and syracuse both led the charge voting AGAINST the Nova upgrade, both ADs saying they had serious concerns about Villanova being able to find a suitable place to play.So that had to add to their discontent with the BE and hasten the departure.

  9. I know Pitt and SU were against Nova being upgraded… But that had just about *0* to do with them leaving.If Nova was never a factor they still would have left.I don't like rainy days, really. But me staying home from work has nothing to do with the fact its a rainy Saturday… I say home because its Saturday.In the same way Pitt and Syracuse disliked the idea of Nova moving up but that had 0 to do with them bolting for the ACC. Better money and a conference not on the verge of collapse every time expansion starts did.

  10. Nova says its opposition to Temple for all sports is because BE did not give Villanova the football upgrade. Bull. BE should call the bluff. Give Villanova the football upgrade. Give TU the all sports. Villanova football is a non-starter. No place to play. No money to play with. Villanova admin never wanted to spend the $40 million minimum that would be required to do so. Let them wiggle out of that one.

  11. I'm disappointed, too. Hopefully, Daz is now using his three-time national-recruiter-of-the-year contacts to scour Florida or elsewhere for a Bernard Pierce-type back. I think BP will be back next year and Matty Brown, but we need to develop the next star now. I don't see that kind of ability in the current players, unless Nate Smith switches from fullback to tailback. We suffered when we went from Adam DiMichele to Vaughn Charlton and it's taken us a long time to recover in the QB position and I'm not sure we have. Hopefully, Temple becomes known as tailback U.

  12. I actually went thru all the bs that one has to go threu to get to your stupid blog….for a reason.Before I get to that—0I wanna tell ya….this blog is soooo amateurish and outdated. I'm guessing you all know there hasn't been an update since YU was trying to beb relevant, back in the day when TU beat the 2-10 Maryland team.Lots has happened and this blog—–missed it all.This blog was a good thing going—and now…it is, soooooo passe'.In fact—Terrible!I doubt if this will posted…but if it is—-Kudos for that…and BOOOOOOO, for your coverage.And if it's not posted—it has been seen by the intended eyes.Ren

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