What should Temple do?

You’ve heard the phrase by now so many times that you might recognize it by its four-letter abbreviation:
What Would Jesus Do?
It’s a reminder of a moral imperative on how to do the right thing.

“What would I do, Fr. Peter?
 State your  case, but  I certainly would not run down Temple
University. As Donovan McNabb said to T.O,
 keep their name out of your mouth.
I say welcome TU in with open arms.
That’s what I would do.”

Nobody at Villanova consulted that checklist before trying to run down Temple University for the last week on a Big East conference call. At the time, according to reports in the New York Post and the Boston Globe, Temple appeared to be a shoe-in for all-sports membership. Three days later, Temple was an afterthought. It was not hard to see why. Rather than promote its own name, Villanova _ according to well-placed sources _ spent the better part of three days on the conference call running down Temple.
It lined up opposition for Temple for all sports membership, mostly from its fellow WWJD schools, like Marquette, Providence, Seton Hall and St. John’s.  The WWJD schools said, basically: “Well, you are against them joining in all sports. We’re against them joining in basketball. Why don’t we just conspire to keep them out altogether.”
Villanova: “Err, yeah, OK.”
So Villanova destroyed about a 100-year relationship with a fellow city institution to keep its tenuous spot in a tenuous conference.
(There’s no maybes there. Villanova declared War on Temple with this Pearl Harbor sneak attack and Temple, in its righteous might, will gain the inevitable triumph so help it God. Apologies to FDR.)
Speaking of God, can you imagine Jesus getting on the phone and saying, “Don’t let those chumps associate with us.”
No, he’d welcome them with open arms.
The more important question now is: What Should Temple Do?
I listened to a lot of possibilities in that area both pre- and post-game on Saturday, ranging from holding a press conference lambasting them to canceling this year’s basketball game and next year’s football game to suing Villanova and the Big East.
All interesting suggestions from good, well-meaning, people.
It’s a tough call either way, but I say Temple is doing the right thing by staying quiet and working behind the scenes, which I’ve been assured that it is.
Put it this way.
The chances of Temple football finishing the regular season 10-2 currently is a better than 50/50 shot.
If that happens, Temple becomes a national story.
There’s no conference in the country that would not want a 10-2 team coming off consecutive 9-3 and 8-4 seasons.
There’s no conference in the country that would not want the fourth-largest TV market in the country that offers a team with demonstrated and documented TV ratings success over a three-year period.
Villanova failed that test over the last seven days and I don’t think even confession absolves them of that sin.
Temple is passing it right now.


8 thoughts on “What should Temple do?

  1. I had the exact same thoughts about the whole Villanova thing.I'm no fan of Villanova; never have been, never will be. I especially don't like this tendency to include Villanova as a Philadelphia institution; I don't even like including borderline St. Joe's, so for me, 'nova may as well be on the moon. I'm not surprised at the tactics, you could see them getting more and more desperate with their football aspirations as the summer and season went on. Temple has learnt to pull its weight with lobbying (all kinds) the last few years. It suddenly realized it had something like 250k alumni, 120+ years of roots in the nation's 5th largest city, and major brand recognition. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I know the comeback/retaliation is coming, and it will be sweet. This conference stuff is becoming a major soap opera. Everything I've read points to the Big East being turned down by Boise AND the service academies, and extending an invite to Temple. I'm torn between joining to spite/crush Villanova, and spurning the Big East for two slights in a decade.

  2. Excellent point on the spurning BE thing.Temple has reached a watershed moment with the BE now thanks to Villanova.A week ago, I would have been good with the football only.Now, it's all-sports-or-nothing and Villanova be damned.Take it or leave it, BE.The next time they come crawling to us it will be out of their desperation, not ours.It should be on our terms, not theirs.

  3. Wow!!!! If there is an award for blogs, this one should get it! Kudos!Now I gotta go and say 20 "Hail Marys" for my bad thoughts about Villa-no-go.

  4. Is it safe to say that if Nova was on our schedule for this weekend rather than the 1st week Daz and the boys would run the score up to 75-0? Accurate, or is it fair to say that Daz would be more likely to show sportsmanship to Tally and Co and it would play out exactly the way it did in week 1? I'm hoping the former. If this plays out the way I think it will with Temple stuck in the MAC I hope they don't hesitate to embarrass Nova next year. Id love to see punt block formation and 4th down conversions with a lead of 35+.Great blogging as always mike!

  5. Where the hell did you get that picture? That's the creepiest looking Jesus I've ever seen. The question is what would creepy Jesus do? He would accept nothing less than an all-sports invitation to the Big East and he would beat Nova football next year, 88-0. Creepy Jesus is on the phone calling his bookie betting the over and taking Temple plus 20 points. Creepy Jesus is no fool.

  6. LOL, Tony. That is Jesus on the phone in a conference call with Mike Jensen and Mike Kern saying he's calling them out for the "sin of sloth" in sloppy Big East reporting. I believe he ends the call: "I'll see you in Hell. Check that, Satan will see you in Hell. Goodbye."

  7. No, no, no. Creepy Jesus will be paying the two Mikes a personal visit. That doorway behind creepy Jesus is where the hardcore sinners go. The two Mikes are going to wish they were in hell after visiting that room.Creepy Jesus has no tolerance for those who sin against Temple.

  8. What Temple should do is what it already is doing, concentrate on winning football games and making sure 25 – 35,000 plus fans are at the Linc for 'ALL HOME GAMES'. Everything else will take care of itself. Temple fans have been through enough hell.

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