Teams to root for today: UB, SMU, Rutgers

Even in this age of instant communication, it’s going to be hard to find the score of the Buffalo at Eastern Michigan game.
First off, it’s never on KYW-AM (they only give top 10 scores) and it’s not on over the air TV (even pay cable) anywhere.
But it is on the internet and, for Temple fans, provides a rooting element.
All these teams would do Temple a big favor by winning:

Hooter is more endearing.

BUFFALO at Eastern Michigan (1 p.m., MAC all-access) _ If the Bulls finish ahead of Bowling Green in the standings, they provide a positive backup tie-breaker for Temple should it finish in a three-way tie with Miami and Ohio. Eastern Michigan is a three-point favorite. The game is on internet only. Buffalo’s got a chance. It beat Ohio.

She’d be perfect for me
if she was 20 years older
and I had $1 million

Navy at SMU (3:30, FSN) _ Southern Methodist football players wrote a letter to the school newspapers complaining about the lack of enthusiasm by their own fans in a win over TCU. They must be looking at the coeds and not on the field of play. Navy has to win all three of its remaining games (at SMU, at San Jose State and vs. Army) to qualify for a bowl Temple could be looking at attending (D.C., likely) and SMU is the toughest of the three. SMU is a seven-point favorite.

Cos and Hall and Oates are more famous.

RUTGERS vs. Army (3:30, Yankee Stadium, CBS College Sports) _ Same deal with Navy as Army has to win all three of its remaining games to qualify for a bowl. If Temple LOSES to Army, it still has a chance to qualify for a final bowl slot if Army loses today. Hopefully, both Rutgers and ESPECIALLY Temple beats Army. The Black Knights of the Hudson have proven to be a tough out on occasion this year, losing at Miami (Ohio) by only a touchdown and beating Northwestern, 21-14. Northwestern, you’ll recall, won AT Nebraska last week. Rutgers is an eight-point favorite.


9 thoughts on “Teams to root for today: UB, SMU, Rutgers

  1. Given today's results I think even if Temple goes 8-4 it is going to be really tough to get a bowl invite. Lookd like Navy will qualify for the FC bowl.

  2. looks like Navy will win out… goodbye bowl D.C. bowl game

  3. not necessarily. I think this is Army's turn, finally. Call it a gut feeling. Then again, maybe it's the chicken sandwich I made myself for dinner. I'll take a shot of Pepto Bismol just in case it is the latter.

  4. Speaking of dinner, the Hunger Bowl (San Francisco) still needs to fill one of its slots, as does the bowl in New Orleans. Remember, last year Temple was coming off a two-game losing streak to finish 8-4. If it wins out, it will be a three-game winning streak to finish 8-4. Another feather in the bowl cap.

  5. San Jose State isn't completely putrid, either. It won at Colorado State and New Mexico State and beat Hawaii so they must have some athletes and Navy has to take a 6-hour flight to get there.

  6. Did anyone notice that for all of the Rutgers talk about Temple's attendance on Wednesday night, the attendance for their game against Army was 30K with Yankee Stadiums capacity for football 54K. I thought Rutgers "owned" the NYC market which is why the ACC, Big 10 etc. all what them to switch conferences so badly…….

  7. Rutgers is the Snooki of college football. Knights think they are much prettier than they really are AND they are obnoxious about it.

  8. hilarious comment about snookie and the knights, so true

  9. If Temple wins out and gets shut out of a bowl for the second year with an 8-4 records, would entertaiing a move to C-USA make sense. I know they aren't a BCS AQ conference but right now even with Houston leaving they still have a team in the top 25, S. Miss and Tulsa moving up plus with the number of bowl tie-ins C-USA has an 8-4 record there would get us in.

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