Time for watching JJ today

If you were hit by JJ, you’d go play baseball, too.

Heck, my favorite college football player is Bernard Pierce.
Didn’t get to see him on Wednesday night (except for yelling encouragement from the sidelines).
My favorite pro player is DeSean Jackson.
Won’t get to see him today (suspended for missing a team meeting).
But my two favorite teams are the Temple football Owls and the Philadelphia football Eagles (in that order) and I will get to mix both of those starting today (1 p.m., Fox).
That’s because former Temple Owl Jaiquawn Jarrett gets his first pro start.
Go JJ.
Go Birds.
(Both Eagles and Owls.)
Then I’ll go work off the Applebee’s Oriental Chicken salad I’m planning to eat while watching the game.


9 thoughts on “Time for watching JJ today

  1. Ant, i got your email. Thanks big time for your help. Ill review it and get back to you. (hopefully tonight)Micheal, awesome ideas! thanks for the great help.Do you guys have FB? Do you want form a group so we can collaborate and talk?Mike Gibson, your the e-voice of TU football. Any insight or advice? Im sure your busy, but I would defenitly appreciate any and all help and insight you could give and would appreciate some help with publicity when were ready for it.Again: Everyone,We are gonna try to get a group to together to do everything it takes to get a roughly 45k seat football stadium built close to temple campus by 2020 (my time table. I tink thats realistic, but of course sooner would be better). We are in the earliest of stages.If you are interested in helping please say something on here or email me at TempleStadium@yahoo.com. or message or friend me on FB (Zach Bonfante) Please include Facebook name or email for facebook if u email, as i think that will be the best place to collaborate.I'm looking for input on everything from what we want with the satdium to organizational structure to strategy. We want EVERYONE who wants to help or give us input to join us, but we are especially in need of people with 1) experience with and/or knowledge about dealing with the school, Athletic dept, and football program, 2) knowledge about similar endeavors at TU or other schools.3) knowledge about the north philly real estate market and/or accessing public real estate records.4) building organizational structure and/or experience with similiar efforts5) communication skills6) website building ZachPSi think its important we have something in the works or in place by the kent state game (or the army game is possible) so we could maybe get a petition or going at the last two home games or advertise the idea and group with people.

  2. i really think its important we try to get an organizational structure and website and FB group set up and e-petition drafted ASAP so we have something direct people to while the iron is hot with the football season.I also think it would be great if we could get a few people to make some signs or sandwhich boards or fliers to pass out and show up an hour or so early before the Army and/or kent state game (id do it myself, but am not in philly)…But im just thinking out loud here and speaking as an individual. (I also am not anointing myself. I think it important we come up with a board of directors to run things in the short term and then figure out who among us is the best man to take the lead)

  3. Hello Mike, I have been looking for a JJ #5 Temple jersey. You wouldn't happen to have any ideas where I might be able to get one these days?

  4. as far as the stadium goes, I'm very down on our fan base after the embarrassing performance last wed.Would 17K have looked great in an on-campus stadium?Sure.But what message did it send the Board of Trustees that we showed no support of a winning team on ESPN?I'd say a pretty bad message.We have a great on-campus stadium (actually, arena) in the Liacouras Center and we have trouble getting representative crowds there.I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about an on-campus stadium if we could get 35K consistently in the one we rent now.As far as jerseys, the best place to get them is Cherry and White Day.$20 … game-worn jerseys … might get lucky and find a JJ jersey there.

  5. I am of the opinoin that 17k would be 25k if the stadium was a close walk from campus.You are absolutely right about liacourse center crowds being disapointing too, but college sports is about football not basketball (so it seems).I think we keep winning and gett a stadium near campus like everyone else and the community students will show.

  6. Let's be honest, we need bigger name schools to come here…St Bonaventure, Duquense,Fordham on campus.. duke, Md, off campus. same for football in all honesty people don't like or want to see the MAC opponents. the Michigans, Kent ,akron… not cutting it comapred to a Rutgers, Pitt, Uconn , cuse, WVA if BE….KEPPING IT REAL

  7. ahh, but we spent $80 million to build a real nice basketball facility that seats 1,000 more than Duke's homecourt, but they won't play us there.Yet we go play them in their 9K indoor stadium.Other than an occasional Maryland, Georgetown, Kansas, Tennesee, we've had trouble attracting big names there, too.My fear is that we'll spend $100 million on a football stadium (not a fear, really, because Cosby doesn't want to part with his money and we have no identifiable funding source for it) and the only teams that would come are MAC teams.Then we'd put 17K in a 40K stadium and people would talk about Temple fan apathy.I'm more interested in building a consistent 35K in LFF. It's only a 10-minute subway ride away from the main campus and it blocks Villanova. Once we leave LFF, Villanova will scoot right in … so should not leave.

  8. True, but conf. games will be at campus location…better conf. better name teams. happens all the time with the smaller conf. teams they are forced to play at a "neutral" site. notre dame had a home game in MD against MD this past saturday. ridiculous… anyway I think we all get the point and counter points

  9. oh, and were the funding source. We raised 150 million in a year for the 150th anversary. We can use of that, some corporate sponorship and maybe some funding from the state

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