Survive and advance time for Owls

They do allow you to give the ball to the fullback and Wyatt Benson can run.

Survive and advance.
You can toss out all the scenarios you want about Temple having a chance at winning the MAC East if so-and-so beats such-and-such but, simply put, we’ve reached the “survive and advance” part of the season for Temple.
Win and live another day.

“Please tell Daz to stop using you as a fullback. Toss left, toss right.
Screen passes. Sweeps. That’s The Franchise I know.”

Photo by Ryan Porter

Lose and there will be no postseason, even though there will be another game to play.
Getting to a bowl game seems possible, even probable, for Temple should the Owls go 8-4 again.
You can forget about a bowl with a 7-5 Temple team.
Lose to Army and it’s over.
Yeah, you can say lose to Army and beat Kent and Ohio loses to Miami (and Buffalo finishes ahead of Bowling Green) and the Owls could win the MAC East.
That’s way too many variables to leave in other folks’ hands.
That’s why I’m hoping that Temple goes balls out in practice this week for Army.
Prepare for that option, which I have full confidence Chuck Heater is doing right now.

Joe Jones: Reverses, throwback passes.

Work on getting Bernard Pierce up to speed (and by speed we mean tweaking the offensive package so that he goes right and left and not up the middle).
If you want to run up the middle, hand the ball off to the fullback.
Get Chris Coyer more comfortable in his role, which means to stick the ball into Bernard Pierce’s belly and quickly pull it out and make a pass downfield to an open Temple Owl.
Work on the reverses with Joey Jones and throw in a trick play (a throwback pass from Jones to Coyer) or two (a halfback pass by Bernard Pierce). Heck, both Jones and Pierce can throw the ball (they both have a touchdown pass in their careers).
Army knows Jones can throw the ball. His touchdown pass, a nice tight spiral at Army, was Temple’s best forward pass last season.
Maybe even fullback Wyatt Benson will get the ball once or twice a game. As good a blocker as he is (and he’s a terrific one), he was a stud running back in high school at Haverford School.
Army hasn’t seen that part of his game on film yet.
When it is survive and advance, you pull out all of the stops.
Hopefully, that’s what practice will be all about this week.


One thought on “Survive and advance time for Owls

  1. Mike,A couple of things:First, on the basketball front, the attendance and lack big name opponents for home games has nothing to do with the satdium or fan support, it has much more to do with MAC teams clogging our scheduel and big name teams understandably not wanting to come play us because they know we are always good and tough and dont want to risk losing games on the road to a mid-major school (though we have been a pernail top 30/ tourney team, so we are mid major in perception only). Also, weve got MD, Duke, and nova at home this year and the beginning of a series vs Texas in our non-confrence scheduel. MAC schools account for nearly 1/2 our non confrence scheduel. Nova's non confrence scheduel isnt nearly as good as ours. And xavier's is only a bit better. I also think our attendance would be better if we had more big name games. I also think football success lead to more basketball support.On the football attendance front:Let's be honest, alot of the problem is that the surrounding community doesnt come travel to the games, we have been terrible for decades and we play most our games are against non-brand name schools. I also think the reason why the attendnace was so bad for the last game because it was a week night. I agree people shouldnt be desuaded by a 10 min subway ride, but the truth is, they are. Also, people were saying alot of the same things about MLS not having fan support, but that has all changed as theyve moved to smaller stadiums. If we had a closer, smaller stadium, it would create scarcity which is huge. There is also no close by community to come to the games at the linc, even if only outta curiosity. When i talk about a the need for a new stadium close to campus I mean for it to be implied that for it to have the wanted effect, it must happen in conjuction with continuing support from the school and improvemnt of the program and its opponets and growth in fan base. Lets be honest, we dont get more alumni support because we had been terrible when they were at temple and a winning program and going to games wasnt part of their experience. But it was part of my experience, and that is why I live and die with the owls every weekend and have travled hundreds of miles to go to home and away games this year now that Im out of school. Why is temple doomed to never have fan suport? I dont think thats the case. I also think, if we played that same game (miami of o) on the same night in a stadium a short walk to campus we would of seen 3-5k more students and 5-10k people from the surrounding community. On most weekend games, I could see 5-7k more student and 10k people from the local community. We play a big east scheduel and I could see us selling out every game in a 55k stadium a few years in.Another major problem is that the program and the games are not marketed well to temple student and the community. Im fairly sure must students think we are fcs/1-aa. We need signs and billboards and outreach to the students and the local community. Being in a poor neighboorhood could be a huge advantage as poor people tend to care alot about sports, a huge percentage of the population is younger kids who love sports, and the kids and the community largely cant afford to go to eagles games. Temple games would be the next best thing. (and since im a giants fan, even better)As to the Nova issue, I agree. Thats worried me alot. But this wouldnt happen right away. Were talking about starting the effort now so that we can have the stadium when were ready in a decade. At that point, us and nova would be in different situations and Nova probably will have missed its chance to go FBS.But you have seen alot more than me and know the program and the school alot more, so please keep the thougts comming.Hail Hooter

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