MAC Blogger Roundtable Week 11

This week’s host is Mike Trumbell of The Chip Report, a Central Michigan blog.
His questions are followed by my answers:
1) CMU’s head coach, Dan Enos, complained about his team’s schedule
and playing 3 conference games in 12 days. Give your opinions on why
lopsided MAC scheduling continues to happen.

TFF: Luck of the draw. I’ve talked to some of the guys on the team about the two nine-day layoffs for the Owls and they all want to play every week, spaced out equally, but would do not object to games breaking up the boredom of late-season practices. I’m sure the league is going to try to spread out this kind of scheduling so that every team takes a turn.

2) Do these basketball scores Toledo and NIU have been putting up
reflect positively or negatively on the MAC?
TFF: I think positively. It was the water-cooler talk the next day in work and I’m sure just not at my place. So much for defense wins championships.

3) What are your thoughts on the weekday, ESPN MAC schedule? Does TV
exposure outweigh attendance?
TFF: I think the TV exposure has been great for the MAC, since most of the games have been highly competitive.

4) What play has made the biggest difference (positive or negative) in
your respective team’s season?
TFF: Brazil’s bobbled catch at Ohio that was ruled a completion. Replays showed he never had control AND was out of bounds, but mysteriously replay official refused to overturn the call. That was a negative play. Positive play was Temple quarterback Chester Stewart calling a confused timeout after two failed series in Ohio, earning him a permanent seat on the bench and perhaps sparing Temple a four-game losing streak to close out the season.

Rank em:
1) Northern Illinois
2) Toledo
3) Ohio
4) Temple
5) Western Michigan
6) Ball State
7) Eastern Michigan
8) Bowling Green
9) Central Michigan
10) Miami
11) Kent State
12) Buffalo
13) Akron


2 thoughts on “MAC Blogger Roundtable Week 11

  1. Was talking to Ryan McGee from ESPN today and he sees Temple in the New Mexico Bowl with the PAC-12 not making enough eligible teams. Thinks we should still get an invite somewhere even at 7-5. Here's to hoping!

  2. thanks, Chris.If I was handicapping this at 11:41 on Friday, Nov. 18, it will be this:8-4 …. 75 percent OR BETTER chance of snaring a bowl7-5 … 49 percent OR WORSE chance of getting a bowl.Let's use our edge speed (Joey Jones, Streats, BP, Matty) to make some explosive plays down the field against a significantly slower team like Army.If we pound our heads against the wall and try to run between the tackles (like we did at BGSU and Ohio), we will lose this game.I think Scot Loeffler is smarter than to take that approach again.God, I hope so.

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