Temple beats another Big East target

Bernard Pierce would be a wise Owl to stay and get the Heisman he just jumped
over about five people to get in a top two spot next year. The pros will always be there.
The Heisman is his for the taking next year. The ball girl is pretty cute.

On the way down to Lincoln Financial Field today, I turned on the radio to hear the latest sports news.
KYW-AM (1060) reported it this way:
“In new developments in the Penn State story, the NCAA has announced it is investigating Penn State and, it was learned, Joe Paterno has a treatable form of lung cancer.”
Thanks, KYW.

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
Army 0 0 7 7 14
TEMPLE 14 14 0 14 42
1st 12:06 TEMPLE BROWN, Matt 22 yd run (McMANUS, B. kick)
6 plays, 80 yards, TOP 2:54 0 – 7
00:26 TEMPLE PIERCE, Bernard 11 yd run (McMANUS, B. kick)
15 plays, 88 yards, TOP 7:40 0 – 14
2nd 04:30 TEMPLE PIERCE, Bernard 1 yd run (McMANUS, B. kick)
6 plays, 37 yards, TOP 3:47 0 – 21
01:07 TEMPLE JONES, Joe 36 yd pass from COYER, Chris (McMANUS, B. kick)
2 plays, 50 yards, TOP 0:18 0 – 28
3rd 02:59 ARMY Jenkins, Max 1 yd run (Carlton, Alex kick)
17 plays, 80 yards, TOP 8:08 7 – 28
4th 10:37 TEMPLE BROWN, Matt 52 yd run (McMANUS, B. kick)
1 play, 52 yards, TOP 0:09 7 – 35
07:30 ARMY Dixon, Larry 15 yd run (Carlton, Alex kick)
8 plays, 80 yards, TOP 3:07 14 – 35
05:11 TEMPLE PIERCE, Bernard 49 yd run (McMANUS, B. kick)
4 plays, 65 yards, TOP 2:13 14 – 42

I heard about the NCAA investigation on Tuesday and about Paterno’s lung cancer on Thursday.
By Monday, we should be hearing this:
“In college sports, Temple has just beaten Army, 42-14.”
Nothing like the latest news.
This just in, though.
Temple’s 42-14 win over Army represents the SECOND TIME this year that the Owls have scored 42 points against a school that was mentioned for Big East membership OVER Temple.
Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
Fortunately, Villanova couldn’t get its stadium act together and cooler heads prevailed at West Point before the Big East found itself with those two programs.
Meanwhile, in the heart of Big East country, in the nation’s fourth-largest TV market, Temple has put itself in a terrific spot to finish off another eight-plus win season for the third-straight year and it will finish averaging more than 30,000 fans per home game. TV ratings-wise, no big-city school does any better and that includes both USC and UCLA. The Owls have some marquee players, like Bernard Pierce (three touchdowns, 158 yards) and Matty Brown (two touchdowns, 133 yards). Pierce has set himself up quite nicely for a real Heisman Trophy run next year.

Wouldn’t that be great, seeing Bernard Pierce in a three-piece suit at the Downtown Athletic Club, in 2012?
Paul Palmer, who was there as Heisman runnerup in 1986, also was in attendance at the Temple game today.
That’s the kind of experience Bernard will remember for the rest of his life.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, though.
When you think that Army and Rutgers drew only 30,000 to Yankee Stadium (in the middle of both those fan bases’ footprint) last week and Temple drew 25,515 today, that makes it all the more impressive.
Temple football has a lot to offer, whether that be the Big East or a bowl game. Temple led Army, 28-0, at the half. Rutgers moved into first place in the Big East with a 20-3 win over Cincinnati today. Rutgers and Army were tied, 6-6, at the half exactly one week ago.
The key thing for Temple now is finishing strong, getting that bowl bid and winning the game.
That would be a first for the program in over 30 years and news worth reporting in real time, maybe even by KYW.


25 thoughts on “Temple beats another Big East target

  1. Plus I love the talk from BE folks about getting the service academies will somehow "prtect" their AQ status. I think it's a cas where the BE wants teams who will have a tough time getting the athletes needed on a regular basis to be competitive. No knock on the academies at all, but I think current BE teams are looking at them as consistent wins against teams with national exposures. Great game today, lets finish things off with a win against Kent State and see where the bowl chips fall. By the way another soon to be BE power, Navy just lost so maybe the Military bowl in DC becomes a strong possibility

  2. WOW, a Navy loss just guaranteed us a bowl game. Not saying that will be the bowl we can secure, but I do not see more than a 10% chance we get locked out of a bowl game all together. Next step of business… Take care of Kent State!

  3. The best thing about tonight was destroying an army team rutgers was lucky to beat in front of the same number of people while Villanova lost to a an average FCS team in front of what was reported as 14k but looked like significantly less than that and was atleast half Delaware fans. (they sed 14k, but that would mean the stadium shud look 76% full, ut it looked alot closer to 60% full on TV).Also, as an aside, ive been aruging with these ohio fans who thinks they are legitimate MAC east champions and are a much better program than temple. Pretty funny since they barely won at home despite being spoted 14-21 points by the refs, AND THEN STORMED THE FREAKIN FIELD!

  4. I gotta tell you though, I am terrified this season is gonna make recruiting QBs and TEs and WRs impossible since we have a ton of talent at those last two posisitions yet we throw the ball 5 times….

  5. Everybody knocks Temple's attendance on here, but it is solid this year. Even taking out the Penn State game, the average attendance is just under 25,000. Compared to last year's 20,000. In 2009, the average attendance was 17,000. Rome wasn't built in a day. 3 winning seasons afetr decades of putrid football has resulted in an average 7,000 per game increase in fans. The program is on the rise.As for reallignment, the Big East is a sinking ship. But its a sinking ship that I would jump on. They are going to lose the AQ status in a couple of years, but it is a league Temple could be successful in. The ultimate goal is the ACC. Temple is not ready for that just yet. Big East would be a great stepping stone.Since we are being blocked by Villanova, I would say the next best conference is C-USA. At least they have 6 bowl tie-ins vs the MAC's 3. An 8-4 Temple team cant get a bowl last year, but 6-6 UTEP and ECU teams both get bowls. Anywhere is better than the MAC!

  6. no doubt about it, beat Kent St and a bowl game is ours to win…, MAC officials are beyond terrible, the 12 guys in the huddle call was incorrect and the refs should have huddled to get make the correct call…., our band during pregame activities rock, would like to see the players get off the bus and walk through tail gate row with a pep band on both sides, we need to continue steps to enhance the student and fan experience if we want more butts in the seats…, the Linc is a true multiplier, heck they don't even sell beer at Maryland home games…., totally agree with the comments above we need to throw the football more than 10 times a game, and this kid Coyer looks like a gamer. if the DB didn't hold/tackle our guy Coyer would have had another TD pass.

  7. Beat Kent State and a bowl is ours, I agree.Some big differences between last year's Owls and this year's one:1) No Matt Rhule (oh wait, he's still here but I mean we have a clue on offense with Loeffler's play-action approach this year);2) Chuck Heater … we're stopping MOST teams, although our defensive performance at Ohio was due to Solich isolating Harden on Blaze Caponegro on a couple of big plays more than anything else. …we got caught with our pants down on coverages. Still, I'm overall 10,000 percent more impressed with Chuck Heater as our DC than Mark D'Onofrio;3) We've found a quarterback. Coyer is efficient and throws a very nice ball. Can't ask for anything more than 4 for 5, especially when we probably could have scored 40 against this team without throwing a pass.4) We will go into the post-season with a three-game winning streak, not a two-game losing streak. Hopefully. Kent State has improved since its 48-7 loss to Alabama to open the season.

  8. Speaking of Big East targets the latest bowl projection on CBS SportsLine (the only one that I trust) has Temple versus Air Force in the New Mexico Bowl. We complain a lot about the MAC Bowl tie ins, but when Temple goes to a bowl game again this year (if that projection is true) it won't be a MAC bowl tie in just as it wasn't when we were in the EagleBank Bowl two seasons ago. Winning games takes care of a lot of things and bowls know we brought 20K plus to DC; if we can stop complaining about where we don't wanna go i.e. Boise or Detroit, we'll look even more attractive to Bowls. I have no way of proving this, but last season's bowl miss wasn't so much of us being left out or disrespected but it had a lot to do with the adminstration and fans saying where we didn't want to go. As much as I would like to believe differently we can't be too choosy when it comes to potential bowl destinations. I know I for one will go anywhere that Temple is invited.

  9. well maybe not, I just checked six leading bowl projections sites and TU is only listed once as going to New Mexico…, we probably need Ball State to beat Toledo

  10. Well looks like Al Golden won't be bowling again this year, saw an update while watching the Temple – Wichita State bball game that Miami is withdrawing from bowl consideration, hope this helps our cause plus root for Maryland over NC State next game to knock another ACC team out of consideration. If Temple finishes 8-4 and can't get a bowl bid this year then I have to go with Baker, if C-USA wants us let's go, no way an 8 win team in the conference doesn't get to a bowl. The MAC is just too much of an also ran with bowl tie-ins

  11. miami (FL) self imposed bowl ban, could be a good deal for the Owls– initial reports have them at the kraft hunger bowl now….any more insight mike?

  12. Kraft Hunger Bowl is in San Francisco and is against the PAC 12- I believe the order is ACC/ WAC/ MAC –

  13. I think we're most likely a fit for Kraft Hunger. They want East Coast TV ratings and we give them that big-time.

  14. It seems that the MAC has secondary agreements with the Kraft Fight Hunger and New Mexico bowls. While I'd like to get the Military Bowl, easy drive I believe that CUSA has the backup there and looks like the winner of ECU – Marshall will get that bid. Also, I actually think it would be better for Ball State to lose. Toledo has one of the top 3 conference spots locked and a Ball State lose would put us in a stronger 4th place at least, I think

  15. Kraft Hunger Bowl has to be impressed with these FACTS:1) Temple drew 30K of the 32K to a game against putrid 1AA Villanova (which should really drop its horrid football program);2) Temple drew 40K of the 57K for its game against Penn State (and made 80 percent of the noise in that game);3) Until Alabama-LSU, the highest-rated national game on TV was the Sept. 25 Temple vs. Penn State game on ESPN;4) Penn State vs. Eastern Michigan the next week drew 1/8th of the TV rating of TU-PSU (so that tells you TU played the largest part in that rating);5) Temple bowl game vs. UCLA was the highest-rated bowl game in the history of ESPN bowl games televised to the Philly market (not much of a chance it was because of the Philly UCLA grads);6) Temple is averaging over 30K per game this year, representing a steady 10 percent increase in each of the last three years;7) According to the latest Neilsen Ratings, Temple vs. Ohio had 10x the national audience of Union vs. Houston soccer (going against one another the same night) and the highest weeknight rating of any Philly sports event (Flyers' included) since the Oct. ending of the Phillies season.Numbers don't lie.There is a HUGE interest in Temple football in Philadelphia.

  16. @cleandirt, there's a grain of truth their, but ticket sales are a tertiary, at best, consideration.I think we should rout for marshall to win. Their farther away from DC and have a much weaker fan base than ECU.The unfairness of the whole bowl thing pisses me off. An 8-4 temple team should get dibs on first choice of bids (i know it doesnt work that way) over a 6-6 c-usa team… It would just be retarted for temple not be in the military bowl… well bring 25-30k alone there this year

  17. As much as I hate to say it, look for our final home game to have no more than 17K fans (Miami OH all over again). With all of the college, med school, law school, etc. on break (take into account the parents that come with them as well) you are probably looking at a 5-7K fan decrease. I hope the bowl committees look at our attendance as a whole and not our final home game!

  18. While there's interest in Temple football it doesn't help when their schedule consists of four games against the bottom 40 in the Sagarin ratings on a consistent basis.Since the Big East (er, Nova and the Catholic 8) told us "no thanks" it makes sense for Temple to look at Conference USA if not the ACC as its next stop and, dare I say, for all sports. In basketball, having Memphis, UAB, UTEP, and Tulsa play Temple would be a solid core of teams…similar to the A-10 top tier. The bottom feeders in C-USA are awful but the top schools in the conference are arguably among the better mid-majors. You can still schedule games against Big 5 (sans Nova, of course) and other A-10 teams in non-conference to fill out the schedule.Football-wise, the profile fits a bit better…the schools are a bit better on the whole overall although the attendance wouldn't improve much since none of these schools are known for huge travel contingents. With that said, you get a Houston type team to go 10-0 and come into Philly to play a 7-3/8-2 Temple team you would get a good crowd out to watch.If Temple can't land an ACC bid, C-USA is still a step up overall and gets them a bit closer to getting back in the BCS level of FBS football.

  19. Conference USA has 6 primary bowl tie-ins. They are secondary to the Military Bowl. Right now, they only have 4 bowl eligble teams and can only have 6. They won't be able to provide a team to the Military Bowl. Warm up your cars, I think we are going to DC.

  20. that's if UTEP beats UCF this week. If UCF wins (hey another of those soon to be BE power teams) then CUSA only has 5 eligible teams, with Houston maybe getting a BCS bowl. Looks like there may be a couple of opportunities available.I am starting to really lean towards the move to CUSA is possible.

  21. If Ball State beats Toledo, I think temple gets the 3rd bowl bid from the MAC. I don't think they would take a 7-5 Toledo team over an 8-4 Temple team, regardless of the head to head.Either way, I think Temple will be in a bowl this year.

  22. As a Nova fan the Temple angst over the BE is understood. I think most Nova supporters don't want Nova kept out of BE FB by Temple joining. But I think most also support Temple joining the BE with Nova moving up in FB as part of the move. I would love to see the Big East bring in Temple for all sports (with Nova in FB). We all talk FB, but hoops would be a great fit as well.

  23. Friday’s game has me worried, very worried. Kent State is hot right now, the stadium will be empty with all the students home, many people out of town still traveling for the holiday, and I don’t see Kent State traveling a very big group for their side of the stadium. I’m worried about the place looking like a Monday afternoon High School Junior Varsity game. It’s a perfect situation for the team to come out flat and out of sync. I’d almost be happier if the game was away. I know the coaching staff is aware of all these things and I trust them, but I’m still worried. Come on Owls, prove me dead wrong and win going away 34 – 7, please just don’t give me after Thanksgiving indigestion!

  24. Kent State is 100 percent better than the team that opened with three straight losses.Remember, though, this is also a team that lost to Miami (9-3) and NIU (40-10) and barely beat South Alabama (33-25).I would like for our fans to surprise me and show up in similar numbers to the Army game.Most have off. Shopping blows. Football is great.There is no excuse for the alumni not to support these kids.

  25. I agree Kent State has improved but Temple should beat them. 8-4 looks much better for a bowl then 7-5. On another topic, I being to like the idea of moving up to CUSA a lot better, definite improvement for football and if basketball went not oo being of a drop off over the A10. Besides, with the Big East looking like the travel channel, I mean today they are talking about adding San Diego State to the "west" division because BYU is balking, the BCS will be revamped and who knows if there will even be AQs by the time they expand.

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