Five 7 reasons why Bernard Pierce should stay

“When I get out of here, I’m going to lay out that guy with the long hair
 from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Troy Polamalu, and the only reason I’m going to be able
 to do that is because I stayed my full time at Temple building my body for the rigors
 of the NFL.  When I do that, you’ll know it’s a signal from me to you to stay in school.”

Just as promised, Steve Maneri lays out Palamalu.

The subject of my favorite Temple Owl came up with one of my favorite Temple fans in the parking lot before the game last Friday.
“What is Bernard majoring in?” my friend, Chet, said.
“Nuclear physics,” I shot back.
Of course I knew Bernard Pierce is majoring in the same thing I majored in at Temple University, Communications. I have that degree on my wall and it is next to my two Associated Press Best Sports Story awards and one Pennsylvania Newspaper Publisher Association award for Best Feature Story.
Without the degree, I don’t get a chance to get the other two items framed. Whatever little writing talent I had as a 17-year-old was harnessed into a readable style thanks to Temple profs.

Of course, I could never run the ball like Bernard Pierce can but I see a bright future for him in Communications after football and the average work lifespan of a good NFL running back is about five years.

The average work lifespan of a TV guy with a Temple degree is about 60 years longer than that.
Ask Kevin Neghandi of ESPN.

Another reason to come back: Steve Addazio tells funny jokes.

If Bernard really was majoring in nuclear physics, I’d advise him to leave.

Since it is Communications and he is thisclose to graduating, he would be a wise Owl to stay.
He’s going to run into a lot of shady sports agent characters and they are going to give him a lot of advice designed to get their cut of his money a year early. My best advice (and it’s free) for him is to go with the first agent who tells him it is in his best interest to stay.
Five good reasons:

Mel Kiper is much more likely
to call Bernard Pierce a No. 1 choice
next year, not this one.

 Draft status _ There are plenty of good running backs coming out including Trent Richardson (Alabama), Lamar Miller (Miami), Montee Ball (Wisconsin), Chris Polk (Washington), Cyrus Gray (Texas A & M) and LaMichael James (Oregon). I know Bernard is better than these guys. You know Bernard is better than these guys but, right now, those guys are rated higher than Bernard. That means he could go as low and third or fourth round. Next year, when he’s the unquestioned best (by you, me AND Mel Kiper), he will get guaranteed first-round money and be able to start his own TV station. If he gets drafted in the second round or below, which appears likely, there is no guaranteed money, which means he is an injury away from getting cut and sitting next to me in the stands at Temple games wishing he was out there (just like Big East player of the year Walter Washington sadly did when he got bad advice from an agent and came out early in 2004).


Bernard already has a nice suit
ready for next year’s Heisman ceremony.

The Heisman Trophy _ With Richardson, James and Ball graduating, Bernard has jumped over the field into the top five in next year’s Heisman conversation. All the good backs will be gone. He’ll be on national TV in the bowl game and every TV guy will be mentioning his name as one to watch in next year’s Heisman talk. Also, he’s playing Villanova next year in the first game. He should get 500 yards and six touchdowns in that game alone and that should catapult him into the top of the race. Usually, guys who get to the top early stay there at the end. If he stays, I will make it a singular mission to gather up all my Temple communications alumni buddies and get Bernard the Heisman Trophy. What a great thing it would be for him to be at the Downtown Athletic Club in Manhattan accepting the award that just eluded Temple’s Paul Palmer in 1986. Plus, it would set him up for a good TV gig 10 years down the road.

No wonder BP has such
great vision.
The Franchise Tag _ Not Temple’s, mine. For the past three years, I have been the guy yelling the loudest from the stands: “GIVE THE BALL TO THE FRANCHISE. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. IT’S FOOTBALL!!” For some reason, I didn’t do that in the Kent State game and, after all three BP touchdowns, the two teenage girls sitting in front of me turned around to me, gave me a fist bump, and said: “GIVE THE BALL TO THE FRANCHISE. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. IT’S FOOTBALL!” I wonder where they got that from? I must’ve been a bad influence on those kids. If there’s no Bernard Pierce next year, I got nothing. Matty Brown will do a nice job, but it won’t be the same without The Franchise. Scot Loeffler, you are on your own calling plays. Could get scary.

Tesa, Wayne and Cyrus Tribue
The Mom Factor _ Watching all the moms with their sons on Friday, I thought it would be great if Tammy Pierce would be escorted onto the field by Bernard Pierce for the Senior Day ceremony next year. Tammy has been Bernard’s No. 1 fan since Day One. She deserves that day in front of a packed house next year. (And it will be a packed house. Paul Palmer drew over 40,000 to crappy Veterans Stadium for his final home game.)  I met her in the concourse at the Miami game and, without knowing who she was, she said to me: “Nice to meet, you, I’m Bernard Pierce’s mom.” I stood there with my mouth open for about five seconds before thinking of something to say. “He’s my favorite player, I love him,” I said (nothing kinky, of course just like a proud adopted uncle). Tammy said, “Well, we do, too.” There’s a lot more people at Temple who love him than in the NFL. There is no agent out there who loves him like we do.

Ramone looks sad he came back (not!)

Lavoy: All smiles during his senior year.

Ramone Moore and Lavoy Allen _ Like Bernard Pierce, both Ramone Moore and Lavoy Allen filed paperwork with the pros to determine the level of interest. Hopefully, like Ramone and Lavoy, Bernard will make the same determination to come back. Neither guy is far away if Bernard wants to get advice. Lavoy is practicing with the Sixers. Bernard walks by Temple basketball practice on the way to class every day so he can talk to Ramone as well. Just by looking at the smiles on the faces of both guys during their senior years at Temple should be enough for Bernard to want to experience his senior year at Temple as well.

Daz finally figured out how to use Bernard Pierce best.
The Daz Factor _ Both head coach Steve Addazio and offensive coordinator Loeffler finally figured out by the Army game that the best way to use Bernard Pierce was outside the tackle box, not between the hash marks. You hear the term “edge rusher” almost exclusively referring to a defensive player, but Bernard Pierce is the best edge rusher on offense I’ve ever seen. When Addazio stopped using Pierce between the tackles like he did at Ohio and Bowling Green, we saw the real Bernard Pierce once again. He’s got the speed to beat everyone outside on sweeps and tosses. I don’t think they will go back to between the tackles again. That will undoubtedly  mean bigger numbers and bigger things for a bigger and better Bernard Pierce in 2012.


11 thoughts on “Five 7 reasons why Bernard Pierce should stay

  1. great to hear BP is a Communications major. like both of you, I'm a Communications major (RTF '79). BP is a good looking kid with a great smile who will project well on TV. A bit shy, but he'll be just fine. Who is going to be our starting tailback vs Nova? Probably Matt…,

  2. I'm hoping the starter is Bernard.Nobody goes to their grave saying I wish I had worked more and a lot of people like me fondly recall the FOUR college years as the best of their lives.I think the only people who advise Bernard to go pro are shady agents and people who want his second-round or lower money, so I'm going to keep the commenting on this thread to people who I recognize as commenting on prior threads, like you, tony dee, ihatenoamchomsky, etc.

  3. I think your too high on his draft prospects this year, and how he matches up against this years batch of RBs. If I was in charge of a war room for a team needing a running back I wouldnt hesitate to put, atleast, Montee Ball, Trent Richardson, Cyrus Gray, and Lamichael James all ahead of BP as they have all put up comparable or better number against MUCH STIFFER/BETTER defenses. If BP enters the draft this year, I think the best he could hope for is late 2nd round status. I do think having to work with a new o-line and fear of having an injury prone season like 2010 might push him out the door a bit, BUT I think he'll reason that the possibility of Heisman consideration and the need to show he can stay healthy for another year to push well into the first half of the second round or even well into the first is enough to make him stay

  4. With the depth of running back in this year's draft, and given how they were valued in last year's draft, it makes no sense for him to come out this year. I think a fourth year for him to demonstrate his durability and to possibly cement his name at the top of the all-time rushing yards list should happen, especially if we can just stick with a halfway competent QB next year who won't lose us games.

  5. I think anybody who advises him to leave is either a) a crappy Villanova football fan (is there any other kind?) or b) an agent who wants his cut of BP's money.I'm neither.I hate Villanova.I don't want any of BP's money.If he stays at Temple, that GUARANTEED first-round money next year.If he leaves Temple, that's very tenuous second-round money.

  6. Uncle Mike,I hope Bernard is reads your blog. Just great advice. I would also hope he would talk to Paul Palmer. I'm sure he would say fighting for that Heisman far outweights leaving early. Spend the year getting stronger and faster, while enjoying your senior year, get the diploma. Take it from us middle age guys, don't rush to grow up.

  7. well-said, Temple Rugby.Don't rush to grow up when it is only one year that we're talking about.I'm proud to be Bernard's poor white adopted uncle who will never ask or take a penny from him.He's already given me $1 million worth of memories.

  8. Looks like he is at least going to explore moving up to the NFL next year with the story that he filed the paperwork, I guess with the NFL. Based on where Pierce is ranked with current rb prospects, let's hope that he figures out he could go higher in the draft after the 2012 season.

  9. I'm going to let Philly TU grad have the last word on this post because it is the most reasoned I've received.Look, my position is if the NFL is going to guarantee him that he will be a first-round pick, he should go (because that's guaranteed money). If the NFL can't guarantee him (and I don't think they can), he should return to Temple because he will be slotted the No. 1 or 2 RB in the country NEXT year not by just us Temple fans, but by the draft experts.If you are among the top 2 RBS, that is a first-round guarantee.Right now, there's a logjam ahead of him at the position.

  10. Great article Mike! I also hope that B. Pierce "The Franchise" comes back this year. What else are we going to yell about? I guess we could find a nickname for Matty Brown. BTW I am the teenage girl who fist pumped you from the article and you made my week b/c my 29th birthday is this Friday and I love that you think I'm a teen! I still got it!

  11. happy birthday, esacella!you and your sister (I presume) look like teenagers to me.sadly, Bernard Pierce will be playing in the NFL next year and not for the good guys.Matty Brown always did a great job when BP got hurt and I'm sure he will do his best.Still, Matty Brown scored six rushing TDs last year and BP had 27.There is a big difference between the two so if I don't call MB the franchise, I hope he understands.great running into Roger and Kitty at Pub Webb. They are great people.

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