Owls holding breath for that bowl bid

New Mexico Bowl and Military Bowl remain the likely destinations for Temple.


If you are a Temple fan, disappointment is a familiar word.
A couple of years ago, I watched a pre-game college basketball show from my neighborhood gym and the two guys were debating whether or not Temple’s 29-win basketball team was a two or three seed.
“I think Temple’s done enough to move up to the two line,” Doug Gottlieb said.
What happened?
The Owls slipped to No. 5 and had to play a 27-4 Cornell team in the first round.
I did not find that out until attending the selection party at the Liacouras Center that night. Driving down, I was whistling Gottlieb’s No. 2 tune.
Most people’s reactions:
You know what those three letters stand for, so I won’t elaborate.
Last year, they had a bowl selection party scheduled for the LC but had to cancel it at noon.
“Guys, we’re done,” were the famous three words uttered by Al Golden in a team meeting at the E-O.

If there is a WTF moment on Sunday, Temple should pursue all avenues to escape from the MAC immediately. Conference USA would accept Temple in a heartbeat and that’s really where the Owls belong anyway

Back in September, Temple officials were telling Owl fans that joining the Big East would happen “in a matter of days, not weeks” at the wine and cheese pre-game tailgate against Maryland.
Then Villanova stepped in and cried like a baby on the phone to its fellow Big East Catholic schools for three days and suddenly that situation fell apart, too.
So there’s a party scheduled for the LC Sunday night.
I remain optimistic that the Owls will receive an invite to the bowl party but I’ve seen too many funky things happen to Temple to be absolutely sure.
As I write this late Saturday night, no official bowl invitation has been received by Temple. In fact, two websites (College Football News and NBC sports) have the Owls projected out of the bowl picture entirely.
One has a 7-5 MAC team, Western Michigan, with no TV ratings and a smaller fan base, projected against Cincinnati in the BBVA Compass Bowl.
Ridiculous is one word.
WTF is three words.
Heck, even Florida International University has received and accepted its bowl invite (Beef O’Brady’s, St. Pete) but not Temple.
If there is a WTF moment on Sunday night, Temple should pursue all avenues to escape from the MAC immediately.
Conference USA would accept Temple in a heartbeat and that’s really where the Owls belong anyway.
Hopefully, we will all be breathing a sigh of relief at 8:15 p.m. but it never should have come down to the last moment nor should it ever again.
Temple’s athletic administration should see to that no later than Monday morning.


17 thoughts on “Owls holding breath for that bowl bid

  1. With Connecticut and Hawaii losing today, there are 72 bowl eligible teams (not including the real Miami) vying for 70 bowl slots. So, for Temple not to go to a bowl, two of the following three teams would have to be selected ahead of Temple: Ball State, Western Michigan, and Western Kentucky. Fortunately, I don't see that happening, so I like Temple's chances of going to a bowl. Regardless, Temple should leave the MAC for Conference USA immediately! By the way, did you see the attendance at the "MAC Championship Game" yesterday – 13,052!!

  2. I think it's possible, though not probable, that Western Kentucky and Western Michigan go bowling ahead of Temple. If that happens, it's because Temple's administration would have dropped the ball by holding out on the Military Bowl. I understand they don't guarantee tickets to other bowls but that's the way business is done these days.It'll be on the Temple administration, not its fans, if there is no bowl bid Sunday night and serious heads will have to roll if that happens.You can't have a football program go two years without bowling with a flat-line resume of an eight-win season.I pray that last paragraph becomes moot in a few hours.

  3. Mike, I couldn't agee more. I'm really looking at tonight as somewhat of a crossroads for the football program. If Temple doesn't recieve a bid, get of of the MAC asap to a conference with more bowl tie-ins and where 8 wins seasons almost quarantee getting an invite. Either that or decide to build the program like Ohio who seems to be only focused on winning the MAC East, finishing 2nd or 3rd in the conference to get one of the MAC bowls and getting a chance to play for the MAC championship. The operative word being playing as Ohio really seems geared towards getting to Detroit an playing in a bowl game, not necessarily winning when they get there.

  4. My compulsive checking of various websites alone will not will Temple into a bowl game. This I know. It is not stopping me, however. Fingers crossed.

  5. Totally unrelated Mike, but I was just trying to pass the time until the selection show… I was looking over the incoming class of 2012; does it concern you that we have 6 WR recruits coming to a team that doesn't throw the ball, yet ONLY 2 offensive lineman recruited, when we are losing 4 starters?? I would prefer stud O-line recruits that can compensate for thin offensive specialty talent.


  7. Schlabach = owls v unc – military bowlBrad edwards= owls v FIU – beef o brady I prefer the first

  8. This year is alreaady better than last year. We knew we weren't bowling already at this time last year. It seems that the bowl selection show will actually finally have some suspense this year; not just for our Owls but for almost everyone. I'm still confident that we are bowling. Just hope we aren't our own worst enemy. Again.

  9. I'm getting multiple texts from people, err, near the E-O telling me it's the Military Bowl.I can live with that but BBVA Compass vs. Pitt would have been a dream …and, yes, Michael, it DOES concern me that we have only two OL recruits BUT we are backloaded with redshirts coming eligible on the OL and that could be the Daz strategy there.

  10. @phillu tu gradI think we need to keep building our program the we are. We went from complete garbage to good in a few short years. epic turn around in terms of wins and fans.In 09 we were co-MAC east Champs and went bowlingIn 10 we beat BE champs and were bowl eligible and would of won the MAC EAST but stumbled down the stretch without BP and a new QB.This year were going bowling, were Co-MAC East champions and would of been 7-1 or 8-0 in confrence and sole MAC East champs if it wasnt for a flukey start to the toledo game, and flukey garbage game against BGSU and the Refs stealing the Ohio game from us in a game we won by 20 or so but lost by 4.In short, I dont know what else you could ask for from a program standpoint, Just better execution in few games on the field.I dont wanna be like Ohio, at all. I wanna be like a combonation of Boise, Pitt and PSU

  11. We are in! According to a site out of Michigan, WMU got an invite to the Pizza Bowl. The spot opened up when Toledo and Temple were both assured of bids by other bowls. Now just waiting on a location and opponent. For full text of the article, google WMU and the bowl.

  12. Temple -Wyoming, New Mexico Bowl.

  13. Looks like the New Mexico bowl vs. Wyoming. Not my first choice but it is a bowl bid so I'll take it. Wonder what the thinking was taking Toledo for the Military Bowl, 8 hour drive to DC so hopefully they'll at least bring fans in the 5 figures. Got to think we would have brought another 20k plus again.

  14. Is what Im hearing true!?!? Temple gets New Mexico bowl against… Wyoming!?!? And Military Bowl takes Toledo!?!?!? wtf!!?!? Id rather get no bowl than risk losing to Wyomng . WTF!?!?!? OMG! This is what we get for handing toledo 15 points to start the game and then never playing like ourselves. Thats a game we could of, and should of, won. Now they get our bowl and our chance to show we can put fans in the seats…..

  15. What's the weather like in New Mexico this time of year?

  16. I would rather have this bowl then none, any bowl game is good for exposure, recruiting and the extra weeks of practice. I get the feeling that ESPN had some input on this selection to get the good east coast tv ratings and having ESPN on your side can't be a bad thing when it comes to maybe moving to a better conference someday. We did show we could put fans in the stands in 2009 and can't always want a northeast bowl…there are only 2 the Military and Pinstripe, neither of which has strong MAC ties. I think a travel bowl is something that the team could benefit from for the long haul and is losing to Wyoming any worse then to Air Force? Besides I'm sure any day now Wyoming will be on the joining the "Big East West" list…haha

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