A good night at the LC

Wyoming rushes the field after its last NMB win in 2009.

I got a chance to shake Bernard Pierce’s hand and wish him luck in the game. If any of my running ability rubbed off in the handshake, Bernard should finish with 27 yards. Or maybe minus 27. So he’s going to have to go for 227 to save me a guilt trip.

Watched a little of the start of the Bowl Selection show at the Liacouras Center with former Temple great running back Sheldon Morris and we were both looking for the fast forward button on TV remote.
Neither of us had the remote, but Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw took the microphone during the first commercial break and broke the suspense.
Temple vs. Wyoming, New Mexico Bowl, Dec. 17.
You know what?
Both Sheldon and I and about 90 to 92 percent of the other season-ticket holders won’t be able to make it in body (we don’t have deep enough pockets) but we will be there in spirit.
It was a surprise in a sense.
Both Sheldon and I (and about 90 to 92 percent of the other season-ticket holders) would have been able to make it to D.C., but it just wasn’t meant to be.
Most of the players thought the nation’s capital would be the destination as of about 5 p.m. (At least those at the E-O with my text number) so this pairing comes as a surprise.
Disappointment might be a little strong because any bowl is a good one but this announcement could have been better from my perspective.
Disappointment would have been the word I would have used if Temple was left out.
Temple should take care of business and move the program forward with the school’s first bowl win since 1979.
For a week, the talk had been of a Temple bowl rematch with Cal (1979 win) or UCLA (2009 loss).
Wyoming will be a rematch of sorts, too.
The Cowboys handed visiting Temple one of its only four losses during the 1990 season (28-23). Dick Beck, the current North Penn head coach, was the captain of that Temple team.
Still, I would have preferred to see Temple put a Big East team on its ass.
I would have liked to see Temple play Pitt in the BBVA Compass Bowl, but nobody asked me. SMU will play Pitt in Birmingham, Ala. instead. Temple vs. Pitt would have made a better storyline.
The TV show itself could have been better.
College football probably will never figure out a way to harness the suspense in its bowl selection show that college basketball has when announcing the brackets, but everyone got a chance to go home early.
I met a lot of the parents and I can now understand why this is a solid group made up of good and humble young men. They are all very nice people. I could not be prouder of a group representing Temple than this football organization and that goes from Steve Addazio through the players through the video and managerial staff.
I got a chance to shake Bernard Pierce’s hand and wish him luck in the game. If any of my running ability rubbed off in the handshake, Bernard should finish with 27 yards. Or maybe minus 27. So he’s going to have to go for 227 to save me a guilt trip.
There were plenty of Temple fans there and plenty of Temple fight songs played by the band.
All in all a good night at the LC.
Spare me of the endless Alabama vs. LSU talk.
These other schools deserve some love, too.
Temple football got some love at the LC, if not on the TV.


19 thoughts on “A good night at the LC

  1. I read that the payout to each team is $912,000. I certainly hope that Temple puts this $912,000 towards the $2 million MAC exit fee, and writes the $2 million MAC exit fee check as soon as they receive the $912,000!!

  2. Mike, I think everyone is happy that Temple qualified for a bowl this season, but let's be honest: I'm upset they didn't get the Military bowl or at least the Kraft bowl. We all know that the bowls are about money nowadays, so why not take Temple which is 2 hours from DC instead of Toledo? Temple would have brought 30000. Instead they're playing in new mexico against a sub par team at best

  3. The way some of the espn commentators laughed while announcing Temple's bowl invite during the selection show was completely unprofessional and indicative of the way many still see our program. Its time for Temple to destroy wyoming and show a national audience what we already know.

  4. On a positive note; (1) Temple is the first Bowl game of the bowl season. (hopefully football fans nation-wide, that have been in a 2 week football drought will watch in huge numbers). (2) This Wyoming team let up over 500+ yards and 28 first downs to Bowling Green (despite still beating them by 1). They let up over 600 yards to a very good TCU team, but 600 yards none-the-less. I'm expecting 350+ TU rushing yards and 35+ minutes Time-of-Posession. (3) Penn State got the lone bowl game that will only be televised on espnU (what a joke) while in the same time frame as 3 other Premier bowl games (possibility for bragging rights of "Who had better bowl game ratings in 2011"). (4) Temple-Texas basketball game (at 2:30pm on ESPN2) will be our only other sports competition for TV ratings (5) It will be a GREAT day for Temple sports as a whole owning ESPN/ESPN2 from 2-5pm on December 17th.GO OWLS!

  5. This would have been about my sixth choice:1) Birmingham vs. BE for obvious reasons;2) Beef O'Brady because I love St. Pete/Clearwater;3) Kraft Hunger because of the UCLA revenge factor;4) New Orleans because I've never been there;5) D.C. because of our fan base;6) New Mexico bowl.But, after last year and after losing three games in the MAC, we're lucky to be in a bowl.We should have never lost to friggen BGSU or Ohio.Hopefully, we'll run through the MAC next year.

  6. Can someone tell me how far into the show/ at what time they announced the Temple bowl game? I really would like to see this laughing i keep hearing about for myself

  7. I can tell you exactly what time:10:52 p.m., or exactly one hour and 52 minutes into the 9 p.m. show.After shaking Bernard's hand, I hung around for about 15 more minutes, thinking I would see the Temple name come up.Instead, it was 15 minutes of Bama-LSU talk so I left.Was able to drive up I95, pick up a WAWA Turkey Shortie on State Road, pull into my driveway and turn on the TV.Don't know the moderators' name (he's the guy on the show with Holtz and May during the season) and he said:"We have a few more bowls to mention" and then he said "Temple will be playing Wyoming" all while laughing his ass off, presumably some inside joke between him and Craig James."Stop doing that, Craig James, you are making me laugh."Yeah.Real funny.This is a big moment for kids from both Wyoming and Temple and they are laughing their asses off without any explanation.Not a shining momemt for ESPN.Makes me wish Dick Vitale did football, too.

  8. Temple's payout for the Eagle Bank Bowl was $1 million …. but that was including team expenses, etc., cost of Temple's 20K tickets sold.Temple broke even from that bowl but it was in the tens of thousands, not millions.Most schools lose money on bowls.I expect the $912K figure will pay for the trip and not much more.All the Villanova fans who think their taxpayer money is paying for the trip should relax.Temple will make a LITTLE money off this, not much.

  9. I agree, after last year getting to a bowl is a positive. I think the important thing is the extra practice time, gives Daz some ore time to get ready for next season. As I said another post Temple can't keep focusing on northeast bowls (Military and Pinstripe), while it would be great to be able to drive to a bowl the MAC only gets invites if other conferences don't have enough eligible teams. Mike makes the best point let's take care of business in the MAC next season. That, good TV ratings on the 17th and another bump up in attendance next year hopefully can get us on the move to a better conference.

  10. Let me start by saying I echo the sediment that any bowl is a good bowl. Now, that being said, disappointment is too weak a word for how I’m feeling about where the Owls landed. If Temple didn’t make a bowl the word would have been outrage!I hate to keep harping on it but college football is now about 2 things, money, and national recognition. The way I see it today there are 7 conferences in college football. They are the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, PAC 12, SEC, and the seventh is every other conference wishing they were one of the 6. If your team is not in conference 1 – 6 then they are in #7. It’s ridiculous, Virginia Tech finishes the season 11-1, then gets smoked in their conference championship game by Clemson to finish 11-2 and gets The Sugar Bowl. Clemson finishes 10 – 3 overall and gets the Orange Bowl. West Virginia is 9 – 3 overall and 5 – 2 in conference and gets the Orange Bowl. I see posts on here about moving to C-USA, I whole heartedly disagree, it’s a dressed up MAC. No one is trying to get in, only get out; TU should not be getting in either. I saw an article posted 3 days ago that there Is a push again to merge with the Mountain West Conference to create a “Super Conference”. With Houston leaving along with SMU and UCF what is left there? Boise State, Airforce and TCU are scheduled to leave the MWC, what’s left there?Boise State 11 – 1 and doesn’t get a BCS, they play on Dec 22nd against a 6 – 6 PAC 12 team. Houston loses 1 game in C-USA and drops like a stone in the rankings, no BCS for them either. Hell the locked in bowl affiliation for the C-USA opted out of taking the champion instead choosing 2 unranked teams! Vanderbilt is 6 – 6 and 2 – 6 in the SEC! This is directly from the C-USA site “The Conference USA champion has appeared in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl the last 16 seasons, but the bowl opted to pass on the No. 21 Golden Eagles for a pair of unranked teams. "Apparently the bowl felt it needed to match Big East and SEC teams in this year's game," said Conference USA Commissioner Britton Banowsky. "It is very disappointing for the Conference and particularly for the great fans from Southern Miss given their success this season. We hope as many as possible can join the team for the holidays in Hawaii." .” The 21st ranked team in the country gets snubbed by its own bowl tie in for 2 unranked teams and number 25 West Virginia gets a BCS bowl, what does THAT tell you about how C-USA is perceived nationally?It’s time to leave the MAC. The football program is on a national level, the game facilities are there, with an additional $9,000,000 committed to the practice facility it’s at the national level, hell we all know the coaching staff is there, and even the administration is behind the program. For me it’s either the ACC, Big East, or keep sitting like an anxious puppy waiting for the scraps to be thrown off the big boys table. TU finishes 8 – 4 and there is even a chance that it will be another year with no bowl, and 6 – 6 teams from real conferences are getting real exposure, that’s crazy! College athletics is rapidly moving to an organization of “haves” and “have not’s”, anything other than those top 6 conferences and you’re on the outside looking in!

  11. The only problem is it doesn't seem any conference wants us outside of the MAC and it appears C-USA

  12. I'll be making the journey to Albuquerque with a few Temple Alumni. We can't wait! I hope a bunch of Temple fans and Wyoming fans show up although I'm not expecting a miracle (I just want full bars on Friday and Saturday night!). Lucky for me I had been saving my flight points and hotel points since the EagleBank Bowl in hopes of having a bowl last year so I had a ton saved up from 2 years of work travel. Let's Go Owls!

  13. I'll be making the journey to Albuquerque with a few Temple Alumni. We can't wait! I hope a bunch of Temple fans and Wyoming fans show up although I'm not expecting a miracle (I just want full bars on Friday and Saturday night!). Lucky for me I had been saving my flight points and hotel points since the EagleBank Bowl in hopes of having a bowl last year so I had a ton saved up from 2 years of work travel. Let's Go Owls!

  14. The laughing at the end of the ESPN show bothered me too. But then I thought, this whole show was the real joke. It was basically 3 hrs of idle chit-chat of the 5 BCS games. They should take a que from CBS on how to handle a bowl selection show. They could of had big rating numbers for this time slot, instead, they bored everyone across the country into turning the channel.

  15. Someone PLEASE find the espn people laughing, I would love to get my weekly dose of rage in one shot. Honestly, I understand focusing, but if you were watching and hadn't done some studying, you would assume there were only two conferences; SEC and Other. Bowl is a Bowl. We shot ourselves in the foot losing to Bowling Green and Ohio; we have no one to blame for that but ourselves and MAC referees. We need this bowl win to add a cherry on top for recruiting. Hell, I need a bowl win to let me know that, just maybe, it'll be OK next year when our NFL-bound seniors are gone.

  16. Josh, God bless you, Fred and every other Temple fan who can make it …. I wish you could have gotten the Owlbulance onto a C130 and transported it out there. Pretty sure they've never seen anything like it in Wyoming.The newspaper business being what it is, I just can't afford to go.If anybody wants to join me at either Calloway's in Huntingdon Valley or Kelliann's in Center City, I'm up for one of those two spots (best HDTVs I've ever seen in those two locations).We can put Temple football on one TV and Temple hoops on another.

  17. as far as CUSA goes, as long as we are in the MAC and winning eight games a year, we will go into the last day biting our fingernails to see if we can get a bid.It's amazing that Southern Miss (a team that lost to Marshall team that lost to Ohio 44-7) was claiming to earn itself into a BCS bowl with a win over Houston.Larry Fedora said that with a straight face.Err, Larry, no.Give me a conference that has five automatic tie-ins over one with three (and VERY tenuous backup agreements) any day of the week.FIU in Beef O'Brady's?What a joke.FIU struggled to beat an Akron team Temple hammered, 41-3, with its third-string quarterback.Don't get me started on the state of college football.I think it's just as corrupt as the state of Somalia.

  18. Mike, you’re right on about the corruption in college football, its all about the money. The point I’m trying to make with my long rambling frustration filled post was that being mediocre in a major conference (Vanderbilt 6 – 6 overall, and 2 – 6 in conference) gets the nod ahead of the conference USA champion. 6 and 6 in a major conference and the question is not if you will be playing in a bowl, its simply where you will be playing. I have heard more and more about the possibility of removing the AQ status, if that is the case I fear you will see sub 500 teams from conferences like the SEC and Big 12 in bowl games because “they travel well” and conferences like the MAC and C-USA teams will need 10 wins to even be considered. As a bowl committee member if all you cared about was money, would you be quicker to take a 6 – 6 or even 5 – 7 University of Florida team for your bowl, or Toledo at 10 – 2?

  19. All true, but Houston and SMU didn't get into an AQ from the MAC and Temple isn't getting into an AQ from the MAC.(Even though I think the MAC …this year .. is every bit as good as CUSA and maybe a little better than the BE)As far as removing the AQ status, I'll believe it when I see it. Right now, it's just talk.

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