TFF’s Bowl Party Special

Although I prefer Fight Temple Fight, my guess is that T for Temple U will be sung a few times at just about every bar in the Philadelphia area (and a few outside of it) this Saturday.

The Owls listen to some local hospitality in New Mexico.

If you are like me and your beloved Temple Owls are a little geographically west of your price range, you can do one of two things:
1) Stay at home, pace around the room, yell at the TV set and talk to yourself for three hours;
Or …
2) Find a place where you can do the same with fellow Owl fans.
I chose the latter.
Instead of spending more than $1,000 on a road trip, I’m headed to Center City to spend about $980 less on Saturday afternoon.
I get a little bit of the experience of cheering for the Owls with fellow Temple fans, but none of the bills afterward. Heck, because it is a Saturday in December, even the metered parking is free.
I’d prefer to be at the stadium sharing the experience with my great fellow Owl fans, like I did in Section 121 all year, but Albuquerque is way above my pay scale.
I have a feeling, in this economy, a lot of my fellow Owl fans are in the same predicament. Temple vs. Wyoming football at 2 p.m. on Saturday on one TV (ESPN), followed by Temple vs. Texas in hoops at 2:30 on ESPN2. The plan now is to watch hoops during the football commercials.
As a service to those fans, we offer Temple Football Forever’s Bowl party special today.
There are plenty of great places in the Philadelphia area to watch the game and we’re going to offer you a few of our favorites today.
The key thing is that if there is one other Temple fan there, it’s better than watching the game alone.
Philadelphia Center City:

A lot nicer inside than it looks from here.

Kelliann’s, 15th and Spring Garden _ The first time I ever walked into this cozy little bar at my jaw dropped and it was not just because of the stunningly beautiful female patrons (there are plenty of those, by the way). It was after work and the Phillies were in the playoffs and the 56-inch HDTV offered the most spectacular picture I had ever seen to that point. (Since then, Parx Casino’s cluster of 10 same-size TVs together behind one bar have beaten that. I don’t like Parx because there’s a guilty feeling being in a room with 10 spectacular TVs behind one bar when living in a world where kids are dying of hunger. Maybe it’s just me.) At Kelliann’s, Scott the bartender will turn the Temple game up as loud as you want. To say the men’s room is a little small is an understatement. A regular-size phone booth is larger. Seriously. Don’t go there is you plan to do No. 2. Otherwise, a great place to watch a Temple game.

The Field House, 12th and Filbert

Field House, 12th and Filbert _ This is the official Temple Bowl Party and I’m sorry I can’t recommend it. The one time I went in there, I asked for the sound to be turned up to a Temple football game. I got flat-out turned down. Blasting in the background was the sound of a Wisconsin vs. Northwestern football game. It hissed me off so much some midwestern football game had sound and the hometown Temple Owls didn’t, so I walked out as a matter of principle. Still, a good place to go because this will be one of the largest Temple crowds around and the open bar is only $15. If you don’t mind not being able to hear the game (the sound is on for private parties, but the cheering and other background noise prevents you from hearing the announcers), this is the place to go.

South Philly Tap Room

The South Philadelphia Tap Room, 15th and Mifflin _ I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place and the TVs there. From what I’ve been told, hearing the sound is no problem and the HDTVs are of very good quality. The place also gets rave reviews for its excellent selection of beers and quality of food. This would be like going to the Field House, but also having the added bonus of hearing the game. This one block west of Broad Street, next to St. Agnes Hospital so if the Owls give you a heart attack, you have a very good chance of surviving.
The Bishop’s Collar, 23d and Fairmount _ A very Temple-friendly bar with good TVs and an old-time Temple football helmet behind the bar. Good chance there will be a lot of Temple students there.
If you are in Blue Bell, P.J. Whelihan’s has hosted Temple parties in the past and most who went there walked away impressed. There is a new Chickie and Pete’s on Route 611 in Warrington and that is always a good place to watch a game, as are the ones in South Philadelphia and the Far Northeast. Calloway’s in Huntingdon Valley (County Line and Shoemaker Roads) has two outstanding HDTVs at the bar.
New Jersey
Don’t know much about this state because, to me, the Delaware River might as well be the Atlantic Ocean. I know I was at the Pennsville, N.J. Applebee’s once and asked for the sound of a Temple basketball game to be turned up (just enough to hear) and another waitress walked by and asked the bartender “what is that noise?” and made her turn it down. I never went back. If you have specific places you like in New Jersey, add them in the comment section below.

The Panache Restaurant in D.C.
is in the Golden Triangle downtown,
directly across from the Mayflower Hotel.

Other parties
D.C. _ There is a big FREE party scheduled for the Panache Restaurant, Downtown
1725 DeSales Street Northwest; Washington, DC 20036-4406; (Near Connecticut/Road Avenue NW).
Enjoy complementary heavy hors d’oeuvres and one free drink ticket (21 and over) courtesy of the Temple University Alumni Club of Washington D.C. Don’t forget to wear your cherry and white and enter the free raffle. There is no need to pre-register.
Pittsburgh _ There will at least be two Owl fans at Pomodoro’s in Wexford/Franklin Park. Ask for either Steel Owl or Pennsyltucky Owl. The place has lots of good beers and enough TVs to devote two to Temple (one for the football game and one for the hoops’ game).

There are at least two cops on every corner in NYC. Love it.

New York City
Duke’s Murray Hill (560 3d Street, between 37th and 38th Streets) will be the New York City party of choice for Temple fans. This is within easy stumbling distance of Penn Station, so you can take a train from Philly or Trenton, get totally blasted, get back on the same train and be sober by the time you arrive in Philadelphia. Just a thought. I love taking the train to New York City. I auditioned twice for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and just missed the cut both times. I recommend the train ride and the city, which has at least two cops on every corner, which is a very good thing.


8 thoughts on “TFF’s Bowl Party Special

  1. Paddy Wacks on south street owned by Temple Football alum Casey Jones will be having a party, loaded with plenty of Former players. Also, John Summerday Temple Hall of Famer is one of the Bartenders at Bishops Collar

  2. Paddy Wacks is a good place and John Summerday was a heckuva football player at Temple. Thanks for adding this.

  3. South Philly Tap Room is awesome. If I remember right (and this was as of five-six years ago when I was still an undergrad) I think it's still run by Temple alums, but I could be wrong. I remember that I ran into AD Bradshaw in there one afternoon in '06, think there was some sort of function or meeting or fundraiser or something going on there.

  4. A lot of the people who tailgate with us have been to the SPTR and rave about the place. I must have talked to over 50 people over the last 10 years and not one has had a bad word to say about the place. The owner is indeed a Temple grad.

  5. Urban Saloon about 2 blocks away from Bishops Collar on Fairmount is a great place to watch the Temple game as well… the Owners are Temple Alums and use one of those huge projection screens for the games

  6. Urban Saloon is across from the prison (Eastern State) that Slick Willie Sutton broke out of circa 1920. No prisoners there anymore, but a great Halloween show. I will be there if Kelliann's refuses to turn up the sound.

  7. A little more than 3 hours away from my flight to Albuquerque and my psyched level is off the charts. The best $475 dollars I've ever spent.

  8. And the $475 is just for the plane ticket. Add room, food, game ticket, game program, car rental, etc. and you are pushing $1 grand easy.Still, if I had the money, I could not think of a better way to spend it either.

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