New Mexico Bowl: The Fifth Quarter

Steve Addazio either tells very funny jokes or heard one here.

Chuck Heater seems to be enjoying his time at Temple.

Sometimes during all of this talk about recruiting rankings, coaching changes, conference shifting and declaring early, we forget one thing.
Football is a game and it is supposed to be fun.
Thank you, Temple football team, for reminding us of that most important fact on Saturday afternoon.
I have to laugh when, after a big win, some reporter asks a head coach “what’s next?” when the correct response would be, hey, how about enjoying this win a little bit first?
That’s what I took away from Saturday.
Temple’s 37-15 win over Wyoming was a tribute to the coaching staff and the players for all the hard work they put in pretty much over the last 365 days.
It was fun watching it unfurl for three hours on the field.
It was even more fun watching the fifth quarter, the celebration afterward.
Heck, the game was not in doubt so that quarter began a little early, with Rod Streater dunking head coach Steve Addazio with a gatoraid cooler filled with water.
“He’s the realist coach there is, but I had to get him, though,” Streater said.
Then came a dunking for another real good coach and overall great person, defensive coordinator Chuck Heater.

Morkeith Brown makes sure too many hands don’t spoil the pot.

 Even assistant coach Matt Rhule got a water bottle full of cold shock. It wasn’t a whole cooler, but Rhule isn’t even a whole coordinator.
Addazio turned to Rhule and laughed.
This was all while the game was going on, but had been decided.
Afterward, it was even better.
Addazio said something only he and the team could hear and they roared laughing. I will use the next two weeks to find out what that was and, if it’s clean (and I think it was), I will pass it along here.
There was 26-year-old Iraq war vet Morkeith Brown lifting the New Mexico Bowl Trophy, a Native American Clay Pot. Like the former tight end he was, the defensive end did not drop it.

Saturday’s TV ratings in Philly market
Dallas/Tampa on NFL Net – 5.5 RTG 10 Share 8pm to 11pm
Temple/Wyoming on ESPN – 3.3 RTF 8 share 2pm – 530pm.
Flyers Hockey on Sportsnet – 1.8 RTG 5 share – 1pm to 330pm

Thank God.
It would have probably had to make the five-hour flight home in pieces.
There was no more appropriate guy to hoist the bowl trophy.
Brown was a leader from the day he walked into the Edberg-Olsen Football Complex and he was a leader until the day he walked off the field at the last time.
He will be missed, but the memories he and his teammates created will remain.
What’s next is a question for another day and you can bet this staff is working on the answers right now.
I, for one, am not done basking in the glow of the fifth quarter.


14 thoughts on “New Mexico Bowl: The Fifth Quarter

  1. Any word on the TV ratings for this great game?

  2. Bowl games can mean many things. For Temple 2011, it's great to be a fan; for the program, it's buzz; for the future it's anticipation. Thanks Owls and thanks, TFF.

  3. Just stuck the ratings from Neilsen above. Temple football killed the Flyers, despite getting 1/10th the coverage in the newspapers. Confirmed what I thought is the sports interest in this town:1) Phillies2) Eagles3) Temple Football4) Sixers5) Temple basketball6) Flyers7) Soul8) Union

  4. Mike I LOVE your blog but you cant be serious?? temple football 3RD?? maybe a 7 or 8!! one ur comparing a bowl game only there 2nd in 30years to one game in an 82 game regular season. I mean the flyers game 6 game last year vs Boston did a 14 rating and was the highest rated game on Comcast sports net ever and the wasn't even a game 7!! I mean seriously the average philly sports fan can name PLAYERS on the flyers were as the average philly sports fan cant name a single temple football player or coach! I love temple football and there my favorite team aside from the phillies. to put them seriously over any of Phillys major 4 sports teams is insane! We cant even get half a stadium full for a conference game and I don't care what numbers get reported I go to games as well and watch them on t.v and its embarrassing to our team and city that were not selling out every game or even getting coverage from our own local media!!! With a major media market and a team that resides and plays in the linc theirs no reason we shouldn't be a national power i mean penn state is this city's adopted team to most of the philly fans which makes me sick!!! I do however think were on the right track to gaining national promise and joining a major conference but come on mannnnnnnnn we almost got canned by own own school for lack of interest and the program costing the school money were most programs turn a huge profit!!! I WISH THE CITY WAKES UP AND REALIZES WE HAVE A Good TEAM AND A LOT OF POTENTIAL BUT IN REALITY THE LIST READS LIKE THIS 1)EAGLES 2) PHILLIES 3) FLYERS 4) 76ERS 5) PENN STATE FOOTBALL….7 OR 8 TEMPLE FOOTBALL… temple doesn't even get t.v coverage on most games psu gets every game televised on national t.v and there bowl will do wayyyyyyyy better then our rating! sorry mike I just ranted but the university and media needs to do a way better job of promoting this team and getting us to were u think we actually are!!! p.s I hate PSU and the local papers and stations for not doing there part esp. talk radio which gives little to no time to the greatest thing going aside from the world champ phillies in this great city!!!!!! Any psu fan to me is equal to a cowboys fan bc your team is the Temple owls not penn state to those front running frauds in this city who chose psu over temple as their team!!!!!!

  5. good points. I was speaking SOMEWHAT tongue-in-cheek, though.Still, that kind of rating vs. Flyers (almost same exact time) is impressive considering that the Flyers get the first 15 minutes of every sportscast on a non-eagles' night. (It's not because of the perceived level of interest in this town; it's because Comcast is owned by the same people who own the Flyers.)Temple football might get on comcast once a week. Flyers get on ad naseum. Also, Temple's hard numbers:28K per gameFlyers' hard numbers:18K per game(I realize the seating capacities are different)

  6. 1) we arent more than a few years and a jump to better confrence away from displacing Penn St. and being in that 3-5 area.2) Mike, Ive been looking every day since the bowl game, but have yet to find it/ seen it published: do you know the national ratings for the bowl game?3) this change in the rivals rating is driving me crazy: did someone other than that TE from boston who is decommiting to go to harvard (cant take that personally) decomitt?

  7. Got this from the owlsports website:"The 2001 Gildan New Mexico Bowl, which kicked off the FBS bowl season, garnered a 1.8 national rating on ESPN which translates into 1,764,935 households and 2,201,383 viewers."Not sure what it all means, but sounds impressive.

  8. beating penn state would be huge.national ratings, according to Daz on Tuesday, were "excellent" but he didn't say what they were.I have emails into TV writers at the Inky and Daily News asking for detailed local and national ratings and comparison to past ones but both are "out of the office" until Dec. 27 and Jan. 2, respectively.No one that I know of other than Jameson decommitted but every year Golden had 3-4 decommits and he did OK.To me, that kind of change would indicate one other person decommitted. I'm not going to speculate.I'd love to get a BP clone in this class, though. That's my No.1 priority. We have too many RBs in the 5-5 to 5-7 range and that won't get you many 3d and 2's.Maybe we'll give the ball to Wyatt Benson next year 3-5 times a game.

  9. for a Saturday afternoon blowout, those national numbers are VERY impressive.Maybe ESPN will move us to a night game next year.I'll take the BCS title game, showcasing our two Heisman finalists, Bernard Pierce and Chris Coyer.:)

  10. Agreed if we had coyer starting day one we would have been in a similar season ending (pre loss to southern miss) spot as Houston was we prob would have a loss or less and gotten a lot of national exposure!!!! Im also liking the recruiting class thus far from Addazio! Cant wait til next year!!!!

  11. because we had a good Big 10 team on the sked as well as a not-so-good ACC team, I think our body of work with with the slight CUSA upgrade would have been better. that's all, of course, with the right QB. Because we had a QB who always practiced a lot better than he played (the opposite of Allen Iverson, if you will), the decision on QB was skewed by a staff who never really had the luxury of seeing the guy play in an actual game like most Temple fans did.Water over the bridge now and that bridge is about to be demolished.

  12. Thanks Temple rugby. Thats not bad, not great. Same as the year before, which featured BYU, and only 7k less in attendance, which considering the size and location of the schools, looks pretty good …Some of the news stories coming out since the bowl game have me concerned. Since then, we have had 3 decomitts, including one leaving us for Toledo, then Kieth Pompey says sources in the program say Peirce is gone despite 3rd round projection, and then we lose out WR's coach to OSU, and our recruit rating AVG drops to deadlast in the MAC… WHAT IS GOING ON!?!

  13. Let's pray that Chuck Heater does not follow the WR coach to OSU!

  14. Does that look like the face of a guy who is willing to leave his job as the DC of the third-rated defense (behind only LSU and Alabama) in the nation to coach linebackers at OSU?I don't think so.

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