BP is gone, but not forgotten

This great photo of BP’s final home game turned out to be prophetic.
Photo by Mike Edwards

Section 121, Row 22, seat 1 just got a whole lot quieter today and the season is still nine months away.
Bernard Pierce declared for the NFL draft, according to the Associated Press late Thursday night.
The noise coming from that seat for the last three years was a loud “GIVE THE BALL TO THE FRANCHISE!” and The Franchise was Bernard Pierce.
Now the franchise will have to be Matty Brown.

“We’re going to keep moving along. We’re going to have a good football team. That’s going to happen.”
_ Steve Addazio

As much as I love Matty Brown’s game, we saw all too well the limitations Brown had in the final two games of the 2010 season. With Pierce out injured and the box loaded, Brown was largely ineffective against Ohio and at Miami and the Owls lost their final two games.
Have things changed since?
We will find out soon enough.
I can’t be as enthusiastic about giving the ball to Brown 25 times a game as I was adamant about giving the ball that much to Pierce.
So while I will be cheering for Brown like mad, he’s going to have to show me he can get the short yardage consistently if the defense is crazy enough to load the box against a Chris Coyer-quarterbacked team.
Brown’s competitiveness should carry the day, but I also think Addazio’s No. 1 recruiting priority is to grab a guy with Pierce’s size, speed, vision and burst to the outside.
Good luck with that, Steve.

Why is it that Matt Barkley comes back at USC, Montee Ball comes back at Wisconsin, Landry Jones comes back at Oklahoma and Temple gets screwed by losing Bernard Pierce? Can’t the “little guy” ever catch a break?

Brown’s competitiveness should carry the running game on most days. That and the knowledge Coyer gives the Owls an added running dimension they did not have in the past five years.
“I kind of understand Matt now,” Addazio said. “He’s an emotional, competitive guy. Sometimes I put my arm around him and make sure he keeps it in perspective.
“I think he’s the best back in the conference next year.”
I’m kind of disappointed in Pierce’s decision because it is part and parcel of the “rich get richer” mentality that is prevalent in college football today.
Why is it that Matt Barkley comes back at USC, Montee Ball comes back at Wisconsin, Landry Jones comes back at Oklahoma and Temple gets screwed by losing Bernard Pierce?
Can’t the “little guy” ever catch a break?
It makes me want to scream.
All of those guys had more to lose than Bernard by coming back and they STILL made the decision to return.
Addazio made clear that he laid it on the table for Pierce, telling him to come back if he’s not a first-round draft choice and letting him know that those who advised him otherwise had agendas.
Pierce won’t be a first-round pick, but he’s not coming back.
“What I’m not going to do is try to impose my will, I’m not doing that,” Addazio said. “I’ll support his decision. Those are personal decisions. We’re going to keep moving along. We’re going to have a good football team. That’s going to happen.”
I think Addazio just might be right. Temple will have a good football team without Bernard Pierce, but my nagging thought is that it would have had a great one with him.
Win them all and it becomes a moot point, but that’s a high bar to set for a 5-foot-5, 150-pound guy.


17 thoughts on “BP is gone, but not forgotten

  1. I'm not surprised, and neither is pretty much anyone I talk to. Next year its gonna be on Brown and Coyer, and we'll get to see just how far into the future Golden was really planning to be here (presuming Daz hasn't recruited 1st year starters.) Its gonna be really make or break; if we can succeed without BP, then we weren't just a team that lucked into a big-conference RB. If not…On the plus side, NFL's site has him listed on one of their little columnist articles as the #6 rb available, and other writers are saying he'll probably be one of the biggest steals in the draft. If he gets picked up by someone terrible, we'll probably be seeing him by the end of next season, prime time. Publicity's a good thing. Do we have any guesses on who the other likely nfl-bound Owls are? I feel like Robinson is a guarantee, but beyond him….Whitehead…maybe Griffith? Rodriguez and Streater are decent, but they were def underused and I just get the feeling they'll be playing in the CFL.

  2. Sigh. I understand his decision, and wish him the best of luck. However, from a pragmatic standpoint, this might not be the best idea. Consider this: a rookie 3rd round draft pick might make about 350k-400k per year, for 4 years on his rookie contract. That's $1.6 million in 4 years, by which time Bernard is near his middle-age as a running back. Say he gets a Westbrook-like raise at that point, with a 5-year deal worth $25 million. By the end of that, his body is pretty beat-up, and he snags a 1-year, $2 million contract. Let's assume that after this point he's 31 years old and pretty much done. Over the course of his career, he will have made $28.6 million in base salary. Nice chunk of change, right? Well…If he stayed another year at Temple and worked himself into the mid-1st round, he could have at least gotten himself Mark Ingram money, with $7.4 million over 4 years. At $29.6 million in 4 years, that more than Bernard might make over the course of his career.My point is moot, of course, if Bernard would have a terrible injury during his senior year.

  3. Boy, it sure looks like a smart move now, that we gave a scholarship to the second team Colonial Division running back, rather than the 2nd all-time leading rusher in the history of PA……yeah, I know it's water under the bridge now, but it was such a 'no-brainer' at the time.

  4. I see both Robinson and Erod in the 4-5 round range, although both would be steals (to me) in the third.BP is a low two or high three, which means either a great team or a terrible team (probably not in between like the Eagles).Streater is better than Michael Campbell by a good bit and MC made the Jets' practice squad.As far as BP, I agree with Daz.Anybody who advises a non-first-round pick to leave early has "an agenda."Daz is the most agenda-less person I've ever met and someone who Streater called "the realist coach who ever was."BP could have accomplished much his senior year at Temple that went well beyond stats, like lifting a school to national prominence.

  5. Yeah, Spencer Reid is faster than his father but that ain't going to help Temple much 'cause I'm faster than his father.

  6. Spencer was second team all-Central League at Harriton. If we've got to get a Central League guy, I'd prefer the first-team RB.

  7. I hate to see him go, I wish him the best of luck, but sadly it is what it is. Looks like it’s going to be a busy off season for Loeffler and next season we will find out just how good Coyer is at throwing the ball. To have any chance at being effective and Matt Brown staying healthy the offense is going to have to get much closer to a true balance between the pass and run. His leaving affects the defense also, long drives dominated by the run kept the Temple D off the field and fresh, they will feel the loss of BP next season as well. Looks like we will get a chance to see just how good this coaching staff is.

  8. I tried to look at this eight different ways and I see nothing good coming from this BP departure. I went to the hoops' game today and a couple of guys came up to me and said that the hallmark of a good program is to replace guys like BP with other guys like BP. I told them I said the same thing about Paul Palmer in 1986 and never saw another Paul Palmer until 2009.But this is why you hire the three-time national recruiter of the year to be your head coach.

  9. I think part of the problem right now is somewhat summed up by a comment coach K made after losing the TU last week, Duke was playing not just the current team but an overall program. At this point football isn't yet at that "program" level like the USC, Wisconsin, etc. Look at BP's commnets, at lot of what more is there for me to do at this level, etc. The key for next season is going to be the continued move to more of a balanced passing attack and not be as run oriented. If Coyer keeps developing then perhaps a combination of Brown, Harper and if he can contribute as a freshman, Brandon Peoples plus using the fullback more can still give us a solid ground game

  10. Great point about the fullback.Wyatt Benson was an absolute megastar running back at Haverford School and the Inter-Ac is a very good football league (a little better than, say, the Central League).I can see an effective running game splitting the carries between Coyer, Brown and giving the ball on the belly to Benson 4-5 times a game.(Hey, just because Benson's a great blocker doesn't mean he hasn't forgotten how to carry it.)Now will it equal BP's 1,500 and 27 touchdowns?That's the $64,000 question.

  11. Here's another kid they should recruit. Good size, ball skills and speed. Ruben Bergerhttp://youtu.be/mqgeh4KoESs

  12. What the hell is going on with our recruiting? Down to 4 three-star recruits and over taken by toledo…. both in average and total numbers

  13. I must admit I am SOMEWHAT concerned about our recruiting.I'm really excited about Khalif Herbin, a Matty Brown-clone, who was an achiever at Montclair (N.J.) and that state's offensive player of the year.Other than Khalif, I don't see a whole lot of state player of years and Big 33 studs (we have only three; we had five on the Adrian Robinson Big 33 team).Where are my Adam DiMicheles (three-sport first-team all state), my Kee-ayre Griffin's (de-committed from BC to come to Temple), my Wayne Tribue's (Big 33 starter), my Kadeem Custis (five-star lineman)?Don't even mention a kid we stashed away at Glen Mills who merely had 26 touchdowns and 2,000 yards his senior year (hint: intials were BP).Got to admit .. on paper … on paper … Golden did a better job on the recruiting trail the first two years.Of course, this could all change if Daz gets me a five-star RB.

  14. This is just terrible. Were not even competing with Rutgers and UCONN for recruits….. were barely getting their scraps… I wonder how much this has to do with not getting that Big East invite

  15. don't panic. everybody tells me that Daz is a great recruiter. Heck, Daz was the three-time national recruiter of the year at Florida and Heater was the recruiting coordinator that brought in the talent for the 12-0 Utah squad.Maybe they are seeing something in these "lower stars" guys the experts at Rivals and Scout don't see.God, I hope so.

  16. It has a ton to do with the Big East thing. Back in the summer there were articles saying that Temple was telling recruits that the BE was just around the corner, then all the “Temple is a lock for the Big East” publicity stuff flying around in the fall. Now the expansion happens and the Owls are left out in the cold. If you’re a 17 or 18 year old HS football stud and you have the choice, play the likes of Rutgers, Houston, and Boise State, or Kent State, Buffalo, and Akron which program are you choosing?

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