What can Daz do for Brown?

Bernard Pierce and Matty Brown react after Bill Bradshaw tells them about ordering gloves with the Temple T on the palm side.

Social scientists a lot smarter than I am give the three stages of grief as disbelief, disintegration and reintegration.
No doubt when you lose your favorite player from your favorite team as I did last week, there is an element of grief involved and I experienced all of those stages of grief in a relatively short time.
I’m in the reintegration stage, though, because while I grieve over Bernard Pierce’s loss, Matty Brown has always been my second-favorite player.

No truth to the rumor that this is how the team reacted
when Daz said Spencer Reid was replacing Bernard Pierce.

Bernie and The Bug are gone as a team but the bug is still here. Yet he cannot carry the running game alone, just as Bernie could not carry the running game alone.
At the end of December, head coach Steve Addazio threw out these names as possible sidekicks to Brown next year:
Jalen Fitzpatrick, Darius Johnson, Kenny Harper and Spencer Reid.
Sorry, Steve, I’m not buying it.
Fitzpatrick was a quarterback in high school and never played running back before. Johnson was an undistinguished and pedestrian running back in the Philadelphia Public League, quite possibly the worst high school football league in the state of Pennsylvania. Reid was given a scholarship as a running back despite running a painfully slow 4.6 40, making him slower than two of the Owls’ three starting linebackers last year. (Heck, I still think his dad could have afforded a full ride to Temple, saving that scholarship for, say, Ryan Brumfield.) Kenny Harper was better known as a safety in high school for Gainesville (Fla.) Buchholz and, quite frankly, did not EVEN REMOTELY show me any flashes of either Pierce or Brown on the limited number of carries he had at that position last year. I sincerely hope that when Justin Gildea moves from strong safety to free safety Harper will slide into the starting strong safety position next year. Both players could be All-MAC on defense right away.
Fitzpatrick would be perfect to slide into Joey Jones’ slot receiver spot. Deon Miller returns as one starting wide receiver and the Owls can chose from a whole lot of good options at the other WR, including playmaker Ryan Alderman.
My No. 1 solution would be for Temple to go out and find a big-time stud JUCO running back who is ready to go both on the field and in the classroom. Someone who has Bernard Pierce’s vision, speed, moves and quick burst to the outside.
Maybe that someone is Tiger Powell of Lake City, Fla.
Maybe it is someone else.
If Temple is not going to sign a big-time stud JUCO running back who is ready to go next year, there are better options available (some involve shuffling of personnel from offense to defense):

Brandon Peoples, Archbishop Wood _ It’s tough to ask an incoming freshman to make an impact right away but Brandon has the right initials. Another BP had 268 yards and three touchdowns in a 28-24 win at Navy as a true freshman, so maybe Brandon can duplicate that effort. He’s 5-foot-10, 180 pounds, though. Pierce is 6-1, 218. Peoples is not competing for the PIAA state 100-meter dash championship. At Peoples’ age, Pierce won it.

Nate Smith, like BP, has a nose for the goal line.

Nate Smith, current starting linebacker candidate _ This is my personal choice on the current team to help out Matty Brown, leaving the two current linebacker starters in place. Smith has the size (6-0, 220) of Pierce and is just a tenth of a second slower than Pierce. As a senior at Highland Park (N.J.), he was unstoppable, rushing for 2,442 yards and 32 touchdowns. That’s five more touchdowns than Bernard Pierce scored for Temple in this record-breaking year. Brother of former Philadelphia Eagle L.J. Smith so he’s got very good bloodlines.  Nate has been a lifelong Owl, going from the Highland Park Owls to the Temple Owls.

Wyatt Benson (6-0, 215), current starting fullback _ Benson, a blocker extraordinaire, could play his current position and pick up five to 10 carries a game to take some of the rushing load off Brown and quarterback Chris Coyer. He finished his prep career at Haverford School (the Inter-Ac, unlike the Public, is a GREAT high school league) with 663 rushing yards, 217 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns.

Ahkeem Smith, current starting linebacker _ Started out as a backup running back to both Pierce and Brown at Temple. As a senior at Bethlehem Liberty, was a superstar running back in a great Lehigh Valley League with 27 touchdowns and 1,837 yards in his senior year. Showed the current coaches his running ability by scoring a touchdown against Buffalo on a fake punt.

Blaze Caponegro, current starting linebacker _ The 2008 Shore Conference Player of the Year ran for 350 yards against Manasquan (yes, that was 350 yards in just one game), scoring five touchdowns. So he knows how to run the football.


14 thoughts on “What can Daz do for Brown?

  1. I was glad to see your last comment on your previous article Mike. You are correct, everyone needs to CALM down. There is very LITTLE consistency in all of the recruiting websites. I have long followed Rivals as opposed to scout. Scout has always been too generous in giving stars to players. In my years of following HS recruiting, I have noticed that I will take Temple's 4 three stars and our 20 two stars (that we have successfully been getting over the past several years) over Toledo's 6 three stars, a few two stars, but many below quality pl;ayers. I will take a higher quantity of these "middle of the pack guys" that we develop. When players are this young, it is almost impossibly to differentiate between these "two and three star" players. So although they may have a few more of these "top" recruits, we have been playing our "lower two star" guys consistently; for example, both Boyles – 2 stars, BP – 2 stars, Myron Moss (that left Vandy then kicked off Temple's team) – 3 star bust that needed an attitude adjustment! Wayne Tribue – 2 stars, the list goes on and on and on. Please do not put too much stock in these "top" recruits on the Scout website. They have 2 Defensive Back recruits in our top 3 best recruits (Sam Benjamin and Stephaun Marshall), but yet ESPN and Rivals just have them listed as 2 star guys. We have to stop looking at the few guys at the top of our recruiting list, and evaluate it as a whole, where we have strength in recruiting more quality guys, rather than a few studs.Here are two things to cheer up our fans that are only looking for these 3 star guys; the first showing a DT leaving Iowa with Temple as his most probably destination, and the 2nd does not say the players name but ESPN says that we are set to receive another 3 star commit. http://iowa.scout.com/2/1145148.htmlhttp://espn.go.com/college-football/team/_/id/218/temple-owlsGreat articles as always Mike!

  2. Thanks, Michael.Great point about BP being a two-star coming into Temple.I think we have to remember that Bernard Pierce was a two-star when he came into Temple and a five-star when he left.A little of that had to do with Golden stashing him away at Glen Mills (actually, the courts did that but going to Glen Mills in many respects is like going into witness protection).In recruiting, you are going to make mistakes and Golden certainly while good wasn't perfect (i.e., Darryl Robinson and Eric Reynolds didn't pan out).Golden trusted himself WAY too much in identifying quarterbacks (ADM was essentially a Bobby Wallace recruit via his brother).Maybe Golden should have relied more on performance while recruiting QBs.I'm happy with Coyer and Juice and Gerardi and Reilly.And, of course, nothing is etched in stone until Feb. 1.

  3. I think recruiting expectations are getting a little out of hand. This is a great recruiting year for Daz. Here is the proofAccording to ESPN, here are the number of recruits rated 70 or higher since 2006 for: Boise State2006 – 22007 – 62008 – 32009 – 142010 – 32011 – 152012 – 15Temple2006 – 3 2007 – 12008 – 62009 – 82010 – 112011 – 52012 – 15There are 15 this year. Thats 4 more than Golden had in his best year. We are a mid-major program. Yes we could compete in a BCS conference, but we are not in one yet. That is a big deal for recruits. Boise State has won big with similar or worse recruiting classes over the past 6 years. The Owls need to keep winning and the recruits will follow. 3 winning seasons does not make a recruiting hotbed.

  4. Plus, you would assume these guys who coached at an SEC school at top positions (Daz OC and recruiting coordinator; Heater co-Dc and Utah rec. coord. and Loeffler, qb coach) know a top-level player when they see one on film and wouldn't commit one of the precious 25 schollies to anyone less than a top player.

  5. Montrell Dobbs – Is this the type you were looking for Mike? 5'11" 185+ with 4.5speed and a TON of yards in high school… plus 1 years at Milford and BOOM

  6. I like the Boise State model – recruit overlooked kids with a chip on their shoulder, excellent coaching, play anybody anytime, win your conference. And this year, the only winning MAC teams we play are Ohio at home and Western Michigan. We beat up on PSU and MD early, look out.

  7. There will never be another "BP" but here's a start. I'll take Mr. Connecticut Football any day… Hello Montrell Dobbs former Uconn 3 Star recruit…

  8. A few Temple recruits made the BIG 33 game this year. Good to see. From what I remember there are 3 listed that have chosen the Owls..

  9. "…. (they) know a top-level player when they see one on film and wouldn't commit one of the precious 25 schollies to anyone less than a top player."Eh, Spencer Reid? (Sorry, couldn't past it up….;-)I have confidence they will sort it out by the start of the season.

  10. Temple Rugby,I LOVE any kid who puts on a Temple jersey, but I would have LOVED Spencer Reid more if he had paid his own way.Great point.OWL-bulance, I think we're all going to be sharing a few beers and talking about the Montrell Dodds Show a few times this year.I can't tell you how pleased I am about this addition and how much confidence I have in how hard Daz is working on the recruiting trail after that get.I was worried there for a nanosecond.

  11. Thought this was worth sharing. The Dunkel Index, the most accurate ranking system for victor AND margin of victory this year, final rankings:26. Notre Dame 27. Texas 32. Florida 35. TEMPLE. 36. RUTGERS 41. Auburn 42. Toledo. 43. No. Ill 45. Miami (fl) 46. Ohio St. 48. Nebraska 49. Georgia Tech 50. PENN ST. 72. PITT

  12. Where is my Lambert Trophy, then?Emblematic of supremacy in eastern football?1) Temple2) Rutgers3) Penn State4) Pitt

  13. I think Dobbs is a great get. He is listed as a 4 star by Scout. One red flag on Dobbs is that he may not be eligble this year. I read an article that said he couldnt get in to UConn. He is enrolling at Temple now but still may not be eligble for 2012. Either way, great recruit.

  14. from all the NCAA rules I'm reading, it looks like Dobbs will NOT be eligible. I think Khalif Herbin will be and, if so, becomes the emergency tailback replacement to Matty Brown.I hope Khalif starts getting ready in the weight room now.

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