The Montrell Dobbs Show Debuts

Montville rival coach speaks in glowing terms of Montrell Dobbs.

“He’s got to be the most in-shape athlete I’ve ever seen in any sport in the state.”
_ Montville coach Tanner
Grove, speaking about
Ansonia’s Montrell Dobbs

About this time last week, I was lamenting how Temple could lose a guy named Bernard to the NFL draft while a guy named Montee returned to Wisconsin for his senior year.
Never mind the guy named Montee was rated higher than Bernard in every statistical and other rating category and therefore had MORE to lose than Bernard by returning to college. Bernard Pierce is rated as a high third-round pick. Montee Ball would have gone in the first round.
Well, a lot has happened in a week.
A couple of days ago, Temple got a full Montee as in a Montrell.
We don’t know if Temple’s Montrell Dobbs will be as good or better than Bernard but, judging on their high school stats, Dobbs outperformed Pierce in a number of categories.
While Pierce’s stats were impressive as a high school senior at Glen Mills (1,356 yards, 26 touchdowns), Dobbs’ 45 touchdowns were literally off the charts (see accompanying chart).

Temple Football Fun Fact
Owls finished ahead of the University of Florida, Notre Dame and Miami (Fla.) in the final USA Top 25 poll. Owls had two votes, Notre Dame and Florida one and Miami zero (sorry, Al Golden).

We don’t know how good a high school league Dobbs played in, but he followed that up with 1,227 yards and 21 touchdowns on a prep school level rated at about a JUCO level.
That’s a pretty good level of football.
Add in the fact that Dobbs, like Pierce, is a 4.5-40 speedster and appears to have Paul Palmer-type durability (he even had a few games over 50 carries) and this just might be the best pickup of the Steve Addazio Era (and he’s had a few good ones).
Dobbs told the Stamford Advocate that he’s “real excited” about coming to Temple. The only person more excited about Montrell Dobbs coming to Temple is me because a top-flight running back should have been Temple’s No. 1 priority in this class from the get-go and Dobbs fits the bill.
Since he’s a partial qualifier, getting Dobbs on the field ASAP to play the same role Pierce played with Matty Brown now becomes urgent.

Montrell Dobbs’ senior year transcript from Ansonia (Conn.) High.

Addazio appears to have addressed that  by having Dobbs enroll on Jan. 17 where he can work with Temple’s excellent staff of academic advisors to come up to 4.5 speed in the classroom as well.
Al Golden once told me that the formula for winning in the MAC is pretty easy.
“Trust your eyes on most guys, but get five or six guys per class who were wanted by BCS schools,” Golden said. “To win in the MAC, you’ve got to have BCS-level talent at the key positions.”
When Temple ripped off that long winning streak in 2009 (stopped when Bernard Pierce got injured), I felt for the most part I was watching a BCS team play in a FCS league.
With Temple’s recruiting advantages over the other MAC schools, that’s the way it’s got to be going forward.
Addazio seems to have gotten a lot of guys wanted by the Old Dominions and the Akrons, but is finally showing signs of getting guys wanted by the UConns.
Golden had a handful of guys offered (not just wanted) by BCS schools every year. Adrian Robinson was offered by Pitt. Kee-ayre Griffin was offered by Boston College. Kadeem Custis was offered by West Virginia. Evan Rodriguez actually played at West Virginia before transferring to Temple.
And those are just some examples.
Now Addazio has a marquee player offered by UConn.
By recruiting a quarterback who was wanted by Ohio State (which made an offer based on a visit) in Chris Coyer, Golden finally filled that key position and Temple fans finally saw the value of that scholarship this year.
Dobbs was wanted by UConn and signed with that school a year ago before going the prep school route.
Running back is a key position as well but, unlike quarterback, it is a position where impacts are made right away.
Montrell Dobbs has all the measurables to make an impact right away.
It should be a show worth watching.

“Get your popcorn ready. It’s gonna be a show.”
(ok, nuke the popcorn first and then come back and click on the video below.)

This is how you break all of Shady McCoy’s rushing records at Milford Academy.


20 thoughts on “The Montrell Dobbs Show Debuts

  1. The kid is the real deal and a great fit for Temple. It took him some time to realize he had to focus in the classroom but he did what he was suppose to at Milford Academy both, on and off the field. He helped lead Milford to it's first undefeated season in school history and is the second leading rusher all-time. The school has a proud RB tradition, including Fred Russell (Iowa), Shonn Greene (Iowa/NY Jets), LaSean McKoy (Pitt/PA Eagles)Milford Academy Highlight Video: Montrell Dobbs

  2. Wow. The discrepencies between Scout and Rivals are insane. Either NIU has the 5th worst recruiting class in the MAC with one 3-star commit, or NIU has the second best recruiting class in the MAC with six 3 star recruits…..

  3. I really like this kid a lot better than any of the RBs we have at Temple not named Matty Brown.I talked to someone who covered both Shady and Montrell's games at that same prep school and he said, "Mike, straight up, Montrell was better than Shady here."I'm a big Shady fan so that's a solid endorsement.His prep school competition was better than Pierce's high school league (Del-Val). Similar numbers.

  4. TFF you mentioned that you do not know how tough the competition that he faced is. I mentioned this earlier on Temple scout but honestly Connecticut is not known as a great high school football state(unfairly) and Class S is the smallest and weakest division in the state. I grew up 10 minutes from Ansonia and we scrimmaged them yearly and my school was class L/LL the biggest divisions in the state. They always played us hard and had better athletes. So while, I know that his high school competition was not great I am super excited about this pick up. I think that like Matt Brown he might not be the biggest kid but unlike BP I think that he is an ideal spread rb. His athleticism speed and shiftiness are exactly what we want out in space. I like you was worried about our depth at rb behind Brown(who I think will have a break out season in the MAC this year.) However, if Dobbs is academically eligible I think he will see substantial time this year. Also, I'm hoping that this may help our chances with Arkeel Newsome although its a long shot. If you are not familiar with him he is Number 2 in that video who made some big plays and was a freshman in that game. This year as a sophomore he rushed for close to 3800 yards and 58 td WOW. Maybe if is Dobbs is successful at Temple Newsome takes a look. Your always saying that we need players who had BCS offers especially at RB to replace BP. Well, you have gotten your wish

  5. Any concerns I had about Montrell's high school competition (which weren't much, considering the insane numbers) were totally wiped out by a record-setting year at Milford Academy, which has had a long and established reputation of playing great prep football competition. When you pass LeSean McCoy and Shonn Greene like they are standing still, that opens my eyes.Still, if there's any chance of him not getting eligible for 2012, we STILL need a high-end backup (say, Tiger Powell, for instance) for Matty Brown.What happens if Matty Brown goes down and there's not Dobbs?Disaster, that's what happens.Disaster to me would be 6-6.

  6. TomH, I have to disagree with on this one. Yes, Class S is the smallest division in CT high school football. However, some of the best teams in the state have come from the Class S, and maybe the best team ever (Bloomfield, 1998). That team sent 11 kids to D1 schools, 3 played in the NFL, one will be a Hall of Famer (Dwight Freeney). Furthermore, since the CT playoff system began in 1976, 16 teams not in the larger classes (L or LL) have been the #1 rated team in the New Haven Register final poll. That's 46% of the time a smaller school (S-MM) finished as CT's best team. Derby- '69, '73, '90 (S)St.Joe's- '82 (SS)Ansonia- '83, '89, '06, '07 (S)Middletown- '84 (M)Hillhouse- '85 (MM)East Catholic- '87 (M)Stratford- '88 (SS)New London- '91 (S)Darien- '92 (SS)Bloomfield- '98, '99 (S)Hand- '04 (M)New Canaan- '08 (MM)I'll even take it a step further. A smaller school has finished the season #1 or 2 in 21 of the last 35 years of the NHR poll (60%). Small schools occupied the top two spots in the same season six times ('82, '83, '84, '87, '89, and '90). Ansonia has the most #1 finishes of any school (4) and has finished #2 eight (8) times. Ansonia has been to 25 state finals and has won 17, both state records.Yes, Ansonia scrimmages Shelton as well as three other larger CT schools (Amity, West Haven, and Notre Dame of West Haven). Scrimmages Ansonia more often then not comes out on top. I don't know how old you are but Ansonia and Shelton played during the regular season for years. A series that Ansonia dominated, 53-10-4. My point is this, although Ansonia is a small CT school (They are an M school now.) and may not play in the best conference top-to-bottom, they are a perennial power in CT and the most storied program in CT.

  7. Speaking of Arkeel Newsome (So., 5'7, 172, RB, Ansonia, CT), who rushed for a state record 3,763 yards and 58 TDs (62 total TDs) continues to pick up post-season awards.Today he was named Walter Camp State MVP. The rising sophomore has already earned:Connecticut Post MVPNew Haven Register State MVPMaxPreps U.S. Air Force All-American Sophomore TeamMaxPreps U.S. Air Force All-American Small School 1st Team Offense (the only sophomore to be named)CHSCA 1st Team All StateCT Post All StateNew Haven Register All StateNewsome is quickly becoming one of the top prospect in the Class of 2014. Some of the schools who have been in contact are BC, FSU, Miami, Iowa, Temple, and UConn. To watch video of Ansonia's 14-0 season use this link:

  8. Ksoldra,sounds like you think Newsome is the better high school player than Dobbs.Taking it a step further, since you've seen both, who is the better college tailback prospect?Thanks in advance.

  9. Honestly, it would be comparing apples and oranges. Although he has good speed (4.58), and is shifty, Dobbs is more of a power back. Dobbs has the frame to play at 200 Lbs. Newsome is so dynamic. He is strong for his size, has great feet and the ability to plant his foot and change direction quickly. If he gets to the second level, he's gone. Great speed, good vision, and a very patient runner. He hides behind his blockers very well. When he sees the seam, he's through it and gone. He has very good hands, returns kicks and punts, and is a excellent cover corner. He's only 5'7 at this point. He likely won't be any bigger then 5'9 by his senior year. He played last season (WR/RB, As Dobbs back-up, he rushed for 810 yards, 16 TDs in 2010.) as a freshmen at 150 Lbs. He bulked up to 172 over the off season. He's will probably max out at 185 Lbs. He has a great work ethic. He's no stranger to the combine scene, earning many MVP and Top Performer awards, since the 7th grade. He played in the in the Eastbay Youth All-American Game in 8th grade, returning a kickoff for a TD. Forward to the 1:01 mark.'re very different backs. Newsome also benefitted from having a big, physical, and athletic, veteran O-line. Dobbs played behind the very same O-line, however they were all first year starters. Dobbs carried that team on his back to an unexpected state final appearance. Newsome will be in that boat next season. His entire O-line graduates, so his ability and durability will be tested. However, he has a ton of talent around him, as Ansonia returns nearly all it's skill players.Dobbs wears defenses down, Newsome drives them crazy.

  10. sounds like the comparison a lot of Temple fans make between Paul Palmer and Bernard Pierce.Thanks.Do you think both are better than James Nixon or did he come from a different part of CT?He was the best kickoff returner at Temple in my memory.

  11. Nixon was from New Haven, he played at Hyde. I saw him play a number of times, including once against Ansonia in the state playoffs, I believe he was a sophomore or junior at the time. He was not the starting RB at the time, Willie Harriot (Penn State) was. Ansonia won the game 67-14. Nixon was a great return man and could flat out fly. Neither Dobbs, nor Newsome have Nixon's straight-line speed. I do think they are quicker laterally, in and out of their cuts. They have a knack for making guys miss and picking up extra yardage. I don't see Dobbs as a kick returner, Newsome possible. Again, neither are a good as Nixon in that area. Dobbs can play right away, and be very productive. He's physically ready. Newsome has two years left to grow and has a chance to be a five-star recruit when it's all said and done. He has a bigger upside, because of all the things he brings to the table.

  12. Nixon's kickoff return at Navy (100 yards) helped win that game. When I think of JN, I think of straight-line speed.Hopefully, Montrell and Newsome have a good relationship and he'll be able to come to a few of the TU games.

  13. ksoldra I meant no disrespect with my comments and you made some terrific points,and obviously you are closer to the situation as I have not seen as many valley football games recently while away at college and now I live in NYC. However, if you look at the stats TFF posted and can honestly tell me that Montrell played amazing competition then you are reaching. I totally agree that there have been amazing small school teams, and I think that we would both agree that there is some great football played in the state in general. There is also no denying that Ansonia has been a powerhouse in the state and they have played some great teams, especially in the playoffs. All I was inferring is that week in and week out its not the toughest competition which I think you would concede. I do however think that annually Ansonia produces some of the best athletes in the state and that is why I am very excited for Dobbs TFF James Nixon was from Hyde leadership. Which I would compare similarly. Hyde is a smaller school that produces phenomenal athletes. Nixon was a few years younger than me but I remember a guy named Willie Harriott that came out of Hyde and went to PSU to play CB. Also Dyonne Crudup of Temple was from Hyde. there are alot of very good players that come out of CT and I'm happy that Temple has a recruiting base there

  14. Comparing Dobbs and Newsome is apples and oranges but I will agree Newsome has the higher upside.Dobbs is very patient, excellent footwork, good football I.Q. He can pass block, catch out of the backfield, and run in between the tackles as well as outside. Dobbs had underrated strength, he's used a timely and effective stiff arm. His vision is incredible, has good cuts and array of moves to avoid defenders. Better RB prospect than Newsome.

  15. Newsome has tremendous balance, good patience, excellent cut back ability and can score at anytime from anywhere. He also is stronger than his size suggests, can catch very well, excellent return man, very fluid hips. Has a even better ability than Dobbs to make defenders miss in tighter spaces, good footwork and very coach able. At best he's a Noel Devine at worst he's used how New Orleans uses Darren Sproles. Better outside the tackles and in space. Maximum weight without loosing quickness about 185-189 lbs.

  16. I doubt WV plays in Big East in 2012. You have any idea on what it would cost Temple to leave MAC 2012. It would be nice to plug us into WV slot in 2012 schedule. I doubt it, but I am suprised that Temple been so quiet since being rejected. I am ready for them to just take a chance with Conf USA like you been preaching. Or do you think they are going to keep building resume and hope for ACC. ESPN seems to love TU lately. Go OWLS.

  17. 6'5" Wide Receiver Romond Deloatch visited Virginia Tech this past weekend, and is expected to take his official visit to Temple this weekend. He already has offers from Temple,Cincy, and Marshall. Lets hope he is our first commit to choose Temple over a BCS bowl team (VaTech). The only thing that worries me, post-BP era, is that all of our WR prospects see how poorly our passing stats are (mainly due to the poor performance of Chester Stewart, and phenominal performance of BP) and chose to go to a more pass happy offense. I really hope Daz and Loeffler can incorporate that balanced spread offense soon!

  18. It would cost Temple exactly $2.5 million and that would be the best money Temple ever spent.It's a funky contract extension that TU signed with MAC, tied into the fortunes of UMASS.The first of either school to go pays the MAC $2.5 million.If both go simulateneously, it's 500K apiece.I guess that's the MAC's way of saying if Temple's not in the league, then we don't want UMASS.Problem is CUSA doesn't want UMAss, either, the "emergency replacement" for WVA is Temple, not UMass.

  19. emergency replacement, of course, in the BE.Football only.At this point, I think Temple should demand an all-sports if the BE really needs emergency replacements.

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