Source: RU leaning toward Flood

Call me naive, but I believe him.

In a perfect world, Steve Addazio would take the microphone at halftime at today’s St. Joseph’s University at Temple basketball game and say something like:
“I was offered an opportunity to interview for the head coaching job at Rutgers yesterday and I declined. I’m not going anywhere. Temple is where I wanted to be all along and this university is better-positioned to do great things than Rutgers.”
Cue the thunderous applause from the 10,006 fans in attendance.
Band breaks out into T for Temple U.
Students storm the court at halftime to slap Daz on the back.
Owls finish up their rout of St. Joe.
As we all know this is not a perfect world and that probably won’t happen.
(Don’t say I didn’t throw the suggestion out there, though.)
Still, Temple fans should calm down.
I have a good friend who I worked with here, now working in North Jersey, who said his paper is earlier today was about  to break the story that Florida International University (FIU) coach Mario Cristobal will accept the head coaching job. If that fails, current assistant Kyle Flood would be the fall-back choice.
Now it looks like Cristobal doesn’t see the Rutgers’ job as the Alabama of the North (only Rutgers’ fans are that delusional) and he’s going to pass.
That opens up the, err, floodgates for Flood.
Flood would not be the big splash RU fans are looking for but Greg Schiano’s leaving for Tampa Bay made the timing bad all around.
Pernetti was given permission to speak with Addazio, but that never made it past the phone call stage according to my source.
The guy is a first-rate reporter and I believe him.
Still, I long for the days when Temple football had coaches like Harry Litwack, John Chaney and Fran Dunphy, guys who see  the Owls as a destination not just a step along the way.
I long for the days when Temple football had a guy like Bruce Arians, who did not take the Virginia Tech job when it was flat-out offered to him (not just an interview), saying, “I couldn’t leave my Temple kids.”
I long for the days when we had a guy like Wayne Hardin, who turned down the offensive coordinators’ job with the Dallas Cowboys to stay and do big things at Temple.
Before the game with Wyoming, Steve Addazio said he was that kind of guy, saying that he loved Temple and could see this as his last stop.
I sense that Steve is different than Al Golden in that he is principled and loyal enough not to leave after one year at Temple.


16 thoughts on “Source: RU leaning toward Flood

  1. Mike. I too yearn for the good old days when a coach took pride in building a program and being associated with that school but I fear the last of that breed was buried in state college this week. I think Daz would be crazy to take the Rutgers gig since the delta between the programs isn't big enough to warrant a change after one year (even if your source was wrong and it was offered to him. If he's able to continue his success with the owls and turn it into a successful program I think our chances of keeping him are small. I really think the owls need to develop a roadmap to get all sports into a top tier AQ conference (eg ACC, big 12) that covers athletic and academic areas. We're still a couple of steps away (ie some major wins over non-MAC opponents or entering a more reputable non-BCS conference) but I really think we can get there from here. Until we establish ourselves as a consistent and legit top 30 program I'm afraid we'll be hurt by rumors of being a coaching carousel. These rumors will hurt recruiting and fan support. Keep up the great work. Go owls.

  2. saw Addazio at the game today and he was cheering his bald head off for the Owls. No sign of Pernetti. Daz is OUR guy.

  3. Too many worries when speculation and misinformation are the only things driving these stories. NO COACH in his right mind, let alone a coach as driven as Adazzio appears to be is going to leave a team and a conference on the rise (4-1 bowl season by the MAC) to accept a job that isn't even a lateral move, let alone a step up. Signing day is coming, let's stop wasting our breath on another college's hope and a prayer and keep our minds on the upcoming season.

  4. I love your comment "isn't even a lateral move" … would Boise State's coach think going to Rutgers is a lateral move?No, he'd consider it a step down.Temple is thisclose to becoming the Boise State of the East and I think Addazio realizes that Rutgers would be a step down as well.

  5. how does Addazio's first two recruiting classes compare to AG's last two at Temple? hands down – AG out-recruited DAZ. Why? AG was/is a better recruiter, and the rising importance of BCS affiliation. The climate has changed dramatically over two years and Temple is now suffering the impact. Today, no five/four star athletes go to non-BCS schools, and three star athletes believe they have something to prove at the BCS level. But still, DAZ has been out-recruited in the MAC the last two years by Ohio, Toledo, and Miami-Ohio. How many recruits do we have from Ohio? the old saying of "play the cards you are dealt" applies. We play teams in Ohio and our league is based in Ohio. why don't we recruit in Ohio? AG found diamonds in the rough Pierce, Jarrett, Wilkerson, etc. who has Daz found? We went 9-4 this year for one simple reason: Heater is a substantially better DC then D'Ofrinio. and if Daz is dumb enough to name Rhule as the OC we will struggle to win seven games in 2012. I can't figure out Temple's strategy. Do we have one? Consider this: successful MAC coaches move to BCS schools every year, but BCS conferences have no interest in MAC schools. successful Conf-USA teams get invited to BCS conferences every year. What was the last MAC school that moved to a BCS conference? BCS leagues love successful MAC coaches; and, they strongly consider Conf-USA programs. The MAC is an enduring institution. It services a huge void in the mid-American landscape. year after year the league schools remain intact while their coaches come and go. this will not change, and MAC schools will remain unaffected by the changing BCS environment. Temple is the only MAC school that wants to leave the league – no wonder why we don't get the close calls on the field. if we have higher aspirations, then we must leave the MAC – the sooner the better. This is why Independence in the short term is a better alternative than staying in the MAC. It is not possible for us to move from the MAC to a BCS conference. Either we move to conf-USA or go solo. hello, am I the only person who gets it? having a lame duck president at this critical time in the history of Temple football doesn't help. I am being told she is unwilling to lobby the board of trustees for any changes in deference to the incoming president. meanwhile the BCS goes marching along. that leaves our great institution of higher learning stuck on stupid!

  6. We need to name Ed Rendell now.The man is exceedingly intelligent (don't let that law degree from Villanova fool you; he was tops in his class at Penn before that) so he fits the academic profile and he certainly fits the athletic profile.Having this rudderless ship is not helping at all.I think BB is content to let the MAC/A10 hybrid continue until someone forces him out of his comfort zone.Rendell would provide that push.He should move to the head of the search committee class, the sooner the better.And, yes, it appears Golden had the better first class, but Daz's second class is at least comparable to Golden's second.

  7. and, yes, Matt Rhule being named OC would be downright silly.He presided over an offense that produced all of three points (3) in an important 23-3 loss at Miami (Ohio) 14 months ago.That can't be all Al Golden's fault.

  8. I think it's premature to anoint the owls the Boise State of the east. They still need to dominate the MAC or at least win the title. The owls also need a few more victories over legit BCS programs and will have that opportunity with PSU and ND games in the horizon (I know ND is independent but you get the point). I think they have the talent at the skill positions to have a strong season but it will come down to getting the line to gel and to hope for another relatively injury free season. The owls also need to continue to build attendance to get the attention of the more attractive conferences (just about any conference). Keep up,the great work and go Daz. Btw, given Daz is a former national recruiter of the year I would give him some time before letting him to second status behind AG.

  9. Ed Rendell would be a horrible choice for TU. He is way too political and yes School presidents at times need to be political but Rendell is a different type of political as in partisan (and I'm a Democrat). Ed comes across as one of those smartest guys in the room thing. On the Addazio thing what surprised me was the comment in the Star Ledger that NJ High School coaches weren't excited by Addazio. Is that because they haven't gotten to know him yet or they just don't like him. I'm not worried about the former, but the latter concerns me.

  10. Owls just landed their sixth three-star recruit (unfortunately Claxx is committing to UConn). I think Daz is doing ok. I would like to see him pick off a couple of Rutgers recruits.

  11. Just saw today that a couple of more recruits committed and some of the schools that were recruiting them were West Virginia and South Florida. Nice to see that we are getting players choosing TU over Big East schools. And I agree with several other posting on this topic, other then being in an AQ conference I don't see the Rutgers job as a move up, plus a lot of stories in the Star Ledger and Asbury Park Press regarding tight finances there.

  12. About the recruiting I agree and disagree about what some people had to say about Daz. First off yes his first recruiting class was not that stellar last year but lets not get a head of ourselves and say he is better across the board.If you look at ESPN and how they grade the recruits AG had 3 70+ recruits in 06, 1 70+ recruit in 07, 6 70+ recruits in 08, 8 70+ recruits in 09 and 11 70+ recruits in 10.Now lets look at Daz recruiting class compared to AG in 06 and 07. He had 6 70+ recruits in 11. And things can change from now until Feb. 1 but as of now we have 19 70+ recruits for 2012. I think this is going to be the best recruiting class for Temple since 2005 when we started to turn this program around. I don't think any other MAC school as a better recruiting class coming in so far for 2012 than Temple has right now.You cant ask the question who has DAZ found since hes been here for only 2 years. Lets wait and see after a few more years what Diamonds he found.I agree with you we need recruits from Ohio. But lets take a look at some other facts as of now. We have several from Virginia and several from Florida. Not many mac schools can recruit in Florida. We are doing well in Maryland and New Jersey but we could do better. Scouts has Dobbs as a four star recruit. Yes other places say otherwise but we will see how he turns out.Some things need to change so Temple can grow such as a new conference and better attendance. But attendance has risen every year now for at least 5 years so that's a plus for us. We have scheduled Penn State and Maryland. And now we got Rutgers and Notre Dame coming up on the schedule. You can't change everything over night but we are going in the right direction. Daz won a bowl game his first year as head coach. Golden never did that. Plus one to DAZ. Golden could never blow out Villanova. Daz did that his first yeat. Plus two to DAZ. And this class has the potential to be better than any Golden class. Plus 3. I would rather have DAZ than Golden as my coach. Every year with Golden our team struggled down the stretch. Lets go back to 07 and look from there. The final 3 games he went 1-2, in 08 he went 2-1, 09 he went 1-2, and in 10 he went 1-2. Now Daz first year he goes 3-0 and 4-0 in the final 4 games. I think DAZ out performs Golden in almost every category. Things look bright for TEMPLE!Lets give him his fair share like we gave Golden. Give him a few years before we say his recruiting classes are bad. You can't expect diamonds his first year when all his recruits are freshman. Lets wait and see

  13. well-said, Navy Owl. One of these days, not this year or last but maybe next Daz is going to be the guy I envisioned all along to have a kid at the table on signing day live on EPSU pull out an Alabama hat, put it down, reach under the table, and pull out the Temple hat and say:"I have decided to take my talents to Temple University."

  14. Great points NavyOwl……, let's wait and see. Key indicator for us will be who Daz picks as his OC. Why delay the announcement if Rhule is the choice?you are correct – we have to continue marketing our product. As a fan we don't have many choices outside of continued support

  15. I'm a numbers guy and I agree completely with navy owl. I saw one ranking system that had the owls with the highest rated recruiting class in the Mac before yesterdays announcements regarding landing a two and three star recruit. I also felt the owls got stronger and learned to win out in the stretch. On the qualitative side, Daz and co are much better game day coaches. His coordinators would run circles around AG's guys (so please don't bring loeffler back as OC). I also think he's continuing to build on the excitement AG created around the program. I'm still not sure why he stuck with CS as qb but overall I'm pleased with him as our coach

  16. Thanks VA Football. Also I got some good news which im sure some of you might of heard already.Nate Smith has decommitted from West Virginia and will sign with Temple Wed (Source Owlscoop)Also I am hearing that a former big time QB recruit might transfer to Temple. Lets wait and see about that (owlscoop)On a side note I am very excited now about our recruiting since Pierce left. If Gilmore signs Wed we would have Dobbs, Gilmore and Peoples in the backfield. Talk about exciting times coming. But I don't want to get a head. Lets see how the chips fall.I know a few recruits decommitted from us. I don't think it will be that huge of a deal. By the looks of things we are going to have 30+ recruits still.Hopefully Rhule is not going to be selected. But back to the fan support yes Penn State is a skewed number for our attendance numbers in some peoples eyes. But I say Penn State was at the Linc back in 2007. Why wasn't our attendance high than. Its because Temple is growing in the area. I think we got an exciting day tomorrow before the national sign day

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