Memphis and Temple by the numbers

In addition to 2-, 1- and 2-win seasons the past 3 years, Memphis adds this fan base to BE football.

Memphis-Temple by numbers:

  • TV market (Temple 4th, 2,993,370 households; Memphis 49th, 669,940)
  • Full-time students (Temple 39,386; Memphis 22,755)
  • 2011 avg. football attendance (Temple 28,060; Memphis 20,078)
  • 2011 football record (Temple 9-4; Memphis 2-10)
  • 2010 football record (Temple 8-4; Memphis 1-11)
  • 2009 football record (Temple 9-4; Memphis 2-10)
  • 2011-12 current basketball record (Temple 17-5; Memphis 16-7)
  • 2012 football recruiting rank (Temple 54th, 1st in MAC; Memphis 87th, 6th in CUSA)
  • If there’s one famous quote that sums up Temple’s long-running sad saga with the Big East, it might be something Damon Runyon once said: “The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” Runyon’s quote was in in reference to Ecclesiastes 9:11, “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” Yeah, that pretty much sums up the Big East these days. By adding Memphis to ostensibly replace West Virginia today, the Big East inadvertently might have set the charges to blow up its own house. The BE is neither swift nor strong, bereft of men of understanding and today’s chance decision could prove its undoing. Memphis is the worst program in college football today and has been for the last three years. This story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal talks about the school’s putrid attendance and provides a photo of an Oct. 15 game against East Carolina. Despite what it looks like, it was not an end zone photo.

    Without a doubt, the smartest Owl
    ever (Wayne Hardin) meets the
    swiftest Owl ever (4.29 speedster
    Travis Shelton) at a luncheon
    on Monday.

    Now, according to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by an excellent reporter named Paul Zeise, Pitt is saying, “Hey, if West Virginia can leave by 2012, so can we” and may petition for early admission to the ACC. Syracuse could soon follow.
    Can you say implosion?
    Hey, at this rate, Villanova might be the only team left.
    From Temple’s standpoint, chaos is good.
    The more teams leave the BE, the better the chances that the Catholic Cartel’s blocking of Temple fails in the next go around which could be as early as weeks and months and not years.
    Does Temple want to even join this ship of fools?
    Well, yeah.

    College football is about the break off into the haves and have-nots and, no matter what you say about the current Big East group (even the leftovers), they are still part of the haves and probably will be.
    Big East schools will have a seat at that dinner table.
    Pressing their noses at the window looking in at the feast will be CUSA and MAC teams, unfortunately.
    They won’t even get scraps and, as a result, probably starve and die of hunger.
    Temple could stay in the MAC, but who’s to say what configuration college football will have for traditional MAC teams five years from now. I don’t want Temple to be in that group to find out.
    Bring it on.


    29 thoughts on “Memphis and Temple by the numbers

    1. I really don't see Temple getting back to the Big East. I think it's more then Villanova in the way, I get the feeling that Rutgers doesn't want a conference rival so close for football recruiting. Plus the BE seems to be solely driven by attracting new TV markets. A couple of question, give that the new Big East is basically a warmed over CUSA in football, do you really think the will still be amongst the haves after the AQ agreement expires in 2013. I'm looking at basically 4 haves (maybe 5), Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Pac 12 and maybe ACC. Does a fb only move to CUSA still make sense, with Memphis gone an all sports invite is not attractive and is there any real possibility that the MAC could work to raise their profile in the "new" college football environment.

    2. I think the BE will be amongst the haves. Cincy and Rutgers and UConn have done "well enough" in recent years to warrant a spot in the 60-or-so team Super Conference. Temple football is positioned to surpass them (recruiting wise and coaching wise) right now, so it would be nice to do it in their league. Moving to the CUSA still makes sense in the same way TCU's move to the BE makes sense. Take Temple as an option off the table for the BE now, I'd say, and they'd get nervous and want to move faster on Temple. TCU never had to play a game in the BE to position itself for a better conference. The same scenario could happen for Temple. It ain't happening in the MAC. Not this year. Not next. Not in 100 years.

    3. That being said, could and would the administration make a move for the 2012 season? Actually Temple would be a definite football upgrade over Memphis for CUSA. If not then the main focus for 2012 has to be continuing the increase in attendance and winning the MAC. My big concenr is that the administration doesn't seem very agggressive with advancing the program and seems to be just waiting for the Big East to call rather then forcing their hand.

    4. anybody please feel free to add comments but since there is a rogue Villanova fan out there, I have comment moderation enabled and won't be able to add them here until after I get home from the GW-TU basketball game. Headed to Center City for a haircut and then off to the gym and then will hop the subway to the 6 p.m. tipoff.

    5. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, I say go back to being independent. C-USA is a sinking ship and with the impending MWC proposed merger their power ranking will be that of the MAC. This post can get out of hand in length so I will try and be as brief as possible. Schedule 4 games per year against weak opponents (Villanova, Army, ect)Schedule 6 games per year with opponents equal to Temple, but from an AQ conferences (Maryland, Navy, Rutgers, ect)Schedule 2 games per year with a name brand opponent (Notre Dame, Penn State ect)Upside, you still have a good shot at going 8 – 4 and getting a higher profile bowl based on the Philly market especially if AQ status goes away. The program gets more name recognition which allows for better recruiting then being in the MAC, and I’m pretty comfortable that the home attendance would be better for games against those name brand AQ conference teams then they would for the MAC teams. Continue to build the product over the next 2 or 3 years and who knows, maybe a conference like the ACC may come calling. Downside is the scheduling difficulties that come with being an independent, and also the potential loss of TV money, but then again how much TV money does Temple receive from the MAC? Also, I would think with the right schedule and the Philly TV market maybe a TV deal could be struck to televise some or all the games on ESPN or that new NBC Sports 24 hours network, they seem to be dieing for programming. Going independent Is just a thought, the Big East is a really long shot now, and no other conference looks all that appealing as a step up from the MAC.

    6. You'll have probably heard the latest rumor by the time you take a look at the comments again, but seems that CUSA has contacted Temple. For football only I think the school needs to consider, CUSA still has a better bowl package then the MAC. A troubling comment (link to the story was Brett McMurphy on CBS sports) was that Templ admin was stunned at the announcement, as I said earlier they just seem to be sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Also, it seems that FSU and Clemson are rumored to be talking with the Big 12, any chance of Temple to the ACC, and please no one comment about the ACC's "superior academics" and their sanctimonious attitude….has nothing to do with college $port$

    7. Navy has clout with the NCAA. Navy would not have joined the BE if they thought there was a chance of the BE losing BCS status. The NCAA will do everything it can to accomodate our Service Schools. the BE is not our challenge. Our challenge is Temple. We have not gone back to the BE with a counter-offer after Villanova screwed us. What has been reported in the media regarding Temple officials and the BE? Nothing! Timing is everything – our current university president will not make any major committments which may have long term financial implications. And, our board of trustees have withdrawn permission for any university official to enter negotiations with any conference other than the MAC. Don't be surprised if DAZ leaves next year if there is no change in our current direction. Let's not hate on Memphis, they did what we can't do right now.

    8. This Big East saga just gets more and more bizarre. I for one am not willing to let go of the Villanova-is-the-Horned-Serpent-of-Satan conspiracy theories.As a total package, Temple is in every way a superior choice to Memphis. I just hope there is a chair for the Owls when the music stops.

    9. The most troubling thing is the "Temple officials stunned" comment. Hmm.Duh?Haven't they known all along what we have, that the Catholic Cartel has enough votes to block them?If so, Temple should have been aggressively pursuing CUSA from the get-go.Independence is NOT an option (it is if I win the $250 mil tonight and purchase OWN from Oprah or Versus from NBC and put all Temple road games on national TV).Independence buys us eight road (and four home) games every year and a virtual self-imposed NCAA death sentence for the program.CUSA gets us away from Wednesday night home games in front of an empty stadium and playing on Saturdays with a viable national TV package.And probably pushes us further along toward becoming the "Boise State of the East" than anything we can do now.

    10. Northern VA I completely agree that Memphis is not the problem in all this. Good on 'em for taking the open door. Also, it is being widely reported that the Big East has assured CUSA/Mountain West they will be adding no more teams.CUSA/Mountain West the best option left. Step up in every way from the MAC.Have I told you how much I despise Villanova?

    11. If the MAC commissioner were smart he would add ECU and Marshall; anything to try and get more sponsors to affiliate their bowl games with the MAC rather than C-USA who is left with 3 teams that ended 2011 with a winning record. It would make more geographical sense than having Marshall travel to Tulsa, Nevada, Wyoming, etc. Again, I'm not saying this greatly benefits Temple, but at the same time we have to start making the most of our conference since we have been left in the dust AGAIN. I'm tired of waiting. If we are going to be exiled to the MAC for a long time, we might as well make it the premier Mid-major conference. If they merge and we are left out AGAIN, good-luck selling the program to any recruit.

    12. The big questions for me are do you think that alliance of what's left of the MWC and CUSA will go through? Would the move to either CUSA or the "Allianc" be football only for Temple, which at this point is al tha makes sense to me. At the present time CUSA has a better TV deal, better bowl tie-ins and bigger crowds overall then the MAC. Plus isn't there TV deal with Comcast, know it doesn't mean much but Comcast might find it attractive to broadcst a team where they are based from. It's time for the admiistration to make some kind of move up or be honest and say that they are content being a good MAC program that is a training ground for coaches on the rise up to a big time program and competes to play in a bowl in either Boise or Mobile every year. The other thing that worries me about making a move is I don't think the admin wants to spend the $2.5 million MAC exit fee….makes me wonder why they bothered to expand Edberg-Olsen??

    13. I think expanding E-O speaks to what the TU athletic admin "thought" would happen, that we would go to the BE instead of Memphis and we needed to upgrade to BE-level facilities, which we will have by fall.Look at all the Addazio comments to recruits indicating that we would be in the BE. He did not get that from thin air.Now, with Memphis (far worse in every way than Temple, even with its flagship piece, men's basketball), it's apparent that Villanova is keeping this Catholic Cartel in line.No way non-1A football teams should be voting on the future of a 1-A football league, but that's the failed business model of the BE now.We have two options:1) Wait for the BE football schools to break off (which might or might not happen);2) Join CUSA.I go for No. 2.

    14. The only problem is I think the current administration is going to opt for 1. Problem I see with that is having the top facilities in the MAC and pounding the opposition will only work for so long getting us BCS AQ caliber recruits. Also aside from scheduling top OOC teams at the Linc, I'm not sure Kent State, Akron, etc. is going to generate more then mid 20K crowds. I just don't see 35 – 40K fans showing up for most of the MAC competition. I fear we could be on the verge of losing the momentum that Golden built and Daz seems to be continuing with the program.

    15. With Ann Weaver Hart headed out the door and with both eyes (not just one) on Arizona and BB content with the MAC/A10 hybrid, we really have rudderless leadership right now at the time we need it most.I'm picturing BB in his office now shrugging his shoulders with a "what-can-I-do?" look.Not a good look for BB and Temple.

    16. I was afraid you were going to say that. Plus we are basically in a conference that seems quite happy where they are at in the college football hierarchy. At this point I don't even think the MAC would consider adding a couple of the stronger teams of what's left of CUSA that are a geo fit as another poster pointed out, cutting some of the bottom feeders and making a pitch for a couple of the CUSA bowl tie-ins. I mean as a "worst case" scenario I could live with the MAC getting enough decent bowl tie-ins that a 7+ win season would guarantee a bid. But who am I kidding the conference seems happy with Detroit, Mobile and Boise and then whatever secondary scraps they can pick up when some other conference doesn't have enough teams qualifying.

    17. MAC is the last resort for FB programs.It was the only lifeline we had (thanks, MAC) when we needed one and the only way UMASS could upgrade to FBS.I don't think the MAC is in any position to take anybody good.Seven-plus wins in the MAC doesn't guarantee a bowl.We were sitting on pins and needles the last two seasons with eight. Remember, CBS and had us projected out of the bowl picture the night before we got the New Mexico Bowl invite.That is directly attributable to being in a 3-bid conference.CUSA will continue its five tie-ins and I just don't see the MAC picking up more than backup bowls.Our kids should be assured bowls with eight-win seasons.We can accomplish that by signing a deal with CUSA tomorrow.

    18. Have you heard this rumor which I saw posted on Rivals by Chip Brown from on 02/09/12. WVU is getting out of the BE for 2012 and the BE is talking to Boise or Temple to come on board for the 2012-2013 season. If true I sure hope Temple is not feeling some type of loyalty to the MAC, while I appreciate lifeline the MAC tossed us, we honored our contract, especially in basketball. I say if the opportunity is there grab it, look at the BE for 2012-2013 and you have to say Temple could have a realistic shot of finishing at the top, at the least be getting to a higher profile bowl. Any insight you might have about this would be much appreciated.

    19. I would wait until the CUSA-MWC merger is finalized before doing anything with them. The BE took what was most attractive in what was left in those conferences. While they are an upgrade from the MAC, they are not an upgrade from the A10 for BBall. I would not accept an all sports invitation to join them because it would hurt our basketball program. I'm OK with football only.The way I see it is that a move to CUSA or CUSA/WAC is an small upgrade in football but a major downgrade in basketball.

    20. From what I'm hearing it was a football-only offer. While I would have taken it, I can see why Temple felt it was a huge slap in the face given Memphis got an all-sports.We are now gambling on Pitt and/or Cuse to leave early and that's roughly a 50/50 shot.We're positioning ourselves for BE all-sports or nothing.I hope it's not nothing.

    21. I agree, if there was a firm offer on the table, even if fotball only TU should have taken it. As I said in an earlier post I think we could have made a big splash given that I doubt BE football wil be that strong next season. Then we could have been working for I think a stronger position, on the inside and had the ability to start building alliances with the new members coming on board. I hope you right too, but if I was laying odds I think at this point I hedge towards nothing. I just don't think the current admin is thinking "out of the box" on this one. Take the deal and then put on he full court press for all sports.

    22. With the reported Temple rejection of a BE football-only, I think TU's strategy is clear right now.None.Or, more precisely, wait for what TU now thinks is an inevitable BE implosion and join with rubble schools like RU, UMass and UConn to form an Elite East or something like that. If Ernie Casale was alive today, he'd probably have enough cache with those fellow ADs to get that done.TU probably won't accept a CUSA all-sports and if it doesn't accept a BE football only (within the original BE geographic footprint), it probably won't accept a CUSA football-only, which is a downgrade from a BE football only.

    23. So the big question is have we seen the best of recruiting that Daz will be able to do. I mean with what appears to be Temple settling for staying in the MAC for a long haul how many top recruits are going to be attracted by that, even with top facilities. Plus, even stomping the MAC year in and year out is that enough to get attendance into at least the low 30k's per game…I don't think so. I guess if there is no strategy we can at least loo to Daz pile up the wins….will make it easier to move up to a big time program.

    24. Boston College's WR coach Ryan Day will take over as the new offensive coordinator. Unfortunately I can not post the link via mobile. No Matt Rhule = a sign of good things to come?!

    25. I'm getting whiplash from all the directions this thing is going in.Chip Brown writes on a Rivals site but his record on breaking news is very, very good so I think there is credibility to the report that the BE is reaching out to Temple. Even if it's an "any port in a storm" contact, it's good to know that option MAY be still in play.Hanging out in the MAC and waiting for an implosion of things strikes me as a very risky strategy. On balance, swallowing pride and taking a football-only invite to the BE (if it comes) is the best choice. To misquote Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and take what you can get, you could miss it." In this case missing it is life stuck with football have-nots and goading 20,000 to home games with Eastern Michigan.

    26. Thank you, Jesus (I mean, Michael). Doesn't restore my confidence in Daz (already has that) but certainly reinforces it.

    27. one thing is absolutely guaranteed – DAZ will leave if Temple decides to stay in the MAC. He will consider it a breach of faith, and who can blame him? Unlike AG who left a program with potential, DAZ will leave a program with extremely limited potential if we stay in the MAC.Why can't our Trustees realize it has the responsibility for enhancing the student experience and quality of life? Staying put in the MAC is in total disregard for the students, alumni, student-athletes, local community, and fans!Big time football will generate revenue for the city. Totally surprised by the lack of political involvement from our elected officials. SMH….,truly disappointed and hurt.

    28. Well at least he knows the offense DAZ wants to runPrior to joining the Boston College staff, Ryan Day spent the 2005 season as offensive graduate assistant at theUniversity of Florida for Urban Meyer.and he has coached at Temple

    29. Daz built the whole recruiting success on a transition to the BE. I hope BB knows what he's doing. He's keeping silent, which might be a good strategy, but if he ends up keeping us in the MAC, it's a lousy strategy.Once again, for the 10millionith time, the MAC is not sustainable for Temple football. It was good until now. Not going forward.Any conference that can't get an eight-win team into ANY postseason bowl game is a complete joke of a conference.Then, just one year after that fiasco, Temple kids were told the Saturday night before the NMB invite that they "might not" get an invite again.Fortunately, a couple of BCS qualifying teams lost late. The joke is on Temple if it stays.I would have taken the BE football only.A 50/50 shot at getting an all-sports is too big of a gamble.

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