Bradshaw, Hart headed to CUSA meeting

Conference USA
Big East

If you are a big fan of 1970s TV sitcoms like I am, you remember Sargent Schultz.
He was the Nazi who would say, “I know nothing. I hear nothing. I see nothing” when Colonel Hogan would break the prison camp rules on Hogan’s Heroes.
Well, when it comes to Temple and the conference realignment situation,  Temple AD Bill Bradshaw makes Sargent Schultz look like a blabbermouth.

Bill Bradshaw

That’s why I find Bradshaw’s trip to Dallas today intriguing. I did not hear it from him, but from reliable people that both Bill and Temple president Ann Weaver Hart were on the same plane to Dallas today.
Since I don’t think either is the other’s type, I’m guessing it must be on official business only and not a tryst.
Just so happens the CUSA meeting is in Dallas today.
CUSA lost a valuable member in Memphis. It is looking to replace that value with value.
I can’t think of a more valuable replacement than Temple.
Now I think the Big East is where Temple belongs. Most schools in the Big East are like Temple. Temple is in the East. I think Temple and the Big East were made for each other. I also think Cecily Tynan and I were made for each other but I can’t convince her of that and, besides, she’s married.
Temple isn’t married to the MAC. It’s sort of like a platonic friendship with no future.
Now that the Big East and Memphis are married, Temple has to move on from a platonic relationship and look to procreate its football legacy.
Maybe not.
There are only three reasons, as I see it, for Bradshaw and Hart to be in Dallas today:
1) Sign the papers for an all-sports membership;
2) Sign the papers for a football-only;
3) Hear what the CUSA has to offer.
It’s a tough call because Cecily (err, the Big East) has been a big tease of late and thrown out feelers that she might be interested.
CUSA is a hot number, sort of like Amy Buckman but nowhere near as hot as Cecily.
MAC is Cathy Gandolfo.
Amy has made clear that she has the hots for me and the feeling is mutual.
Cathy is no more than a friend.
Do you hold out for the dream girl or go for Amy or get stuck with Cathy?
We should find out more in at least a couple of days.
For me, it’s a 50/50 ball with Amy and Cecily. If Cecily doesn’t make her move soon, I’m going with Amy. I’m sitting by the phone but I’ve got a limited time to wait and if she doesn’t call, I’m outta here. I’ve waited long enough.
Cathy, we can still be friends.


26 thoughts on “Bradshaw, Hart headed to CUSA meeting

  1. First, after this post I'm not certain you and Kathy can be friends. Second, I view the MAC as a friend with some benefits (limited for certain but better than dealing with things alone if you get my drift). Finally, another possiblity for the trip is to make Cecily (err the big east) jealous that we're interested in someone else. I really hope the owls BB team makes a deep run in the tourney to further illustrate the shortsightedness of the BE in their oversight in not inviting the owls for all sports. I also hpe said run includes us dipatching a BE team along the way.

  2. haha …. good point. … hell hath no fury like a Cathy scorned. Good point. Cathy won't be a friend with me after reading that post but I had to make a point. Besides, the "with benefits" part is very dubious in her case.We've got to make Cecily jealous. Delivering the nation's 4th largest market on a platter to CUSA would definitely be a step in that direction.

  3. This is probably the best we can do at this point, but no joy here…,C-USA won't be enough to keep DAZ and Heater…, and it does not make it any easier for us to recruit four-star kids.The upside is we will get more national exposure and better bowls. Heck, we could even play in the Hawaii bowl next year which is a great bowl game. I saw Chris Johnson and ECU run right through Boise State several years ago at the Hawaii Bowl.What if Temple offered to pick-up West Virginia's Big East schedule for 2012?

  4. I'm still scratching my head on that one.The only thing that would send Hart and BB scurrying to CUSA this quick is this kind of scenario, the day after the BE takes an inferior Memphis product over a superior Temple product:BE: "Sorry about that, but Villanova and the Catholic schools won't budge. Hey, but could you do us a scheduling favor? How about you guys picking up WVA's games as non-conference this year to hel us out?"Temple: "Then we come into the conference in all sports 2013, right?"BE: "Err, no."Temple: "Bleep you guys. We're sick of this bleep."

  5. The Hawaii Bowl? New Mexico was too expensive for most (not me). How much do you think Hawaii would cost? Besides my wife would never let me go to Hawaii solo like she did New Mexico. IMHO the only way this Conference USA thing works for me is with the Mountain West merger. Do we really think that CUSA will keep their bowl tie ins with the eight (nine if with get in) teams that are left after 2012?

  6. Absolutely, CUSA keeps its tie-ins.The MAC will be lucky to hold onto Boise, Mobile and Detroit … three places I'm not particularly interested in visiting.However, give me New Orleans and St. Pete and Dallas (all CUSA bowls, really) any day of the week over any one MAC bowl.Gives us a real chance to kick the living crap out of Rutgers or any other BE team. We would have beat RU by two touchdowns this year and Pitt by double digits as well.Heck, SMU, a team that lost to Navy, hammered Pitt.

  7. I don't think most TU fans could make it to Hawaii anyway. I think CUSA would shuffle off one of their West Division teams to Hawaii instead.

  8. C-USA and the MWC have agreed to form a new conference for 2013-2014. So the question is are we staying put for 2012, or will we wait another year and join the new conference? and why would DAZ stay to coach a team in the new CUSA/MWC conference? we should start looking for a new coach now.

  9. Big merger talks today with MWC and CUSA want an 18- 24 team conf. with semi and champ game playoffs…Good move for the non BCS here stick together and demand more for the playing of a BCS school in Non-con. (what r they gonna do play eachother) Now the question is whoare the teams that get the new conf to 18-24 ? TEMPLE!!! ??

  10. Now the big question is Temple in the C-USA, MWC/C-USA alliance or whatever is coming out of those 2 conferences. Football only or all sports or is this just a play to maybe get the Big East to bring us onboard. I'm see all kinds of "reports" on a variety of boards. Is there any news remotely solid out there?

  11. This is just speculation, but if Bradshaw and Hart didn't come back with No. 1 or No. 2 in the above post, it was No. 3 (listen to the offer).The fact that they were there was leaked so that the BE might start worrying about losing really their backup option to fill the WVA spot (Memphis ain't coming in this year).Maybe it really is a BB game of poker after all. He holds a pretty strong hand now. If so, Northern Va. football Owl has nothing to worry about. BE, not CUSA, is the destination.It better all break soon, though.

  12. Now that I see that the CUSA MW merger is happening, it's my opinion that the Owls would be fools to not join CUSA and quit waiting on the Big east. They don't want us. Memphis to the BE should have clarified that. Let's stop being reactive and be proactive.

  13. my biggest fear is that we wait too long on the Big East that we lose this CUSA opportunity.We should give the BE a deadline, like, say, no later than St. Patty's Day, and then tell CUSA we will get to them in a month with our final answer.

  14. There are rumors now that the CUSA/MWC are inviting FIU, Utah State, and NMSU to join. Is it possible they are fed up with the BCS nonsense and are going to declare their own national champion? I have been saying this for years. Why be a part of a system that almost guarantees that you can't be the champion (looking at Boise State and Utah).

  15. Either that, or they are banking on the AQ to be open to everybody and therefore erasing the line between BCS (AQ-qualifying) and FBS (non-AQ qualifying) schools.

  16. This whole BCS crap has really hurt college football. It is just turning major football programs into NFL farm teams. It is an 'elitist' style system which rewards the 'haves' while throwing crumbs to the 'have nots'. Truely un-American!I'm realy sick of the Big Least. Even if for some reason we get in, the drama and controvesy will continue. Personally, like to be part of the future. The CUSA/ MWC super conference sounds great. We would play newer dynamic teams from across the country. Home games would be more interesting that the MAC teams, and road trips to away games would be more exciting then say, the middle of Ohio.Jusy my two cents…

  17. above all else, we should leave the MAC asap.if the BE strings us along, go CUSA.if the BE is saying due to scheduling, we want to add you this year for a long-term agreement, go BE.Let leaving the MAC be BB's first priority.

  18. the board of trustees will vote against joining CUSA this year, 2012. they are open to revisiting the decision after the CUSA/MWC merger…so that leaves us in the MAC for 2012 and looking for a new head coach in 2013. Georgetown is one of the BE schools leading the charge against Temple……, for the foreseeable future we will be stuck on stupid.

  19. The only way we don't get stuck in the MAC for 2012 is if the BE sees the wisdom (and it is wisdom) in adding Temple as a full member early in order to solve its scheduling dilemma in 2012. I'm sure two Cuse-RU games can't appeal to either fanbase, particularly when there is an old rival available 50 miles away.

  20. This is all so annoying! This conf. shuffling and Temple being left out.

  21. What about Temple making the push to join the BE in 2012 as a football member, take care of the WVU hole in the schedule then full membership under whatever the A10 exit criteria is. So if it is 2 year notice for the A10 football now the rest of our sports in 2014. At this point I think the administration need to be working several scenarios for getting into the BE.

  22. Off topic but… season ticket money is due 4/13. The schedule isnt out yet so how do they know how much to charge if they don't know how many home games there will be?

  23. I'm hoping the home games are Syracuse, Pitt and Rutgers. With Coyer, Matty Brown, Heater and Ryan Day, I have never been more confident of kicking some serious Big East ass. Bradshaw, make it happen.

  24. In regards to your poll question: Rugby scoring is similar to football, 5pts for a Try (touchdown) and 2 pts for the Free Kick (extra point). Temple played Villanova in a league rugby match 2 years ago. If it is any consolation to you, Temple beat the Cats, 101 – 0. This is the type of score I would like to see on the gridiron this September.Villanova has not rescheduled….

  25. Seen Coach Daz has been putting in some work on the early recruiting trail for next year – I believe about 7 offers were dealt the past day or two. The mid-atlantic states of PA , NJ, MD, NY, and WV seem to have some really big talent for '13 some big name schools are making their prescense known-

  26. yes, it's amazing how many kids who sign at Temple say "it's because Temple was the first to offer and they were with me from the beginning" so you've got to like that Daz is identifying these kids who fit his schemes and making an early run.

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