Just say YES to Big East

If Temple enters the BE, every home hoop game could have this kind of crowd.

Today was supposed to be  D-Day for Temple.
Decision Day. It’s been canceled, but hopefully that’s just to finalize exit contracts for the MAC and the A-10.
The item on the agenda of today’s Board of Trustees conference call  was to be  “a discussion on athletics” but it is really much more than that.
It’s a discussion on the future of the school and its nationwide image.
Temple has two great coaches in place of its two marquee sports programs, Steve Addazio and Fran Dunphy.
If you believe in these guys, and I do, then you know the Temple brand is in good hands.
You know they will make Temple a marquee name not only regionally but across the country.
Nothing would help these guys advance the brand better than a BCS conference affiliation.
As I see it, today’s decision is, to use a sports term, a slam dunk.
Just say yes to the Big East.
I hated the Big East for years because it allowed a small private school to have the power to block Temple. A small private school afraid of competition. Contrast that to Temple, which sponsored a small private school, LaSalle, when it attempted to re-enter the Atlantic 10.  Temple, though, belongs in the Big East, with fellow like-minded Eastern institutions.
I’m on pins and needles waiting for the good news but because I’m a Temple fan I’m  used to bitter disappointment and I realize this could easily go the other way with our teams sentenced a lifetime of mediocrity in the MAC and A10.
In 2010, the Owls were the only 8-4 team in history who beat a BCS conference champion (BE) refused a bowl and that was a bitter day. That day would have never happened if the Owls were 8-4 in the Big East. Heck, the team they beat, UConn, was 8-4 and headed to the Fiesta Bowl.
ESPN basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb said the Owls  moved up to a deserving No. 2 seed in NCAA hoops a couple of years ago but instead got a No. 5 and a game against a 24-1 No. 12. (Gottlieb, by the way, is the best at what he does and should be doing the seeding.)
Another disappointing day.

Then I read an article that will appear in today’s Inky that says Temple should turn down the BE.
Turn it down for exactly what?

Are the representatives of the ACC and the Big 10 waiting outside the BOT’s door?
I hope the rest of the BOT doesn’t read or put any credence in that guy’s misguided and misinformed (he didn’t even know it was an all-sports invite) opinion.
On a day the columnists should salute Temple’s persistence, this is what we get?
The official call at 3  p.m. to discuss athletics has been canceled, but there is an executive committee call at 2 p.m. to discuss “contracts.”

Hopefully, that will include getting out of the MAC contract.
Temple is running out of time to get this done and should be operating post-haste.


7 thoughts on “Just say YES to Big East

  1. yes, it has been canceled. hopefully, the 2 p.m. call is to get out of the MAC contract first.

  2. I hope we don't have to wait too much longer to get to a decision. If Temple is going to move to the Big East now is the time to do….not as much need on the Big East's part when Houston, Boise, etc start coming on board. Time to fish or cut bait….either we're moving or we stay in the MAC until who knows when

  3. There just seems to much energy behind this for it not to happen.

  4. as the week began, I thought we'd get an announcement by Friday at the latest. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to see O'Connor pushing this through today. I hope the latest developments don't mean there's a snag in the agreement.I'm cautiously optimistic with the emphasis on cautiously.

  5. This has me saying here we go again. Did we get cold feet, did Nova throw a hail mary, or did the Gov's office say don't go paying to get out of a league. I hope this happens, but one never know, do one?

  6. I hear you, bro.This is like that basketball game at the LC I went to tonight that went into OT when it really did not need to …. except I feel more helpless with this than the hoops.I wish they could let me into the BOT board room and cheer "Let's GO TEM-PLE!" at the top of my lungs but I can't.So let me say it here.LET'S GO TEMPLE!By that I mean, let's get moving and let's get this done ASAP.

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