What, me worry?

What, me worry?
That’s what Alfred E. Neuman used to say in Mad Magazine.
My old high school football coach, John Quinn, noticed me reading Mad Magazine once before a practice and said:
“Mad Magazine? Gibbs, you’re too smart to read that crap.”
(He was the only person ever to call me Gibbs. Most called me Gibby or Mike.)
“Geez, thanks, coach,” I said, “but it’s funny. Err, sometimes.”
I’ve been thinking a lot about Alfred E. Neuman the last couple of  days.
What, me worry?
Well, yeah.

My head tells me not to worry, that this is a no-brainer, but my gut tells me I don’t like this delay.
Why is this taking so long?
If Temple does not join the Big East, it will be Temple’s call, not the Big East’s.
Temple Board of Trustees Chairman Patrick J. O’Connor said as much in an interview on CSNPhilly.com posted on Tuesday.
So I’ll be a lot more hissed off if this doesn’t go through.
Temple would not be discussing all of this buyout stuff if the BE had not given them approval to do so. That said, if Temple backs out now because of a short-term large financial commitment, it will be the biggest athletic mistake the university ever made.
Maybe the biggest overall mistake the university ever made.
You can spend $150 million on a science lab, but that science lab won’t bring the kind of return a $10 million investment on a Bowl Championship Series conference upgrade will.
The BCS train only stops once at Temple U. Station and a wise Owl better be there with the money in hand 10 minutes ahead of time.
The  ACC and Big 10 run on other tracks and the Big East train made this diversion because it needed to pick up some immediate help. It will not come back next year or the year after.
No BCS conference will.
That’s important because the BCS schools will eventually break off from the non-BCS schools, the MACs and CUSAs of the world, and they will be left behind playing something resembling the old Division IAA football.
And no one will care about those teams.
Temple, by joining the Big East, will always have a seat at the BCS table.
Right now, it’s about finding the fare money before getting on the platform. There is one scheduled stop and it’s going to come in hours and days, not weeks and years. That train is not coming back.
Heck, even if you have to borrow it, you know that train is going to take you to a job where you can pay back the benefactor tenfold.
If you miss it, you’ll kick yourself until you are a dead person. A homeless dead person who no one cares about.
So, yes, I’m worried because, as a contributor on this site who goes by the name Temple Os noted so succinctly and perceptively, it should not take the Temple Board of Trustees any longer to facilitate this deal than to say two letters:
O and K.


7 thoughts on “What, me worry?

  1. In just the last 15 minutes both USA Today and CBSSports.com reporting the deal will likely be announced on Monday.Like everyone else, I'll feel better when it's actually announced.

  2. According to Brad Mcmurphy of cbssports, Temple has made a verbal commitment to join the Big East in 2012 for football. Apparently, all that is left to do is finalize the contract payouts to the MAC. This could be completed over the weekend and Temple could announced to be in the Big East by monday. It could also take up to 2 weeks before all is settled. It was also reported that Temple Football may be playing in the Big East by 2012 while other sports would join by 2013. http://brett-mcmurphy.blogs.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/29532522/35063868At least we know that we'll most likely be playing Big East conference football by this upcoming fall. However, I would genuinely like to see all sports be playing in the Big East by the next athletic season (the A-10 payout really isn't that large) but I'll settle for football right now.

  3. Ok,I've moved from the "Temple will find a way to screw this up" camp (see poll on the right) to "i'll believe it when I see it in writing."

  4. I actually read now its being reported by philly.com that a Temple official reported that no verbal agreement has been reached yet…..i'll also believe when it is put in writing

  5. Do you guys read the Inquirer. Of course Temple will deny everything. They have to negotiate an exit deal with the MAC first. If they say they have an agreement the MAC will ask for the stars, moon, and sun, and rightfully so. I have to stop reading that paper. So now I hope that a week from tonight Temple's conference status will be resolved and I can stop doing "Temple Big East" google searches every half hour.

  6. Well, I think the next couple of days will tell a lot about where Temple stands with regards to moving up in both football and basketball. If the cost cutting is used as the excuse for not joining the BE then you know the BE and others, like the ACC, etc. are right in feeling Temple isn't "serious" especially about football. The case has to be made that staying in the MAC is going to cost no less to run the football program and the payout will not be close to what is available from the BE. On the other hand, if the BE is offering no help in any additional MAC exit fees above the $2.5M maybe that tells me something about what they feel as well. Should be interesting and one way or another I like to see this come to a conclusion this week.

  7. Football will be added for 2012, all other sports will abide by the A-10 bylaws and wait til next year, saving temple a million or two. I'll bet my life on it.

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