Big East quarterbacks: Coyer may be the best

Case Keenum and RGIII have nothing on Chris Coyer in this comparison.

Back in 1979, a tremendous athlete by the name of Brian Broomell led the nation in the then new category of passing efficiency while playing quarterback for Temple University.
Probably not coincidentally, Broomell led Temple to a 10-2 record, the most wins in the history of Temple football.
Since then, passing efficiency has been my most favorite statistic.
Where there is a quarterback who has a good passing efficiency rating, you’ll usually find a tremendous won/loss record in his favor as well.

Last year’s BE quarterback ratings.

Fortunately, the Owls will enter Big East play this fall with a big known in that area as another tremendous athlete, Chris Coyer, is not only the No. 1 returning in the nation in the terms of passing efficiency, he is also No. 1 in terms of a new category called “yards per play.”
A respected California blogger, football fan and math whiz came up with the statistical data and it is intriguing. In fact, yards per play might be a better indicator of a quarterback’s overall worth than passing efficiency.
Admittedly, Coyer provides a small sample but it is large enough in my mind to rate him the No. 1 returning quarterback in the Big East by a wide margin.
He has a passing efficiency rating of 177.4.
Compare that to returning South Florida quarterback B.J. Daniels (126.7), Louisville’s Terry Bridgewater (132.4), Rutgers’ Chris Dodds (118.5) and Gary Nova (116.6), Cincinnati’s Zach Collaros (131.6), Pitt’s Tino Sunseri (124.1) and Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib (129.9).
Even with a statistical allowance for strength of conference (and let’s face it, there wasn’t that much difference between the Big East and MAC last year), Coyer comes out pretty far ahead.

Coyer accepts New Mexico Bowl MVP Award.

Plus, he’s unbeaten as a Temple starter and put up 31 points as a relief pitcher to the woefully ineffective Chester Stewart in the Ohio game. Had Coyer started against Ohio, I believe the Owls would have won that one, too. Heck, had he started against Penn State I think the Owls would have won that also.
Those hypotheticals will be decided on the field this year, fortunately.
I’m a little concerned about Coyer’s backup and Matty Brown’s backup, but I’m not concerned at all with the starting offensive personnel.
With Coyer, Brown, Malcolm Eugene, C.J. Hammond, Deon Miller, Ryan Alderman, Alex Jackson, Cody Booth and company (not even mentioning the incoming freshmen), the Owls could turn the Lincoln Financial Field scoreboard into an adding machine this fall.
And it all starts with the trigger man.
Just from the eye test, I think Coyer will be the best quarterback in the Big East this fall.
He throws a nice ball, makes great decisions (nine touchdown passes to zero interceptions), is elusive and has the “it” factor Temple has been looking for in a quarterback since Adam DiMichele sadly departed in 2007.
The two Rutgers’ kids, Dodds and Nova, can’t even carry his jock strap (nor would Chris want them to). I saw a few RU games and both those quarterbacks struggled.
If he’s as efficient as Broomell was some 30 years ago, the all-important stat of 10 wins might be in jeopardy as well.
That’s the only stat I really care about.
For the first time since 2007, I’m not going into a season worrying about the most important position on the field.
That’s both comforting and exciting.


8 thoughts on “Big East quarterbacks: Coyer may be the best

  1. Thanks for the analysis. I hope you are correct.

  2. It's not me. It's this Cal blogger who inputs some solid data. If Coyer was at the top last year, I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts Stewart was at the bottom.

  3. My only concern (other than him staying healthy) is Coyer's tendancy to under throw one or 2 deep balls a game.

  4. I think a lot of that was rust from not being in an actual game in two years. His performance against Ohio was nothing short of remarkable and the thing that impressed me most about him was how pissed off he was about losing in the post-game interview. You can win a lot of games with a kid like that.Contrast that to Chester Stewart's first game, a 7-3 loss Western Michigan, when he said, "I think I did OK."

  5. I anticipate a Heisman trophy type of year from Coyer, a perfect way for the Owls to be welcomed back into the Big East. And oh, by the way, can you move on from the whole Chester Stewart thing, please? On another note I noticed that the Houston Cougars have a TBD game for October 6th and that as of right now they only have 11 games scheduled. Any chance Temple and Houston start their Big East rivalry one season earlier?

  6. the 12th game will be either @nevada, @Boise, @Vandy, @Houston, @Hawaii or home to an unnamed FCS school. Since we already have an unnamed FCS school (Villanova), I'll gladly give up the home game for a trip to Nevada. Maybe the Casinos are offering discounted flights. It would be nice to legally bet on the Owls.

  7. Even tho the MAC may not want to help us since we bailed on them; how could they not want the opportunity to have one of their teams play us? Money, TV ratings, and their hopes of one of the MAC teams beating us (which would be the most embarrassing scenario this fall) should outweigh the fact that they are angry. There is no way that out of the 8 teams we are leaving with an open week, none of them want want to keep us on their schedule… is there?

  8. When we jettisoned ourselves from the MAC, part of the settlement was 1 FB game, 2 hoops per year for two years. I thought the FB game would be this year, but it turns out it will be next and the year after. I'd like to keep the UMASS game this year (it was already on the TU sked anyway) but, from what I've been hearing, it's going to be a non-MAC team that needs a game.

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