My invitation must have been lost in the mail

This is where Pitt is playing its spring game.

The Cherry and White scrimmage has been canceled.
Now that I’ve got your attention with that opening sentence, I want to clarify it.
The Cherry and White scrimmage has NOT been canceled officially.
In reality for many (most) of us, though, it has.
I received a letter in the mail yesterday from “Temple athletics” and eagerly ripped it open, hoping that it was my “few invited guests” invitation to this year’s Cherry and White game.
Instead, it was a form letter signed by Steve Addazio and Bill Bradshaw saying that “due to safety concerns and space limitations at our facility, it is necessary to limit the number of spectators at this year’s final scrimmage to recruits, families, and a few invited guests of the football program.”
I guess my invitation has been lost in the mail.

This is where Temple should play its spring game.

Which means I will probably miss my first Cherry and White game in 32 years as it stands now.
Really, this means that if you are a member of the Owl Club or a big booster, you are in the door.
If you are a “regular season ticket-holder” _ even a 30-year one like me _ tough luck.
Talk about class warfare in an election year. ….
Let me go on record as saying if I don’t get an invitation, that offer of $365 million dollars to Temple football is officially off the table. If you didn’t like me when I was poor, I don’t want you coming to me when I’m rich. Since the Mega Millions is $290 million this Friday night, that could be very soon.
It didn’t have to be this way.
Actually, it still doesn’t.
Temple tried to get Lincoln Financial Field, but Jeff Lurie made the price so high that it was cost prohibitive.
Temple’s Ambler Campus Field was determined unsafe (don’t know why because it was safe enough for Al Golden to take the team there five years ago).
High school fields were determined out of the question because of the “small-time” perception involved.
I’m not buying that last excuse.
Pitt is playing its spring game at North Hills High because, like the Linc, Heinz Field is unavailable or cost prohibitive on that date. Pitt wants its fans to have a full spring game experience and damned with what everybody else’s small-time perception is.
Temple should do the same for its fans.
North Hills seats 5,000 people and has a brand new sprint turf field.
Northeast High in Philadelphia, less than five miles from the Edberg-Olsen Complex, seats 9,000 people and has a brand new sprint turf field. Northeast is a great venue for both football and tailgating, with many Temple grads as teachers, and would welcome the Owls with open arms.
Pitt doesn’t give a damn about perception.
Neither should Temple.


9 thoughts on “My invitation must have been lost in the mail

  1. I received the same letter yesterday. I guess having 12 season tickets isn't worth much to them. This IS the most anticipated spring game in temple history. They should make it available to anyone and everyone, no matter where it's played.I'll be on diamond street that morning, with the Owlbulance, tailgating even if I can't get through the doors.

  2. Bring the tarp down and let the "regular folks" look in from 11th Street.

  3. Source: Temple's Cherry and White spring football game to be played Saturday, April 14, at 10 a.m. at Lincoln Financial Field.Just posted on twitter by – THIS WOULD BE AMAZING

  4. Thanks, Josh. Owlscoop and John DiCarlo do great work, so I'm sure they are right. Temple must have been intimidated by my threat to withdraw the $365 million donation. Kidding. Just kidding. 🙂

  5. I'm not a fan of the High school setting- I agree sends a message of "small time". anyway wish it was at EOF and just deal with it but the Linc is better than northeast. Maybe if they could purchase thoise projects next to EOF and that abandoned middle school along with that brutal field/playground we could have our own stadium/ bubble/ complex

  6. Cherry and White Day should be a fun celebration and NE High School is a great idea.

  7. glad to hear the game is at the Linc. As a decent giver to the Owl Club either I have pissed some people off, they are inept, or they are pulling in some mucho big bucks this year. Last year, I got an invite to a B-Ball game – this year – nada. I don't feel bad for myself in not getting an invite as I couldn't go anyhow. Maybe I should feel better that TU is potentially pulling in some big dollars. But either way, initially excluing a sizable chunk of your fan base for the first public appearance as a BE team doesn't seem right. I'm glad the Linc thing got worked out and thank you whoever you may be for funding it.

  8. LFF is the best-case scenario for all involved. Two years ago, over 4,000 people attended the scrimmage in the tiny E-O spot and it was like sardines in there. The money is coming out of Temple's "Institutional Advancement" fund. I didn't even know Temple had that.

  9. the only reason I advocated a high school setting was to accommodate the fans who would have been shut out at the E-O. Denying fans who wanted to go to C and W a spot to watch would have been a bigger sin than succumbing to the "small-time" perception.

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