Matty Ice Rock

Matty Brown talks to Bill Evans about his 2012 role.

I never knew what that meant until about two years ago when Muhammad Wilkerson found my Facebook page, sent me a “friend request” message and I was only too happy to accept.
Heck, when I know the name and respect the person, I usually accept.
That goes for Muhammad “Highly Praised” Wilkerson and anybody else.

Temple’s all-purpose yards leaders, 2011 season.

Well, after the 8-4 Temple team that beat the Big East champion UConn team was refused a bowl bid, I saw Wilkerson’s message on his Facebook page that fateful Sunday morning.
“Coach told us we’re done. Smh.”
“What’s smh mean?” I asked.
“Shakin’ my head, Mr. Gibson,” he said.
Now a lot of Big East fans think Temple is done because Bernard “The Franchise” Pierce is gone and I have a three-letter response.
They don’t know Matty “Rock” Brown.
They soon will.
Brown, as a backup to Pierce, has posted nine 100-yard-plus games in his career.
Think about that.
It’s remarkable that a STARTING back posts nine 100-yard games. It’s unheard of that a backup accomplishes this.
In fact, there are a lot of fans sitting around me that think Brown is better than Pierce as a college back.
Not me.
“I know you are a Pierce guy,” my friend, Cyrus, turned to me and said during one game. “I’m a Brown guy.”
There were Brown guys and Pierce guys all over the stadium last year.
Now we’re all Brown guys.
He will be the rock upon which Temple’s formidable running game will be built in 2012.


4 thoughts on “Matty Ice Rock

  1. Matty will do great, but its Coyer who is gonna/must put the offense on his back this year

  2. Agreed. The offense will be more diversified and, because of that, more explosive. It'll be like a shell game for the defense to figure out who is going to get the ball: Brown, Coyer, Deon Miller, Alex Jackson, Jalen Fitzpatrick, etc. A lot of explosive plays can be made in open spaces by these guys.

  3. I said last year that I think our new offense favors the skill set of Brown, quickness and shiftiness. Pierce had more natural ability and vision and anywhere close to the goal line he was getting in, but I think the zone read slowed him down with the first step east/west and unsure if he would get the ball as opposed to knowing he would get the ball and just do his thing, straight down hill running with the possibility of bouncing to the edge and using his speed. Pierce was the franchise but Brown was the heart of the team. He is tough as nails and I think a lot of people can relate to that underdog mentality. Everyone says he is was to small but pound for pound he is the toughest guy on the team. Every team needs a Matt Brown type player. He is not the biggest or fastest but often those things get confused with how you play the Game(NFL combine) But there is no doubt that Matty Brown can play football. I do not see our running game taking a step back with Brown as the starter, especially when you factor in the increased carries that Coyer will get. I just hope, like you have mentioned several times, that we have back ups ready to play when their number is called. I think Brown is tough enough to get 30 carries a game like pierce did, but I dont think that is a smart thing to do to him. He has not really shown any injury concerns but it will be interesting to see if he can stand up to the featured back role for the whole season, especially with the step up in competition.

  4. knock on wood, he's got that Paul Palmer-type ability to duck out of a damaging hit a tenth of a second ahead of impact. His running style reminds me more of Palmer. Pierce reminds me of Todd McNair. Spread is designed to "spread" the field and make huge holes for RBs as defenses are geared for three wides. Brown will excel in the true spread Daz intends to run with Coyer this year. Couldn't really run it with Stewart and Gerardi.

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