‘][‘errorism ‘][‘raining at the Linc

Most TU fans took it in good humor.

The gates to Lincoln Financial Field opened at 10 a.m. on Cherry and White Day.
I walked up to the entrance at 10:15 and finally got in at 10:45.
I’ve been going to Temple football games at the facility since it opened in 2003 and I don’t remember everybody being “wanded” before, but everybody was.
There was only a little grumbling and most fans took it in good humor.
“If we’re getting this kind of security for a Temple spring game, then the terrorists have won,” was one comment.
Even the security people realized how ridiculous it looked and one of them said to me they were using Cherry and White for training purposes.
I didn’t know if he was kidding or what, but he sounded serious.
No suspicious packages were found.
The only thing I carried in was a roster.
The only thing I carried out was a super T-Shirt, thanks to Temple promotions.
The front says “Return to the Big East” and the back lists the Temple football schedule.
When I go to LA Fitness tonight (where there are about 1,000 people in a space designed for 200), I will be wearing it. Whether or not you go to LA Fitness or are just walking through the streets of Center City, try to wear the shirt as much as possible. Just pick a place where there’s a whole lot of population density.

If all of the Temple fans did the same, that’s the best word-of-mouth advertising the university can have.

Some other final thoughts on C and W:

  • Visited with three members of the Bill Cosby-era Temple squad and they all agreed with what Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub said: “Bill was the third-funniest guy on the team.” To that I said, “If Bill was the third-funniest guy on the team he had to be the smartest third-funniest guy on the team.” I don’t think the first two guys made $368 million for being funnier.
  • Talked extensively to Bill Bradshaw after the game and I had to agree when he asked everyone in our group if the day TU re-joined the BE was the best in the history of Temple sports. That would probably be topped by an appearance in this season’s Orange Bowl, though, if the Owls are fortunate enough to get there. They will get that opportunity, though, if they win the Big East.
  • Brian Burns’ uncle was sitting in front of me when I mentioned to him I have a new set of fans I dislike more than Villanova’s. “I can’t stand Rutgers’ fans,” I said. “I better not show up for that game, I guess,” he said. “Why?” “I played at Rutgers.” Whoops. Turns out he is a great guy. “I was always for you guys coming back into the Big East,” he said. Well, I like ONE Rutgers’ fan now.
  • Phillies Nation was out in impressive tailgating force afterward. Not the brightest bulbs in Lot K, though. Each Porta Potty line was about 60-people deep. The Temple fans just walked into the Linc where there were no lines. One of the values of a Temple education, I guess.

One thought on “‘][‘errorism ‘][‘raining at the Linc

  1. I think security could be looking for metal flasks containing hard liquor. Some folks will even have kids carry the hooch. I'm changing my seats to an aisle seat so that I have access to beer and bathroom.

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