Bernard Pierce to Ravens!

Final BE draft standings:
(2012 schools only)
Cincinnati 4
*Temple 3
UConn 1
Rutgers 1
Syracuse 1
Pitt 0
Louisville 0
*Pierce (Ravens), Rodriguez (Bears) and Whitehead (Lions) help Owls tie single-season record for most players drafted (1987). Derek Dennis (Carolina), Pat Boyle (Lions), Morkeith Brown (Bucs), Stephen Johnson (Saints), Rod Streater (Oakland), Kevin Kroboth (Eagles), Adrian Robinson (Steelers) and Wayne Tribue (Broncos) sign FA contracts.

As far as I’m concerned, the Ravens got the steal of the draft in the third round when they selected Bernard Pierce.
Baltimore made a trade to move up seven spots to get Pierce.
Pierce was the Pennsylvania state champion in the 100-meter dash as a high school kid four years ago and he runs even faster with the football in his hands.
He’s got great vision, a sick burst to the outside, terrific moves in the open field and has the ability to punish tacklers and fall forward for an extra five yards at the end of every play. He’s a  much better receiver than people give him credit for (remember, he had Chester Stewart throwing him the ball for much of his three years at Temple). Largely because of Pierce, the Owls ran an offense that eschewed the pass for a power running game.
Ravens play Eagles in game two.
If Pierce starts, I’m not betting on the Eagles that day.


8 thoughts on “Bernard Pierce to Ravens!

  1. So so so so glad Pierce didn't end up an Eagle. Happy where Rodriguez and Whitehead landed as well as the UFA destinations, especially Streater with the Raiders, Dennis with the Panthers and Stephen Johnson down in NO with my Saints.

  2. just thinking out loud…, last year we had first and second round players taken in the draft…, this year it is third and fourth round as the first players taken (50% drop-off)…, and unless someone comes from out of space, do we have anyone on the current squad capable of being taken as high as the third round? so the reality is we have regressed in talent as judged by the people who pay for services (NFL)….; the best NFL prospect on our current squad is a kicker! Unless Matt Brown shows up 25lbs heavier and 1/2 a second quicker there is no way for him to get more than 15 carries a game…, Spring practice proved our receivers are still learning the art of catching the football…, DAZ needs to land several four-star recruits next year if we are going to realize our vision for Temple Football

  3. Nobody (and I mean nobody, including Al Golden and Mark D'Onofrio) saw Mo Wilkerson going from fighting for a starting job to NFL first-round draft pick from the 2010 Owls.My guess is that somebody will emerge like that from the 2012 squad.Maybe Malcolm Eugene at WR. Maybe Ahkeem Smith at LB.Martin Wallace (OT) could be a high draft choice as could 2009 starting center Sean Boyle, who makes a triumphant return.Tons of guys along the DL could make a Big Mo leap as well, including Levi Brown.I think the overall talent level is rising every year. I'll take that over 1 Owl in the first round every 30 years.Remember, if BP stayed, he would have been a No. 1 next year (IMHO).Hopefully, future Owls will listen to Addazio and stay to get picked No. 1 now that TU is in the BCS.

  4. The reports I've been getting out of spring practice is that Malcolm Eugene looks like the best receiver of the AG/SA Era. I didn't see it in the spring game, but I'm not letting one day erase a month of great catches. Of course, Chester Stewart looked great in practice so that cuts both ways I guess. Too much good game tape on ME (much better recruiting tape than CS) makes me believe he will be great at Temple.

  5. I hate to say this, but Northern VA Temple Owl sure sounds like a typical Negadelphian to me. I wouldn't be worried so much of how many first and second round draft choices the Owls get, as much as I would concentrate on the number of draft picks the Owls had (3) and the quality of players signed as free agents. There's no reason to suspect those numbers will drop in the coming seasons. The rise of the Owls continues.

  6. According to sources, Temple has 10 Owls signed in the NFL today, including dreftees and free agents. That is actually quite strong. I see the team getting better recruits, and subsequently, higher draft picks in the future.

  7. Also – at the C&W game, we got in the wrong line, turned out to be the player's families line. We wound up next to the Eugene family, very nice people. And, they gave us their extra C&W tickets.

  8. Actual game (recruiting) film on Eugene is sensational. A lot of players (Wilkerson included) need an initial first year at Temple before they jump from backups for Owls to high NFL picks. I suspect he's one and Nate Smith (L.J.'s brother) is another. But Nate is a soph. so he will have another two years to hone his craft. 6-6 receivers like Deon Miller also aren't a dime a dozen, either, so he could get drafted.A lot of things could happen we don't figure on, like Kevin Newsome moving to defense and going from a backup QB at Temple to a first-round strong safety in the NFL draft.Probable? No.Possible? Definitely.

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