ACC’s 2d-leading all-time rusher coming to TU?

First, Temple recruited Montrell Dobbs as a possible long-term replacement for Bernard Pierce. Now, Montel Harris seems to be at least a POSSIBLE short-term solution, according to CBS and BC Interruption.
 Everybody knows the REAL replacement for Pierce is our very own Matty Brown, who was Temple’s No. 1 all-purpose back last season. If Harris, as rumored, comes to Temple he will be eligible to play immediately since he will likely be graduating from Boston College in a couple of weeks, the so-called Russell Wilson Rule.

Tweet by Bruce Feldman on Tuesday.

Wilson graduated from North Carolina State and was able to finish his career at Wisconsin. Dobbs is sitting out a year and is positioning himself an interesting No. 1 fight between himself, Jalen Fitzpatrick (who could be a slot receiver), Khalif Herbin (who also could play slot), Brandon Peoples and Jamie Gilmore for the top spot on the 2013 Owls. Maybe one or more of those guys could be redshirted if Harris arrives on campus.
So Temple should be able to make a smooth transition from the Brown/Pierce Era to an equally impressive stable of tailbacks.
The difference between Montel and Montrell is that Montel will be able to play right away.
IF Harris comes to Temple, somebody is giving him very good advice. If he enters the NFL supplemental draft coming off a knee injury, he has virtually no chance to make an NFL roster. If he enters the NFL draft coming off a strong senior year at Temple, he’s got a good chance to do it as a first-round draft choice.
Pierce would have had the same opportunity if he had followed Steve Addazio’s advice to remain at Temple one more season.
 IF Harris comes, and that’s still a big if as of this minute, he will come with Pierce-like credentials. In fact, Harris is the second-leading all-time rusher in the history of Boston College and that’s impressive in itself. He would have entered this season as a prohibitive favorite to break Ted Brown’s ACC career rushing record that stood since 1979. Harris came into the 2011 season as the ACC’s preseason Player of the Year, but obtained a medical redshirt after hurting his knee in the first game.

If he doesn’t come, Temple will be fine at tailback. If one of the incoming freshman don’t pan out, Jalen Fitzpatrick can be an impact player at that position, just like Brown has been. Temple has more depth at that position than in the kicking game, put it that way.
Harris was kicked off err, asked to leave, the Boston College team for unspecified reasons, but if he comes here he would do so with the blessing of two top BC assistants who are now at Temple, quarterbacks’ coach Kevin Rogers and offensive coordinator Ryan Day. Obviously, they know the kid and, if they vouch for him, Steve Addazio would likely give him another chance.

IF Harris comes to Temple, somebody is giving him very good advice. If he enters the NFL supplemental draft coming off a knee injury, he has virtually no chance to make an NFL roster. If he enters the NFL draft coming off a strong senior year at Temple, he’s got a good chance to do it as a first-round draft choice.

Matt Brown, in my mind, would share the No. 1 tailback spot in the same way he shared it with Pierce. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement for both and one that figures to be a mutually beneficial one for Temple as well.
Heck, it’s not as if a tailback has never been injured.
 Between Paul Palmer, Pierce, Brown and guys like Todd McNair and Stacey Mack (and now both Montel and Montrell as well as Peoples and Gilmore), you could make a case for Temple being Tailback U.
With a distinctive Capital T.
Interesting footnote on this story. In the Cherry and White game notes, it said “Matt Brown is wearing No. 2 for the spring game. His number in the fall is yet to be determined.” I wondered out loud why they didn’t just announce he was wearing No. 2 henceforth and, err, Temple football forever.
Harris wears No. 2.
Mystery solved.


12 thoughts on “ACC’s 2d-leading all-time rusher coming to TU?

  1. this is equivalent to a four-star recruit if Daz pulls this off….wow!

  2. yeah, no bigger Bernard Pierce fan than me, but could BP have been the second all-time leading rusher in the history of the ACC?I doubt it.This kid has some serious credentials.I suspect we will be holding our breath until BC's commencement ceremony.If he gets the sheepskin, he's headed to North Philly.If he doesn't, he's headed to Division II.I hope he gets the sheepskin.

  3. Word on the street is he would rather play back home in Florida… Hopefully USF is too deep at the tailback position to keep him interested.

  4. on second thought; “Montel Harris has been permanently dismissed from our football team due to repeated violation of team rules,” coach Frank Spaziani said. “We are grateful for his contributions the past four seasons and will support him in completing his degree requirements and in his future pursuits.”Temple would be better without an injury prone drama case. What were the repeated violations and what is the injury list? serious doubts if this guy will graduate

  5. Off topic, but is John Raymon from Iowa still considering Temple?

  6. We'll be OK at tailback (with Matty Brown healthy, way more than OK) but we're one Matty Brown and one Jalen Fitzpatrick injury away from going more than OK to very bad or relying on guys who played high school last year.

  7. Raymon, according to my Bucks County sports writing contacts, still has not made a decision. Temple, Towson and West Chester are among the choices. He had a problem with his DL coach at Iowa and that DL coach moved on to Nebraska.

  8. My understanding in John Raymon was that he was considering west va and Pitt with the possibility of an ACC school. This was per a posting on the Iowa site referencing his twitter account. It woul done nice to get additional depth on the d-line in the form of a second year guy. Go get him Daz.

  9. Thanks for the link.I don't know about Spaz.I don't think Ryan Day and Kevin Rogers left on great terms with him, so who is to say that it's not more Spaz's fault than the kid's.Addazio has the ear of Day and Rogers.If he comes here, there's very little downside because Daz won't put up with anything.

  10. Nice posting mike. The owls could build a D1 powerhouse by following around shitty coaches (BC, Maryland) and picking off their malcontents. I'd actually feel like we were getting quality transfers who had the wherewithal to recognize a bad situation when they saw one. If we're able to land either of these kids it's a big win. If we get both it really makes a statement about the program and Daz as a recruiter. Now we just need to drive more folks to TFF.

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