Depth chart blues

 Steve Addazio talks about John Youboty, Marcus Green and Ryan Alderman.

Summer reading season is near and, like a lot of people, I like to curl up with a good piece of fiction from time to time.
As a junior in high school, required reading was “1984” by George Orwell (some time before 1984, which I thought was centuries into the future at that time) and I polished that off in one six-hour sitting.
My latest reading material is the depth chart released by the Temple football coaching staff to editor John DiCarlo.

Steve Addazio is a much better football
coach than he is an author.

I’ll call it “Depth Chart Blues” because I know it can’t possibly be serious, to borrow a phrase from John McEnroe.
The author, presumably a manuscript submitted by Steve Addazio, didn’t sit around at the typewriter for a long time.
Al Golden told me a long time ago (well, it seems like a long time ago) to take the depth chart with a grain of salt and I’ve followed that advice. Golden has a Masters in Sports Psychology from Penn State and often used the depth chart as lab work to light a fire under some talented-but-underachieving guinea pigs. I don’t think Addazio plays mind games using the depth chart or anything else.
Still, it is interesting to look at from time to time in order to figure out a starting lineup against Villanova.
The first clue I got that it wasn’t etched in stone was that Matt Falcone is listed as the second-team WILL linebacker. Matt Falcone hasn’t played in a real game since 2009. Not only that, he hasn’t practiced over a year (although he should by summer).
Yet unquestionably the best linebacker in the spring, Nate D. Smith, is not listed on the first or second team anywhere.
I’m going to stick my neck out here.
Nate D. Smith will start at middle linebacker no matter what the depth chart says.
Heck, I’d like to see Matt Falcone start at punter to relieve franchise kicker Brandon McManus of those duties but that’s a tall order for someone coming off a knee injury. Right now, the backup punter is listed as Nick Holland.
Falcone was a first-team Associated Press all-state punter from Palmerton High when he was a senior. He was also the team’s star quarterback, so he can make an occasional pass out of punt formation if called upon.
That’s non-fiction.
Until August, any review of the depth chart will have to be listed under the fiction category.


5 thoughts on “Depth chart blues

  1. Mike, according to, Daz and the owls were totally disrespected in the pre-season ratings. Owls were picked just ahead of my old CYO team from st Charles. I'm curious to get your POV.

  2. my pov is that this team is MUCH more likely to go 8-3 than 3-8 and if I could place a $100 bet on one of those two figures it would definitely be the first. Three and eight is really insulting, but "people on the outside" think they are getting Temple football, circa 2004. I've never understood that line of thinking but it is a prevalent thought process. Just another year to disabuse people of those notions. …

  3. Does TUFB only distribute its DC to private entities ? Disappointing…Well, anyway, TUFB has avoided the injury bug. Temple's depth will be tested w this schedule. No more UB/Akron's on the slate when our starers only played a half. The post season is my goal. Go Owls

  4. all the future realignment speculation this weekend made me realize how college basketball is a HUGE factor for teams moving conferences. The basketball conferences ruined the Big East by rejecting new members, and now with the new ACC contract, the general consensus seems to be that the basketball aspect gained more in the deal that the football side. Because of this FSU looks like it might jump ship to the Big 12 where they can form their own version of the LongHorn Network. When the ACC gave up its 3rd tier rights, its seems as though it angered the football teams. Also one source doesn't even have Louisville in the Top 5 for Big 12 expansion targets. Best case scenario for Temple and the Big East is if Conference Champions are required for consideration to the BCS title game. This would send Notre Dame and BYU to the Big 12 where they could keep their 3rd tier rights. If The Big 12 takes Louisville, FSU, Clemson, etc it looks as though the Big East will implode. Just some thoughts

  5. basketball side is important. Bill Bradshaw gave an interesting stat in one of his monthly talks and said Temple was one of only six schools in the country to have been bowl eligible in football the last three years in addition to having its men's hoop program make the NCAA…. about the private entity thing, I just assumed the DC Owlscoop got from Daz was also posted on the TU athletics website until I went over two days ago and found only the DC for the Wyoming game.

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