My Mother’s Day story

On the second Mother’s Day without my mom, I was going through my garage looking for summer stuff (tennis shoes, tennis rackets) and I realized I lost an electric pump for an air mattress.
While going through a box looking for that pump, I found a lot of Calvin and Hobbs’ comic strips she sent me when I was living in Doylestown and this was one of them.
 She loved them and cut them out carefully (to the edge) and sent me them snail mail.  Attached to the one shown (with an old-fashioned paper clip), she gave me a handwritten note and told me how much she loved and missed me.
Strange how people talk to you beyond the grave.
There is not much Temple football in this message, other than, if you have a mom, don’t take her for granted.
 Since I think all Temple football players and fans have moms, I know some will appreciate this story.
At least I hope so.


2 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day story

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