Villanova’s ‘snap-on’ tool

The urban dictionary’s definition of “tool” is “One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool.”
Urban dictionary, meet Villanova running back Kevin Monangai, Villanova’s tool.
The first part of that definition might not apply to Monangai, but the fool part certainly does.
I must admit, I never have a hard time getting up for a football game against Villanova.
No matter what the stakes or the difference of the level of football, it’s hard to muster any sympathy for a team representing a school that did its underhanded best to keep Temple out of the BCS picture.
Don’t let that Big East press conference charade fool you.

Now wearing No. 2 in your game program.

If this was up to Villanova, the Owls would remain in MAC hell forever.
That’s why I want to beat them 88-0 (although I would settle for 42-7). Err, make that 50-squat.
I don’t know if Temple’s football players, though, know all the machinations involved behind the scenes or feel the same level of dislike as most Temple fans do.
They do understand the language of trash talking, though.
To that end, I have to thank  Monangai, Villanova’s snap-on tool.
Monangai tweeted two months ago that “Temple is going to the Big East”  and “all the more reason for us to snap-on them.”
The first rule of trash talking is that if the guy you are fighting is bigger and faster and Temple tougher than you, your best chance is to lay in the weeds and knock him out with sneak attack, sort of like Japan in World War II.
It’s not the smartest thing in the world to walk up to the guy and announce you are going to “snap on” him.
At the time, I thought Monangai would be a non-contributing sub but it turns out he will be the No. 1 or No. 2 running back coming off a good spring practice.
According to Villanova’s official website, head coach Andy Talley was quoted as saying the following:

“I really like our running back situation. Austin Medley and Kevin Monangai give us a great 1-2 punch in the backfield. They are both bigger, stronger and faster.
Austin is at the point where he is back to having breakaway speed. Kevin now has a much better grasp of the offense and looks very comfortable.”

Austin Medley is the current No. 1 running back and he will be wearing No. 1, but Monangai will get plenty of snaps and wear No. 2 (he changed his number from 26 at the end of last season).
The Owls should have no problem finding No. 2.
Or getting up for this one, thanks to him.
Monangai fired the first shot in this war.
As President Roosevelt said  about Dec. 7, 1941, “it doesn’t matter who fires the first shot as much as who fires the last shot.”
Hopefully, the Owls end this last Mayor’s Cup with a nuclear-type spanking.


13 thoughts on “Villanova’s ‘snap-on’ tool

  1. chester stewart signs with the Ravens—–

  2. I hope he starts against the Eagles in Week 2.

  3. Daz gets the importance of the VU game…, we'll be well prepared and ready…, but we should expect VU to be a much better team thn last year….I'm thinking 31-17

  4. Daz gets it and we'll be prepared and ready for VU. But the VU this year will be much better than last year…, we'll win 31-17

  5. 88-0 was tongue-in-cheek (although I certainly would not mind it) but I think 31-17 is a tad on the conservative side. I'm thinking somewhat on the order of last year. At least. 42-7 or 49-7. Remember, we had Gerardi play most of last year's game. Plus, for some reason Brown has always given them (and Army) more trouble than Pierce did.

  6. Any word on if Harris actually graduate today? Any sense on how our season ticket numbers are looking so far? Which game will have best attendance Maryland, Nova, USF, or Rutgers. I am thinking over those 4 games we may have avg attendance of 40K.

  7. this isn't that big of a deal, i don't even have a twitter account anymore. if you guys expected me to tweet "temple is going big east this year, i can't wait to lose to them" i'm sorry i'm not able to help you. i'm a 19 year old kid who like anyone belonging to a team wishes for my team to do well. me trash talking on MY social media page like most athletes do should not warrant pages like this or me being called a tool. you guys need to relax.

  8. thanks for checking in, Kevin.

  9. I'm not checking in I just happened to come across this and I don't understand the reason behind this article other than to incite violence from the temple defense against me other than what would be normally expected during a game.

  10. Football is a violent game. I'm sure TU would be no more violent against you than they were against running backs from Maryland and Penn State.

  11. Very impressive, Kevin. That's the biggest crowd I've ever seen at Villanova for football.Kudos to the sound guy.Here's another video for your consumption.

  12. For some reason, Kevin's video wasn't linked properly. You can see it by clicking here.

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