The Montel Harris watch

As you can see from this video, Harris’ running style is more similar to MB than BP.

Ordinarily, May 21 would be just another day at the Edberg-Olson Football Complex with players throwing the ball around, hitting the weight room and generally getting their work done.
It is the next important day on the Temple football schedule because that’s when Montel Harris is expected to get his degree from Boston College. Commencement ceremonies are 10 a.m. at Alumni Stadium.
Temple can’t comment on him now, but once he walks up to the podium, past commencement speaker Robert Woodruff, the uni can officially go about the process of securing his services.
Boston College says 4,443 are expected to receive degrees but doesn’t list who right now.
Yesterday, the BC football blog, “Soaring to Glory” wrote this:

If Harris doesn’t get the degree, he appears headed for the NFL supplemental draft or Division II football.

Harris would be a big get for Temple and another BCS landing spot for the ACC’s all-time second-leading rusher.
Still, it’s not a slam dunk.
The uni would have to process the paperwork, apply for a special “Russell Wilson” exemption that would allow Harris to play right away.
Even if that goes through, Harris has a lot of work to do in order to be ready for this season.
He did not compete in BC’s spring practice due to rehabbing his injury.
Once here, he would have to prove himself and perhaps play second fiddle to Temple’s returning No. 1 all-purpose (yes, No. 1 over No. 2 Bernard Pierce) yards producer, Matty Brown.
Still, if all of this comes to pass, Brown will have someone at least as talented as Pierce to help him carry the load this fall and would free Jalen Fitzpatrick up to play his more natural position, slot receiver.
If Harris doesn’t come, Fitzpatrick could be Brown’s backup and incoming freshman Khalif Herbin would have to be brought up to speed in order to play BCS slot receiver right away.
A BC fan’s humorous take on the Montel Harris potential impact at Temple (from BC Interruption):


10 thoughts on “The Montel Harris watch

  1. what other schools is he considering

  2. Temple and Rutgers and Temple is ahead by a considerable margin due to the two top offensive coaches from BC defecting to TU over the offseason.

  3. Perfect symmetry … two top coaches defect from BC followed by the top offensive player from BC.

  4. nothing will probably be announced for a few weeks, maybe over a month.first of all, the uni won't even announce they are pursuing him until they get all of the clearances from the NCAA.If the NCAA nixes the idea, Temple likely will never announce anything.The only way we will know is if Montel goes DII or enters the NFL supplemental.My guess is that there is too much smoke on the horizon that there's not some fire going on (BC coaches at Temple, tweet by CBS Sports, comments by people at BC, etc.).

  5. No "official" word, but I have emails in to the Boston Globe college football writer and the Boston College itself asking for a list of May 21 graduates.I will publish the results once I get them.My guess is that the Rutgers' game will be the best attended:45K (30K for Temple, 15K for RU)Maryland will be next at about 40K (26K Temple, 14K Maryland)Villanova will bring its usual 2K and Temple will bring its usual 32K for 34K.South Florida will be around 30K (29K Temple)

  6. that comment was in response to Clyde's question which is posted underneath the comments in the Villanova snap-on tool story.

  7. by the way, I will be in New York City all day on Tuesday, May 22 (in order to audition for the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire) so I will be away from a computer until just before midnight. I'll be able to moderate additional comments then. I hope I don't break a leg walking from 34th and Broadway to 67th and Columbus but I will be wearing a Temple sweatshirt the whole way.

  8. Mike, whats the deal with Montrell Dobbs? Is this kid going to play for Temple?

  9. Not qualified academically for Harvard on the Delaware, so will have to sit out a year from playing (he can practice) to bring his academics up. Should he do that, he will play at Temple. If he decides somewhere over the next few months to not do that, he could play by dropping to a lower division. I hope he hangs in there. He can play at this level.

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