Montel Harris graduates

Harris made the cover of TSN in 2010.

After emailing Boston College contacts, I did get one response. Montel Harris was listed in the commencement program under “Montel Harris Jordan.”
It was confirmed that Montel Harris Jordan is the one and only Montel Harris, the No. 1 running back in Boston College history.
In fact, he was spotted wearing a cap and gown at the BC commencement ceremony (no photos as of yet). That clears the way for Steve Addazio to “recruit” Harris.
All Harris has to do is to pursue a Masters’ degree in a program at Temple that Boston College does not offer.
Since Temple offers many more graduate programs than BC does, that should not be a problem.
It is all up to Harris now, whether he wants to pursue that degree at Temple or Rutgers or enter the NFL supplemental draft. Or even go Division II.
Whatever he decides, we wish him well.


6 thoughts on “Montel Harris graduates

  1. how is the 2013 recruiting going? are we really last in the Big East, and last in the state of PA (PSU, Pitt, TU)? i thought our bowl win, entry into the BE, and DAZ magic pointed to a break through recruiting year? anything less than 3-5 four-star athletes would be a huge disappointment

  2. At the end of Nov., we were ranked No. 10 in the MAC as far as recruiting goes and by the date that mattered, Feb. 4, we were ranked No. 1 by a good margin. I would worry more if we signed a lot of Vaughn Charltons and Chester Stewarts. Daz is a great closer. He will cherry (and white) pick a lot of top-level BCS recruits off Penn State and others between now and Feb.

  3. I hate this part of the year. Its a vicious circle. Theres not TU football or basketball, so i look for updates and coverage to fill that whole in my heart, but since the sports arent going on, theres little coverage.

  4. I read a scout article that Temple fans need to patient. It said Temple is recruiting a higher level of prospect this year. Daz know that to continue to compete in the Big East he needs to get more quality depth and more play makers. The problem is that even though we moved to a better conference we havent shown anything yet. I know last year we had a great year but we will have to prove we belong in the Big East. Many people are predicting(mistakenly) that TU will finish last in the Big East this year. Once we start playing games and showing we are not a fluke, Hopefully, starting with solid dismantlings of Nova and then MD, I think we will see interest rise in many recruits. I would like to see us reel in some big fish as well, but I think the most important thing this year will be convincing local talent that had previously gone to Rutgers/Pitt/MD that TU is the new place to be. We need to build up our base level of talent.(that wont happen before we play those teams) If we can steal a few recruits with PSU offers that is even better. Also, I know that recruiting is picking up (time-wise) for the big boys of football recruiting, but if you look at where we were last year we only had 1 commit at this time last year. Let Daz work some magic at summer camps before we start panicking

  5. Can't wait for football, well check out Rugby 7's Championships this weekend. It will be played at PPL Park, but it will also be aired nationally on NBC on Sat & Sunday. Temple will be represented in the field of 16 teams. Temple did well in a warmup tourny with wins over Navy & Army (which is a big deal in the sport of rugby). Check this link below for highlights from last year,

  6. good luck to the Temple Rugby Owls. Saw two TV stations do a feature on them in Center City today.

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