More fuel to the Montel Harris fire

Eric Hoffses’ tweet on Sunday night.

Maybe an old fire battalion chief said it first, but it rings true today:
“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”
There’s a whole lot of smoke around today about maybe the best running back in the storied history of the ACC, Montel Harris, attending Temple.
Eric Hoffses of tweeted as much last night.
Hoffses is a respected reporter with close ties to the Boston College football program and to Harris himself.
As far as smoke goes, that’s a lot.

2011 pre-season media poll for ACC Player of Year

As far as fire goes, this is a five-alarmer.
In the interest of accuracy, Harris is NOT the all-time leading rusher but if he had played his final year at Boston College, he no doubt would have been. He came into this season just 878 yards short of the all-time record. That’s for the ACC, where some good football has been played the last 30 or so years. Since he averaged well over 1,000 yards the first three seasons, he might have done that by mid-year. He had a falling out with head coach Frank Spaziani but his two former offensive coaches now at Temple, Kevin Rogers and offensive coordinator Ryan Day, love the guy.
What does this mean for Matty Brown?
Brown will get his carries. Harris can’t be expected to be 100 percent this year.
I see an 80-90 percent Harris adding a lot to the Temple team, though. If, God-willing, Harris comes back closer to 100 percent, he immediately becomes a Pierce-like threat and the best running back in the Big East and a potential first-round draft pick. I don’t know, though, of a whole lot of guys who came back better after a serious knee injury. Maybe the Bionic Man, but that was a fictional TV series. We can only hope for that to happen here.
I see Harris possibly playing the same role Brown did to Pierce last year as a supporting back.
Harris will get his 1,000 yards and six to 10 touchdowns (heck, Brown almost had 1,000 yards) and Brown could get the 27 touchdowns and 1,700 yards Pierce got last year.
Or both could get over 1,000 yards and split the same 33 touchdowns and 2,700 yards (roughly) Pierce and Brown got together last year.
It’s all good.
Remember, the fact that both Pierce and Brown had the misfortune of getting hurt (but still playing) against Bowling Green cost the Owls a game. Brown needs an insurance policy and Harris is at least that. Just like Brown was Pierce’s insurance policy.
Temple head coach Steve Addazio kept the embers of the fire going last week when asked if Harris was going to join the team:
“Not yet.”
Yet was the operative word.
When is the next similar word.
Judging by the smoke on the horizon, it could be very soon.


3 thoughts on “More fuel to the Montel Harris fire

  1. TFF has anything official(not actually official from the team, but a confirmation) come out about this yet. I am excited at the possibility of MB and Harris together. MB will be outstanding for us but I am concerned, as I know you are about who will be the backup when MB needs a breather. getting a backup who was one of the all-time best in ACC history would be a huge get for us. especially if we want to be primarily a running team like last year. Hopefully we will pass the ball a little more as well. Also, 247 sports is reporting DT Tyler Haddock has committed to temple have you heard anything about this?Finally, something on my mind. We are finally at the big boy table, but all of our press has been negative. Alleged Rape of a member of our Football Team and BBaller Wyatt arrested for soliciting a prostitute. People are starting to take notice of us so I think its time the university conveys to all of its Student Athletes the pitfalls to avoid. Im sure they have something like this. But it needs to be done again and at a grander scale. If we are trying to upgrade our national sports reputation we have to make sure we the Athletic department overseeing it is up to par, not only with where we are currently but where we hope to go.

  2. 1. A healthy Montel Harris would be No. 1, like a healthy Bernard Pierce was.2. I don't think MH is going to be as healthy but if he can give us 80-90 percent he's a helluva complement to Matt Brown.3. Al Golden had a sign inside the E-O that said, "Whatever you do outside of here affects everyone inside of here." It was meant for incidents like that. It didn't stop Junior Galette from affecting everyone inside. Still, I believe both AG and SA are doing their level best to impress upon the team the meaning of that sign.4. Tyler Haddock is commitment No. 2. I'm somewhat concerned his only other offer was Kent State. Still waiting for the first guy to de-committ from Penn State or Alabama to come here. Maybe sooner than later. We already have someone who de-committed from West Virginia.

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