BC fans nearly unanimous in support of Harris

Montel Harris gets carried off the field after beating Clemson. This could be
him hoisted by the Owls after beating Cincinnati for Big East title at LFF.

“Is it wrong that I will be kind of rooting for Temple this year? I want to see Day, Harris and Rogers succeed.”  _ A.J. Black, contributing writer, BC Interruption

The news that Montel Harris is officially at Temple and participating in pre-season workouts made at least two people happy.
Steve Addazio and Ted Brown.
Addazio, you know about.

Bernard Pierce vs. Montel Harris
(both played 3 full CF years)
Pierce: 663 carries, 3,570 yards
Harris: 787 carries, 3,735 yards

The Temple head coach not only had the most successful first season of any coach in the school’s history, but he also followed that up with the highest-ranked recruiting class in Temple history, better than any of the Al Golden classes.
Even more notable than recruiting, Temple finished the 2011 season ON THE FIELD ranked higher in the Sagarin ratings than all but one of the current Big East teams (Cincinnati).
Sagarin (USA Today) had Temple finishing the 2011 season ranked No. 30 in the country, with only Cincinnati (No. 28) ahead of it and the Owls finishing ahead of Rutgers (37), South Florida (47), Louisville (64), Pitt (68), UConn (73) and Syracuse (83). Realtime RPI.com had Temple ranked No. 37, behind only Cincinnati (24) and Rutgers (30). Louisville was 53, Pitt 64, ‘Cuse (83, again) and UConn 89.
So much for Temple taking a step back without Al Golden.
Brown, you don’t know about unless you are an old-time North Carolina State football fan. Brown will now keep his spot as the ACC’s all-time leading rusher. Had Harris stayed at Boston College, he almost certainly would not have. Harris was just 828 yards short of the record when he left the Chestnut Hill (Mass.) school in March.
The circumstances surrounding his dismissal are foggy at best but there almost unanimous support of this young man on the most popular Boston College football fan website. More important than that, his two closest position coaches at BC, Temple offensive gurus Ryan Day and Kevin Rogers, have vouched for him. That’s all I need to know.
 You can make a strong argument that Harris is the best rusher in ACC history.

Harris graces cover of TSN in 2010.

On a Big East message board, one fan wrote that “this gives Temple a legit rusher.”
 Au contrare, my friend. It gives Temple THREE (3) legit rushers.
Remember, Matty Brown, not Bernard Pierce, was Temple’s No. 1 all-purpose rusher last year. Pierce was a third-round NFL draft choice.
Quarterback Chris Coyer, unbeaten as a starter, ran for a 69-yard touchdown against Ball State and an 80-yard touchdown against Villanova. Oh yes, Coyer, an excellent passer as well, gained 184 yards RUSHING against a bowl-winning Ohio team.
On this website, Brown was the runaway winner of a poll asking “Which running back most epitomizes the term Temple TUFF?” and beat out Pierce, Heisman Trophy runner-up Paul Palmer, Mark Bright and others by a large margin.
Brown won’t give up his No. 1 spot easily.
My feeling all along that this is all good for Brown and Harris and Temple. If, as expected, Harris is 100 percent, he will slide into Pierce’s spot and get the 27 touchdowns and 1,789 yards Pierce had last season.
If he’s 85-90 percent, he will slide into Brown’s spot of last season and pick up Matt’s 916 yards and six touchdowns.
It’s all good for Steve Addazio, Temple football, Montel Harris, Matt Brown and, especially, Ted Brown.


3 thoughts on “BC fans nearly unanimous in support of Harris

  1. OK Mike, it's way too early to speak to the team's likely performance but since we are not BCS we should act like a BCS program and passionately project issues 12 months of the year….In that spirit I'll handicap the current year owls to LY and invite thoughts.O-line: it all starts up front. LY the owls had a very solid BCS caliber line. This year, despite a strong pipeline of talent this cricital area takes a half-step back. Most of these guys were here last year and didn't start so hopefully they'll come up to speed quickly. D-line: very similar story to O-line. We lost some key talent but should still be comepetive in the BE.QB: full step forward from LY. Last year we started the season overestimating CS and under-estimating CC. Now we have a legit BCS started and potentially legit number 2 in Juice GrangerRB: Flat to LY. MB is Temple tuff and his complement is a bigger, highly-skilled fast back with a history of injuries. The good news is we have talent in the pipeline behind these guysWR/TE: step back. We lost a considerable amount of talent in these positions without a demonstrated pipeline. We have some very good recruits in these positions but still untestedD-Back: slight step back. We certainly have some strong candidates to step in and deliver big plays but we lost some talent at linebacker and in the safety positions that will be hard to replace with first year startersSpecial teams: kicking game was one of the best in the country and may have gotten better with the addition of Cooper. Punting should be solid but if we're able to get McManus out of peril in the capacity as punter that's a win. Also, picking up Harris makes it easier to leverage MB in the return game and that's a win.Coaching remains a strength, especially with Heater on D. We were also very fortunate to have a healthy team for the most part LY.Fan support: I've never seen so many articles on Owls football on Philly.com and the national sites. Now it's up to us to get into the seats.Go Owls!

  2. I don't think TE is a step back and maybe not WR. We saw flashes of greatness in Jackson two years ago and Daz told me in NYC that Jackson could be every bit as good as Erod and that's saying a lot.Malcolm Eugene had an outstanding spring as the featured WR, just didn't show it in the spring game. I'm told that was because of the vanilla game plan.Still scratching my head over why Reid got so many carries.Maybe the Eagles said they'd give us the stadium if Spencer got 17 carries.Cooper arrives in 2013. Still has to kick for Mainland Regional High this year.

  3. I'm glad to see good words for Golden. Without him, none of this current excitement happens. Also, I see we have 4 running options if you add in Fitzpatrick. I see his role as a hybrid RB/WR/slot guy being very important. Could Newsome also be included in those types of plays?

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