The Freeh Report and Temple Football Forever

On the day the Freeh Report was released, the lede (or lead) story on the front page of the most popular Penn State football website was an interview with me.
I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing that Black Shoe Diaries picked that day to run an interview it conducted with me a few days earlier.
I guess the only good that came out of it was  because it led to a large number of hits on Temple Football Forever.

Bad timing, though, because a July preview of the September Temple vs. Penn State football game looked trivial in comparison on a day like that.
Truth is, the show must go on and the staff of Black Shoe Diaries needed a few more hours to digest the 266-page report and write on it.
The whole dirty Sandusky matter is a Penn State problem that soon the NCAA will determine.
I agree with Louis Freeh, the former FBI chief, that the top four officials “covered up” the Sandusky crime in order to protect what to that point had been a pristine national Penn State image.
I don’t think Penn State is going to get the death penalty, though.
USC got two years of bowl bans and 30 scholarships taken away for “institutional control” problems related to the Reggie Bush incident.
That pales in comparison to this.
I think Penn State will probably get three years of no bowls and more scholarship losses, which will relegate the Lions to near the bottom of the Big 10 for most of the upcoming decade.
That’s just an educated guess.
In the meantime, Penn State might have its best football team in a awhile this year.
I hope Penn State wins the Big 10 and loses to Temple.
A death penalty would rob the Owls of the chance for possibly their most prestigious win ever and, for selfish reasons, I don’t want that to happen.
If there’s a death penalty to be meted out this fall, I want the Owls to be the executioners. Beating a decent to good Big 10 team like Penn State would do wonders for Temple attendance the rest of the season. Plus, it’s Penn State, a program revered in Philadelphia for so many years.
I really believe the Owls are closer now to winning than they were in 14-10 and 22-15 losses the last two years. They have a great quarterback, great defense and a great kicker and those are major ingredients in the plan to win.
Temple can take back its town by winning.
After that, the NCAA can do whatever it wants.


4 thoughts on “The Freeh Report and Temple Football Forever

  1. I think the NCAA has backed itself into a corner regarding Penn State sanctions. They have previously issued a letter stating that they have jurisdiction. As you noted, USC took scholarship and bowl penalties for comparitively minor issues. Boise took punishment for having sleepovers. The NCAA will have to make the punishment comparable in scale to their earlier decisions; to me, that equates to at least a 1 year football ban. I do not think the NCAA will decide before this football season, so Temple will still get to finally beat penn State on the field.

  2. I just don't see how Penn State can avoid the death penalty (be it MUCH deserved). I think it is just a matter of time when it happens. I agree with 'tu2acc' that it probably won't occur until the end of the season. That said, I think it's Temple's year to get the win in not-so-happy valley.

  3. No disrespect to the Black Shoes Diaries blogger, but did you ask if he will he change the name of his blog? Plus, the kiddy style logo, is now a little creepy…

  4. I think that was meant to be the leg of Paterno, not a kid. Plus the BSD brand is established and respected for the work that it does. There are a lot of good things about Penn State still and BSD is a great read and one of the best sports websites on the internet.

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