Another reason to like The Life of Reilly

Lt. Col. Neil Reilly with Temple flag.

When I first met Connor Reilly, it was waiting for the bowl selection party to begin last year. It was a good first impression.
I immediately liked the kid.
A few of the parents and I were at Maxi’s on the Main Campus. I asked Connor a few questions and he said, “yes, sir” and “no, sir” and “I guess so, sir.”
I usually hate when people call me sir because it makes me feel old but something in the way Reilly said it led me to believe he was brought up the right way.
I suspected he from a military family and this great piece on by Andrea Adelson confirmed it. If you have two minutes today, give it a read. Lt. Col. Neil Reilly flies the Temple flag in Afganistan as a tribute to his son flying the American flag before Temple games.
When I was in New York, I mentioned to Steve Addazio how impressive I thought it was that he gave Connor permission to play on the Temple baseball team and I mentioned several great Temple football players (Cap Poklemba and Mike Palys) who were great Temple baseball players as well.
“He’s such a great kid,” Addazio told me.
Now I know why.


One thought on “Another reason to like The Life of Reilly

  1. That was a great article, a real tribute to our military people and their families and the Connor's specifically. Also, it adds to the respect I have for Daz as a coach and a man.

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