Temple vs. Penn State: One day later

Joe Paterno on the practice field,
prior to the 1950 Temple game.

The last time Temple walked off the field not a loser to Penn State, an assistant coach shook the hand of Temple coach Albert P. Kawal congratulating him on a good game at then Beaver Field, a 7-7 tie.
The assistant coach was Joe Paterno, then a 23-year-old assistant to Rip Engle.
The year was 1950 and the city of Philadelphia was giddy over a team called the Phillies, who had just won a National League pennant. They were known as the Whiz Kids.
After a sleepless night of tossing and turning over the Penn State sanctions, I’ve come to a different conclusion than a day ago. I really don’t care much for Penn State, but I do care a lot about Temple.
Yesterday, I hoped that if Penn State players transfer they would consider nearby Temple as a landing spot.
Today, I hope none of them transfer and that they win the Big 10 championship.
Most of all, I hope that Temple beats them fair and square on the football field and that the win carries all of the prestige a win over PSU would have last year.
I predicted as much on Black Shoe Diaries, a Penn State blog, last week. I thought Temple would win, 17-7, based on having the entire defensive line back and some good replacement talent on the back end of the defense coached by the best coordinator in the country and a playmaking quarterback on the other side of the ball. I was called overly optimistic in the comments below the story.

Al Kawal, Temple coach (1950)

If, for example, Penn State was to open this season losing to Ohio University and then follow that up with a loss to Temple a couple of weeks later, that would be viewed as the beginning of the end of Penn State football.
No big deal, PSU fans, Joe Philly fans, the nation, would say.
I want that end to come next year, not this year.
On the other hand, if Temple were to beat the eventual Big 10 champion or even a Big 10 contender ALONG with winning the Big East, that WOULD be a big deal. That’s the scenario I want.
At the top of my bucket list, I want to be alive and present when Temple beats Penn State in football.
 Penn State players knew they were in a game when they played Temple a year ago. They have the bumps and bruises to prove it. I want them to experience Temple tough (or, TUFF) again, this time with the Owls coming out on top.
I don’t want that win to be diminished in any way.
So,  for now at least, go Lions and, more importantly, go Owls.


4 thoughts on “Temple vs. Penn State: One day later

  1. Great point!!! As much as I hate P.S.U. and their obnoxious fan base (that trivializes child abuse in the name of football), I am sad to see that Penn State Football will fall from grace for the next 10 years. Last year's Temple v. Penn State game almost felt like a Michigan/Ohio State or Alabama/Auburn game. Having Temple/Penn State and Pitt Football at high levels would be great for the State of Pennsylvania. Also, for Temple's football team to be legitimized in the eyes of the country it would need to beat a Solid Penn State team. If there is a mass exodus of players leaving this year we will be denied that opportunity because P.S.U. effectively becomes a F.C.S. Bowl Division team next year (because of the loss of scholarships) therefore a victory over them will be shallow in the eyes of the country.

  2. Thanks, unknown.Judging from the tweets of the current PSU kids, I don't think there will be a mass exodus of PSU players, although I could be wrong.There seems to be a lot of solidarity there.

  3. Though it is not necessarily related to your entry, do you have any information on the omissions from the roster? Specifically: Nate Smith, Brandon Peoples, Kiser Terry, Shakur Nesmith and Kevin Neewsome. Granted, they may still be updating that info, but I thought I'd check. Thanks!

  4. Coaches, including Daz, are on vacation through the end of the month so no info coming from there. For example, Kevin Newsome tweeted yesterday that he "was still in Norfolk" and would not be coming to Philly until the first week of Aug. I assume all the other players have the same leeway.Geez, I hope true freshman Nate Smith gets here. He could start right away.

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