It’s going to be a party

About 10 years ago, you could hold a TU season-ticket party in a phone booth. Now, it needs Xfinity Live.

Recently, the subject of redemption and Temple football came up as part of a message board post on A poster named MH55 noted the difference between Penn State and Temple football fans thusly:
“Frankly, I’ll stand with the 5,000 who came every weekend through 15 years getting our asses kicked. The commentary on BWI (a Penn State equivalent to Owlscoop) has revealed the character of many and continues to shine light on the source…”
I will stand by those fans, too, as early as Wednesday night of this week when the season-ticket-holders like myself get together at Xfinity Live for a shindig party (6-7:30 p.m.). I’ve never been to Xfinity Live but I hear great things about the place and this is my opportunity to check it out.

Xfinity Live is right next to Temple tailgate Lot K.

 Redemption is a big word for Temple football fans.
Sometimes, I had the fleeting thought that “sadism” was an apt word, too, sitting through a 51-3 loss to Virginia in 2005. The score was 44-0 at halftime and it might have been the only time I left the stadium that early.
A year later, the defensive coordinator of that Virginia team, Al Golden, took over at Temple and the curve started to slowly shoot up but not before a pair of 62-0 losses, one to Louisville and one to Minnesota.

 On Wednesday night, Temple fans can celebrate redemption with a few drinks and light snacks. They are back in a Big East that once scorned them. This time, the Big East does not know what is about to hit them.
We do.


5 thoughts on “It’s going to be a party

  1. Nice article… I used to seat people at Owls games in the early eighties at the Vet when attendance was pretty sparse. I made most home games when I attended Temple in the late eighties and can say those are some of my fondest memories of my college years.I think after several mis-fires at the head coaching role we've actually built a 'program' that will be very competitive and even surprising to the BE pundits and fans. Despite the success of the past several years and the strength in coaching and skill positions on this year's team I've read an surprising amount of completely dismissive articles regarding the Owls competitiveness.I think Maryland found out last year what the price can be for disrespecting Temple and the BE will learn a similar lesson this season.Peace.

  2. I have not been this confident about an Owls' season in a long time. I think the makeup of warriors like Coyer and Brown and Harris and Boyle and the Nate Smiths and the Levi Browns and the John Yoboutys and the Paulhills and the Custis' and the Gildeas and the Booths and Sean Daniels and the Brandon McManuses are going to seize the day. Carpe diem.

  3. Mike, it was great meeting you today. 2012 is going to be a great season. Go Owls!!!!

  4. Great meeting you and everybody today. Minor (and I do mean minor) conmplaint is that auxilary room is way too small. It was like sardines in there. I know the plan was to put half the people outside and half the people in, but the thunderstorm ruined that. I hope we get the big room next year, though. I went to the think in NYC and it rained and I went to this thing and it rained from about 6-7. Bad timing.

  5. thing in NYC, not think in NYC. No edit button. Ugh.

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