Addazio: ‘We don’t like Villanova’

Steve Addazio was the star of the Big East media day on Tuesday.

On the first night with a full moon this month, Steve Addazio talked about the second night with a full moon this month.
“We don’t like Villanova,” the Temple head football coach to the loudest applause of anything else he said at the season ticket-holder party Wednesday night.
The overflow crowd at Xfinity Live loved it.
Aug. 31 will feature a full moon, just like Aug. 1 did. Aug. 31 will also be the night Temple’s football team takes to the field for the first time in this most-anticipated season in its history against crosstown rival Villanova.
It is such a rare occurrance they call it a Blue Moon.
Appropriate because that is the color Villanova’s football team wears and also likely the mood of their fans afterward.

I think I would have said, “Even though we were 1-10
last year in the FCS and they were 9-4 in FBS, I hope we can
compete with them on Aug. 31.”

Villanova is just a small step on what could be a great journey this season but it’s important because of the history involved between the schools. It is the last meeting in the “Mayor’s Cup” four-game series and, likely, the last time the schools ever play in football.
One of the Villanova running backs, Kevin Monangai, talked some trash about Temple the day the Owls were invited into the Big East, saying, “it’s just another good reason for us to snap on them Aug. 31.”
Later, Monangai clarified his response as a comment on this blog, saying, “What do you expect me to say, I hope we lose to them?”
No, but saying you are going to “snap on” a team that, by all independent accounts, is bigger and stronger and faster is probably not the best way to go about it.

On the same day, March 12, officials from Temple and Villanova played all kissy-face in front of the camera.
I wrote then and I believe now that part of the press conference was a complete charade.
Villanova had done its damnedest to keep Temple out of the Big East. Had it not been for Villanova, Temple would have been in for football as early as last Oct. 13th, according to the New York Post’s Lenn Robbins.
“The Big East conference call deteriorated into a two-hour Villanova bashing of Temple,” Robbins wrote.
By March, the Villanova Catholic cartel fell apart and Temple was into the league and Villanova will likely be  on the outside looking in for football.
Temple fans haven’t forgotten the Villanova bashing.
It’s nice to know that Addazio hasn’t, either, and has a bashing of his own on the mind.
Hopefully, the fake kneeldown out of victory formation followed by a long bomb will be added to the game plan soon.


2 thoughts on “Addazio: ‘We don’t like Villanova’

  1. Run it up….Leave no doubt— something like what was said in Remember the TiTANS HAHAHAH. can"t wait

  2. This is a great opportunity for the owls to show the ncaa how far villanova is from being a competitive D1 program and return the favor for the BE stonewalling by nova for the past few decades. The owls have the opportunity to serve notice they've arrived over the first few weeks of the season with convincing wins over beatable programs and it would be great to start this with a big victory over nova. Go owls.

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