Brown … or Vanilla?

Matty Brown turns the corner on the way to an electrifying touchdown run.

You can color Temple’s 41-10 win over Villanova two ways on Friday night.
Vanilla or Brown?
I choose Brown, as in Matty Brown.
Those of us who have watched this young man play for the past three years at Temple University knew he would not relinquish his No. 1 spot on the Temple running back totem pole without a fight and, boy, did he put up a knock-down, drag out fight on Friday night.
Brown finished with 19 carries for 145 yards, upstaging the No. 1 returning ball carrier in BCS football, Montel Harris.

Or did he?
It was quite obvious Temple was running a vanilla offense against Villanova.
Chris Coyer, the quarterback who showed he could throw the ball effectively over the last four games of the 2011 season, was reined in all night.
On one of his first-half throws, Coyer hit C.J. Hammond between the 8 and the 0 and Hammond could not pull in the ball before a Villanova defender made contact.
After that, it seemed that Steve Addazio and new offensive coordinator Ryan Day essentially shelved the passing game, knowing that they could still beat Villanova with the running attack.
Behind Brown and third-string tailback Kenny Harper, the Owls proved Day and Daz right.
Harris, I’m told, has been battling a hammy but should be 100 percent by Saturday afternoon.
If so, then maybe Harris, not Brown, will be the featured back against Maryland.
Either way, the Owls are in a good place.
Brown was great and Harper was very, very good.
Why mess with anything fancy when you know you can win this way?
I think the Owls will eventually need Coyer’s play-action game, but it was not needed Friday night.
Coyer was an effective game manager who threw a dynamite crackback block on Brown’s touchdown run.
Chuck Heater’s defense was OK, considering the number of starters that had to be replaced. I would have liked to seen more tackles for losses, but 41-10 is 41-10.
Maryland should be tougher than Villanova, but nothing the Owls can’t handle.
Either Vanilla or Brown, this offense has some serious weapons and they should all be on display before long.
I predicted 49-7. I can’t be unhappy with 41-10.
In another development, the Owls received an inquiry from Oregon State to play a game on Sept. 15.
Owls said come here, take it or leave it.
Oregon State leaved it.
Beating Penn State would be one of the biggest wins in Temple football history and I don’t want a cross-country trip interfering in that kind of event.
For now, though, beat Maryland. One game at a time.


13 thoughts on “Brown … or Vanilla?

  1. Good win, but Harris's hamstring and NO passing game concern me. From a running perspective Brown, Coyer, and hopefully Harris will scare a lot of people. We need a passing game to keep other teams on their toes. Now I know when coach A is concerned we should be concerned. Remember what he said about the receiving Corp this year. That said, good win last night.

  2. We have a passing game; Chris Coyer proved he could throw the ball last year. The receiving game wasn't up to par last night, but Daz's comments about "see the ball, catch the ball" came early in camp. If you heard him last week, he was excited about the progress of the receivers since then. My guess is that one of these young kids from Florida, Whitfield or Christopher, will emerge against Maryland. Geez, let's hope so.

  3. What…Me worry?Well, a little. I didn't see the receivers step up. We finally have a quarterback who can deliver the ball, but the receivers were having problems getting open and pulling in the ball. Matty is the man. I kept pointing out to my son that Matt Brown is only 5" taller and 70lbs heavier than his 12 year old body, yet Brown is the "biggest" guy on the field!My, how refreshing it is to complain about not winning by a bigger margin!!! This is a new era in temple football!!!

  4. It was a good game but hopefully we can get the passing game started. We know we can run the ball but it would have been nice for the struggling receivers to get some more catches and get Coyers arm warm. That said there were some great moments. Vaughn Carraway showed up to play, which is what we need from new senior starters. Coyer's block was devastating and sent a message to his teammates that he is giving 120% and that is the type of leadership we need. I mean seriously how many quarterbacks make that block with such tenacity. I have been upset that all the preseason hype has A.has been stating we are going to suck but I can get over that when we show it on the field, and B. Harris has been getting alot of pub, which is great, but what about Matty brown. He shows every game that he is a gamer and im glad we have Harris and I know he is a great back but so is Matty Brown. He is the definition of Temple Tuff. On a more hysterical note did anybody else see that little kid score a touch down for the blue team at half time and then Tebow in the endzone, It made my night. Finally, the turnout was great, the bottom bowl was essentially full with spillover to the second tier. Temple students where talking crap to Villanova students, all in all a great start to the season

  5. great win…, we probably need more crossing patterns in the passing game…, our receivers can't get separation…, what happened to Alex Jackson?

  6. Maryland barely squeezed out a victory against FCS William and Mary 7 to 6! Our Offense and Defense is WAAAAAAYYYY better then W & M! Hopefully its another blowout like last year!

  7. Great comments all around.I noted that the Maryland beat writer last week mentioned the number of injuries coming out of camp and wrote, "Game No. 2 at Temple could be problematic."My gosh, Game No. 1 vs W % M was problematic.Apologies to English teachers everywhere, but we ain't no William and Mary.We just have to play Temple TUFF and we'll be OK. In another note, Ohio's win over PSU took a lot of my satisfaction away from beating them but I'm confident we will beat PSU.

  8. they showed Coyer's block on the big screen and it got a bigger reaction from the crowd each time…TFF, was that block recorded anywhere? if so, can you put it on the site? That block reminded me of J. Jarrett's hits in the Linc….., we should beat Maryland and PSU because we have a better team. HOWEVER, we will lose it we don't complete more than 15 passes in each of those two games…, how is our offence any better in concept than AG/Rhule's offense? we have been a one dimensional team for the last foour years!!!!!

  9. I thoght our offense was great last year with Scot Loeffler, terrible with the Al Golden micromanaging of Matt Rhule. I would not take too much from the offense Friday night. We could have beat Villanova running the single wing, if we needed to … I really don't think we're going to open it a whole lot more against Maryland, which is essentially only a slightly better version of Villanova. We will need to throw the ball against Penn State and we will and for touchdowns.

  10. Sorry I missed the game on Friday but I look forwards to pasting Maryland. I like the Owls chances because (1) coaching is clearly on the owls side, randy edsal is a joke and will be lucky to last the season (2) the owls have better schemes and talent (3) the owls still remember the disrespect that preceeded last years game (4) a winning attitude has taken hold on north broad. I would like to see the owls develop their passing game in advance of PSU since I think this is another year in which the owls have a great shot at winning. I don't know how many more close calls I can take against those guys.

  11. we have to play tough, hard and smart. a lot of people had the Temple game at Pitt as a loss. I don't see it now after a 30-17 loss to freakin' Youngstown State. Rutgers was ahead of 3-9 Tulane 10-6 in the fourth quarter. I don't see us losing to them, either.If the Owls don't have hiccups, this league is theirs for the taking.

  12. Cody Booth, who Al Golden always raved about, beat out Alex Jackson, plain and simple. Love Alex Jackson and still think he will help us, but CB gives our RBs another great blocker.

  13. Not to get too far ahead of the season, but after watching a lot of college football this weekend (wish the Owls could play on Friday every week) I'm looking at a 7-0 Temple as we head into our November 3rd first place showdown against, the only team that concerns me on our schedule, Louisville Cardinals.

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