The view from Maryland

Rather than getting smacked in the mouth again by Temple, Danny O’Brien
decided to transfer to Wisconsin, where he is the starting QB.

Any way you look at it, Maryland doesn’t figure to be as strong for Saturday’s noon showdown with Temple as it was last year at this time.

Considering Temple pounded Maryland, 38-7, on the road last year, that wasn’t very strong.

In a 7-6 win over William and Mary, which may or may not be better than Villanova (I don’t think they are more than 10 points better, if that), the Terrapins played 14 new players and 12 of them were true freshmen.

That was caused by the departures of 24 scholarship players (yes, 24) for “non-injury” reasons after Randy Edsall was hired as head coach two seasons ago.

Then there is the question of injuries.

Unlike Temple, Maryland was hit hard by injuries in the preseason.

 Thirteen players missed the season opener due to various injuries and ailments: defensive linemen Keith Bowers, Isaiah Ross and Andre Monroe; defensive backs Isaac Goins, A.J. Hendy and Matt Robinson; linebackers Kenneth Tate and Abner Logan; quarterbacks C.J. Brown and Dustin Dailey, running back Brandon Ross; offensive lineman Josh Cary; and place-kicker Nick Ferrara. Both Monroe and Brown are out for the season.

With all that said, if the Temple players think Maryland is going to be a pushover, Temple sets itself up for a loss like the one to Toledo or the one at Bowling Green last year.

Remember, Maryland was the team that taunted Temple in the pre-game warmups last year, calling the Owls a “JV team.”
I don’t think the Owls are going to make the same mistake this year.
They have a healthy respect of every team on the schedule, including Maryland’s wounded team.
It’s now all about being Temple TUFF, both physically and mentally.
Take care of the toughness aspect and Temple should be fine this Saturday and every Saturday going forward.
I have a feeling this season is going to be one fun ride.
Everybody hop on board.

From the looks of this tweet, I’d say the chances of Maryland’s Jeremiah Hendy being academically eligible for Saturday are problematic. Dis one? Really? How did he get into Maryland?


4 thoughts on “The view from Maryland

  1. Thought you might like this – comes from Yahoo! sports Forde-Yard dash in NCAA Football coverage today:"It has, inconceivably, come to this: Historic doormat Temple (24), with all of three returning starters on offense, looks like the best team in the state."

  2. what is the signifance of the No. 24 in parenthesis?

  3. Pat Forde's column is called the Forde Yard Dash. Over the column, he includes the list of teams or people in order from 1-40. No real significance to the number.

  4. yea no significance. keep up the great work.

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