Cecily: Weather stays dry until after 3

 Steve Addazio recaps Villanova and talks Maryland.

Cecily says no snow (and rain) until after the game is over.

One of the most frustrating things about watching the weather is they say vague things like, “on Saturday it’s going to rain.”
Then I scream at the screen “WHEN!” and they don’t listen.
One of the many reasons I like Cecily Tynan is that she seems to listen when I yell.
Last night, on Action News, Cecily said: “And, on Saturday, it looks like rain comes in …”
After pausing to hear me ask when, Cecily said: “It looks like it’s going to hold off until the late afternoon or evening.”
I’m going to hold her to it because, by then, the Maryland at Temple game will be over.
I know a lot of my younger friends like Sheena Parveen better, but give me Cecily Tynan any day of the week. First, I like women over 40. (I’m told she’s over 40; she doesn’t look a day over 30, though.) Second, Sheena doesn’t listen to me. She’ll give the vague “it’s going to rain sometime on Saturday” and think that’s enough.

Update from Cecily (thanks, Cecily)

When you are going to a football game in a tight noon-3 window, you need to know what is going to happen between noon and 3.
I don’t know if the weather is going to help or hurt Temple at all on the field of play. Owls have a better running game than Maryland does, so maybe it will.
If enough forecasters keep mentioning rain, though, it will definitely hurt Temple at the gate.
Who can forget the night before Temple’s 2008 game vs. UConn, Fox29’s John Bolaris signed off by saying: “No way Temple will play tomorrow” without checking with Temple officials. Hurricane Hanna came and went, but Temple played. That really hurt Temple at the gate.
That’s the way it’s been in the past. Temple’s got a very fragile fan base. If it rains, a significant portion won’t bother to show up. Heck, if it’s too cold, some fans won’t go to a bowl game, even if it’s nearby in D.C. That’s probably the way it will be in the future.
That’s why I love Cecily. In her educated opinion, the rain won’t come until “late” afternoon. I define late afternoon as after 3. I hope she’s right.
Hopefully, that’s the only meteorological source Owl fans were watching.

Tomorrow: Gameday preview


One thought on “Cecily: Weather stays dry until after 3

  1. I always check weather.com (the Weather Channel's website) which does hourly predictions 24 hours ahead. Much more reliable than TV weather people, but not as easy on the eyes. Anyway, no rain in the forecast. Owls win 34-10 (10 if Daz calls off the dogs in the 4th)

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