Game week: Finally

Hopefully, the Owls will have the last laugh on Saturday at Penn State.

In about six days, we’re going to find out the answer to this question:

Are the 2012 Temple Owls more like the team that opened the season with a 41-10 blowout of Villanova or the team that fumbled and stumbled during a disappointing 36-27 loss to Maryland?

I must admit being surprised at the lack of execution against a Maryland team that was ready to be had.
Temple travels to Penn State on Saturday afternoon (3:30, ABC Regional) and brings with it a couple of “secret” weapons in Kevin Newsome and Montel Harris.
Secret to Temple fans because they only saw Harris play a couple of downs against Villanova and Newsome hasn’t played a down yet on offense or defense.
Both, though, are great athletes and potential playmakers who can make a difference against Penn State.
Temple coach Steve Addazio approached Newsome after the loss to Maryland about playing either wide receiver or safety and Newsome was receptive to the idea.
I found the “either wide receiver or safety” comment interesting.
I’ve always felt that Newsome can help the Owls out most as a safety on defense.
There’s no real history of him catching the ball, either at Penn State or in high school, but there is a solid history of him being a playmaker on defense in high school.
Newsome has been taking snaps with the offense, though.
Harris is back to 100 percent since his hamstring pull against Villanova.
More importantly, though, the Owls are going to have to eliminate the mistakes they made against Maryland in order to have the chance to beat Penn State.
Any help that Harris or Newsome can supply would be a bonus.


8 thoughts on “Game week: Finally

  1. the Big East is more than a respectable conference and is better than the ACC. Rutgers has one of the top defenses in the nation, Cincy, and UL can play with anybody in the country, and look what Pitt did to Va Tech…, be careful what you ask for? we wanted the Big East and now we have our hands full….., beating Penn State could be our bowl game and lone highlight this year…a loss to PSU and we are a 4-7 football team 😦

  2. not quite bying it Kent.I will if Temple gets blown out by PSU. If the Owls go up there and lose by 14-10, we should be in OK shape.Do you really believe that Youngstown State, a team that beat Pitt, 31-17, is better than Temple?I don't.Do you really believe that Temple would not have beaten Howard by AT LEAST 26-0, like Rutgers did?I think Temple would have laid a 50-12 number on Howard. Howard is nowhere near as good as Villanova.Do you really believe that Temple would not have beaten Tenn-Chatanooga by AT LEAST 35-17, the same score that South Florida beat that team by?I think Temple would have.Do I really believe Maryland was a hiccup?Not sure, but we'll find out Saturday.

  3. Mike, you may just be the Temple Light….forever optimism

  4. thanks, Kent. If Ohio can beat PSU with a dynamic quarterback who can both run and throw, so can we.

  5. I will echo Kent, Mike. You got a lot of Scott Boras in you by describing Chris Coyer as "dynamic" based on his limited body of work. Optimism is not a bad thing in this jaded society and this is a fan blog. Would love to see Coyer go all Shoelace on PSU.

  6. Err, I don't know.If going unbeaten as a starter in his first varsity year and being the first Temple MvP of a bowl game since 1979 isn't dynamic, I don't know what is.If throwing for three touchdowns in dire relief duty in a must-win game at Ohio in three quarters and adding 184 yards on the ground isn't dynamic, I don't know what is.Maybe dynamic isn't a strong enough word.I will cut the kid slack for losing a game in which he had a 101-degree temperature.

  7. Just wow, Mike. I can't wait to watch Coyer the rest of the season. RG3 is dynamic too, but he never whipped Wyoming! Look out PSU and the Big East. Our QB took his NyQuil and is ready to unleash hell.

  8. Coyer doesn't need Nyquil. He's fully recovered now, back to 98.6, a temperature he's unbeaten at as a starter. I think RGIII would have whipped Wyoming, too, but can't prove it. I know CC did. Do I think PSU will see a significantly better CC than Maryland did?Absolutely.I just hope our OL can block enough for him to pick up the win.

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